7 Oddest Places You Will FIND WHAT IS LOYALTY

7 Oddest Places You Will "FIND WHAT IS LOYALTY"

What is loyalty? What does loyal mean?

Is this world still have loyalty? Already the world countries are fighting each other with an economic war, weapons war, bio war to rule. In between, the inside country people are fighting with Greed, Selfishness, Anger, Negligence, Ignorance, Longing, Desires, Lust, Ego, Envy, etc, etc. Already this world's resources for people to live peacefully are getting used and destroyed purposely day by day. In this case, do you really think, we have loyalty on this earth? 

Yes, We have! 

But the people who have loyalty are very less only. We can't see that kind of valuable people in common places. Those people are very unique in thinking level, living lifestyle, character and attitude level, dealing with things in different ways, etc. Only because of those people only, still, the world is getting rain and all the creatures are living without thirsty! If water is not there, then each and every creature will be dead one by one! That's why mature people say, 

"The world will come to End if Loyalties are Disappeared"

Don't search always for "How to be loyal in a relationship" alone to be loyal to your partner only. Your loyalty is needed everywhere! As I am Tamilian from Tamilnadu, India, let me explain "Loyal meaning in Tamil - விசுவாசமான" 😃

Why the World will Come to an End Without Loyalties? 

To make you understand, let me tell you about a single person with loyalty. With this, you can relate the same with all other persons around the world.

Assume a person with Good loyalty to God. When he is completely loyal to God, then he will like all God's creations on this earth. As everything is the creation of God/Nature, then he will have a love for everything without any limitations. He will start to show love and spread positivity everywhere. So what is the meaning of loyal in this?

When the person has enormous love for everything, then the hatefulness will be not there. As a result, he will not waste, kill, destroy, hate, hurt anything in this world. So he will be loved by all other creatures too. His body vibration also will come so positively. So it will attract all the positivities around him. When the human loves everyone, then he will care for them. From birds, animals & humans, he will love everything and he will be loyal to them who helped him even once.

For instance, milk from the cow, eggs from the hen, plants, trees & other items from the ground, water from water resources, oxygen from trees, fire from Sun, other help from fellow human beings, etc, etc. As he got support from each and everything like this, he will be loyal to everything!

When a human is so much interested to create more things and saving the available resources, then it will make great positive changes around him. Which means, he will utilize the resources to himself, his family and his area people.

After used only for the need, further without wasting much, he will keep it safe and also multiplying it with his MAKING NATURE. Not in DESTROYING NATURE. When he does all these, then he will be an example living to all other people too. His efforts, hard works, loyalty will get fame & will be discussed with people around the world. 

Likewise, when each and every human follow this and also start to behave loyally, then his nature, attitude, character, way of thinking, treating people & everything will get changed towards the great nature. As a result, because of each and every people's loyalty in their respective areas, every resource for other humans to live will get saved for their NEXT GENERATION! So he became the definition of a loyal person now!

But sadly to say, the most of the people who are living in this world currently is, in the nature of DESTROYING ONLY! Not in the mentality of SAVING THE GOD'S RESOURCES 😞

That's why saying when the loyalties are disappeared, then scientifically there are no possibilities of creating new things and saving the current resources. Greed & Envy will destroy everything around the world one by one. So finally, this world will come to an end. That's why the enlightened spiritual people are teaching to SHOWING LOVE, SPREADING POSITIVITY, GRATITUDE, HUMBLENESS & all other positive things to human beings. A human must have humanity & loyalty more than a Dog & other creatures!

As humans have 6th sense and controlling all other creatures in this world by that, it is compulsion for them to have live a life with Loyalty & other Positive related things!

How to be Loyal & Where to Find Loyalty?

The reason why I am saying it as Oddest places mean, all the common people can't reach this place or become like this very easily! Be loyal to the royal within you & it will make you a mature person! What does it mean to be loyal?

1. People Born With Blessing

Some people born in this world with the blessing of God after calculated their past life karmas. So they are so loyal from their young age itself. But this loyalty won't come to all by inborn. But we can become a loyal person by continuous practice in thinking and apply it in life. It is really hard to come under this category for all.

2. People With Spiritual Tendency

There are more people saying that they are spiritually connected. But all those people are not good as they've chosen spirituality. Because the real spiritual people will be chosen by God/Supreme Power only. So that all the spiritual people couldn't reach the beatified level or get any miracle powers. So, the real spiritual people will give so much respect to god. As a result, they will be so much loyal to the people. 

3. People Who Experinced So Much Pain

So much of Pain will take the persons in two ways. One is a bad way, another one is a dignified living way! Many of people after experienced life struggles, and so much of pain, going into unethical and worst ways to live their life luxuriously. Those people will not get happiness or peace. But the people who transform themselves in a positive way after realized the value of life, experiences, and the pain given by God to awaken, then they will be so much positive with utmost loyalty! Because they don't want to experience the same pain again in their life!

4. People Who Read Enlightenment Books

Books reading will give the people more knowledge. Even reading about creating a bomb in the book and keep the bomb in parliament also knowledge only. But it is harmful knowledge. Those people who purposely make themselves to become more mature and enlightened, then their travel will be mainly in self-care books to realize their nature and real self. This kind of people won't hurt anyone that much easier. And they will glitter with loyalty too!

5. People Who Willingly Taught by Other Enlightened Masters

This will happen in very very case. Because the enlightened people always love to be in silence and alone only. So they will not entertain people much. Only very few masters are willingly ready to teach other human beings who are suffering out there. So they purposely choose some valuable persons after seeing their nature & character and come forward to teach all the living techniques & secrets along with loyalty!

6. People Who Practice Purposely

Nothing will become as humans nature very soon. That too the positive nature won't stick with all people. Everything needs long practice with consistency. There are two types of people in this world. One is getting knowledge by THINKING IN THEIR OWN, Another one is getting knowledge by SEEING OTHER PEOPLE'S LIFE EXPERIENCES! So the one who saw other people life's tremendous experiences, they don't want to experience the same in their own life badly. So they will purposely practice this loyal nature with other positivities purposely!

7. People Who Know How This Universe Works

This universe always will give you back the same 10 times more from what you think, how you behave, what you give to fellow humans beings and other creatures. You will get from what you give others! The Law of Attraction will work in that way only! So the people who know this universe's working formula, then immediately they will change themselves to become Good & Positive people. Because then only they will receive more good things & positivity from the universe. Being bad will give them back the bad things only. So the loyal nature will give them more loyal people to care and save!

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