Acceptable Reasons to Believe "HOROSCOPE & NUMEROLOGY" (LIFE PREDICTION)

Horoscope & Numerology predictions are boons from our Enlightened Ancestors. Through these Horoscope & Numerology based prediction chart, we can calculate human's nature, character, their past life, present life & future life too. Matured and Very experienced predictors are calculating not only human life but also the particular country's future fate too! India (The Country in Asian Continent) is the base for all of these fantasy-based wisdom things.

Why do people believe in Astrology & Numerology?

Because, many Sidhdhars, Rishis & Yogis (Enlightened Masters) like Agatthiyar, Pathanjali, Bogar, Pulippaani, Thirumoolar, Paambaatti Sidhdhar, Sattai Muni Nadhar, Nandheeswarar, Kamalamuni, Kudhambai Sidhdhar, Korakkar, Thanvandhiri, Sundharanandar, Konganar, Vaanmeegar, Idaikkadar, Machchamuni, Karuvuraar & many were born in India. You may not hear about all these miracle truths.

Because Media won't tell you the Truths as it always goes behind TRP (Television Rating Point) & Money.

All these enlightened and powerful people were born as Humans only. Through their years of Kundalini Practice, Breathing Secrets & Other kinds of Yogic Methods in Meditation, they became God's Messengers and Mingled with God too. Jesus Christ was also born in this world as Human & became a God's Messenger through this Powers only. 

By opening their Third Eye (Which is in between their Eye Brows, In science term, it is called as PINEAL GLAND), it is possible to see the Galaxy's unbelievable things, nature's secrets, getting psychic abilities, traveling to another dimension, making small object as big and big object as small, controlling Air, Water, Fire, Land & Space, giving life to dead creatures & more wonders from a sitting place itself.

These all are very easily can be done by those masters. This is maybe a little hard to believe. But, you can't come to a conclusion by saying its fake, without seeing or didn't witness it. There are many books, proofs & histories for its existence.

Zodiac Signs are Below in English to predict Astrology.

Aries            The Ram
Taurus         The Bull
Gemini         The Twins
Cancer         The Crab
Leo               The Lion
Virgo            The Virgin
Libra            The Balance
Scorpio         The Scorpion
Sagittarius   The Archer
Capricorn    The Goat
Aquarius      The Water Bearer
Pisces            The Fishes

You may think, it is all magics & fantasies. But more deeply to see, it is all are based on science only. In fact, science itself didn't find the reason & secrets of many miracles which are all happening in this world. But the Spiritual travel (Conscious Awareness) will go beyond this world, other planets, stars, galaxies & it is endless!

We didn't find any vehicle to travel to all these destinations. But there is a Vehicle we can travel instantly from sitting place! That is called Human's Mind! Our mind has unbelievable power!

Once we start to use it properly, then we can achieve any miracle in this world, even beyond this world! Those above mentioned enlightened persons used their body & mind as available resources (Which is Actually the Top Invention) & examined it. As of now, we are examining technology and all other related things to find the truth in it.

But our Enlightened Masters were interested in finding the potential of Human's Body & Mind. As a result, they found the secrets and techniques behind it. Through their continuous meditation for years, they finally achieved it. They became God too! How?

It is called as "CONSONANT WISDOM". By getting this wisdom, we can get all the secrets of this Life, Our Birth, Life After Death, Super Powers & It's Methods, Atoms' Combination & using it, and all other Universe's Secrets!

I hope now you got my point! All the miracles are the outcome of Nature only! Horoscope & Numerology also the outcome of those enlightened masters' calculations only. Everything is calculation here. Let me explain more clearly now...

Everything in this world and universe is made out of Atoms, right? So everything is the combination of atoms. Atoms combination only got Shape & Became as Materials. From the table, chair, mobile, bomb, our body, satellite, and everything. We are seeing the human as body & organs. But enlightened masters are seeing us as Atoms only! That's why easily they came out of lust feel and mastered it! Through these techniques they left all of their cheap level desires as they search was toward the TRUTH (Existence)! 

When we start to see things in a more mature way like this, then we can see the Truths & Secrets of it very easily. Like this only, they found many secrets of this universe.

Now only people are getting into Allopathic Medicines. But do you know, FOOD ALONE IS THE BEST MEDICINE forever! When you got sick, You no need to take any injections, tablets, or any other surgeries if you know the Art of Eating! Those who know to eat the food at the right time and the right way, then they won't get any diseases for sure.

Right Food is the Right Medicine! We say it, Prevention is Better than cure. Nowadays we are not getting any healthy food, fruits, and vegetables as everything has contamination. Our enlightened masters only said this! I didn't... So belief in astrology statistics is a must.

Apart from eating foods, we have Many Plants, Trees, Herbals, Seeds, Oil & all other things and extraction from it which was used to give to diseases affected patients by common people before 100 years itself. Now also the Natural Medicinal methods like Siddha & Ayurveda are in practice. Who found all these? Our enlightened masters only, through their wisdom & life sacrifice on this world related things, found all these treasures to Humans' long living life.

Moreover, they gave historical records as notes for our past and upcoming generations. Our greed on money only destroyed the blessings of our masters. So they hid many magical things, crucial secrets of this universe & left everything as myths.

Their main intention was saving human lives & making them to live with fulfilled happiness & peace. But, now it became like SURVIVAL OF FITTEST. 

Nowadays, only rich people can get Good education, Good health care facility, Hygenic foods, Good costumes, Valuable opportunities, Good Guidance & more. Poor and Normal level people are struggling much to get even small things. The greed of bad people made the enlightened masters to take the decision of hiding the found truths, more miracles, getting superpower ways, etc, etc from this cheap and cunning society. Because past people started to misuse it in all ways. Should we believe in astrology?

Each religion has its respective enlightened masters. Those masters followed the Rules & Regulations of their teachers perfectly as it is. As a result, they reached a higher place and did many miracles in their life. Even we can become great and miracle person like them. That's why they left us the Meditation Practices & other Methods to reach God's place.

All religions are teaching us this only to live in a good and healthy way. But religions itself altered many things, recorrected their masters' notes & hidden many things. So the truths were demolished. Common people also not following the religion in the right way, as they are living as per their taste, interest & style. Everyone's main motive became money. But there is a life apart from money!

If we can focus and start to search the truth to live a higher level of miracle life, there are still some good enlightened masters who are in the search of teaching it to the right persons. But it is so hard to find them. But Positively to say, when you have real and good intentions on finding them, then they will appear in front of you shortly for sure!

Because your vibrations will hit the universe, and it will get you what you need! When you become fit, they will come for you! Many masters are teaching us from live in body. Some other masters who went out of the human body, teaching us from the Soul level. It is happening around! Trust me, you are being watched inch by inch by them! 

Everything is the creation of God! Everything has secrets. Those who are interested to find it, they should find first about their REAL SELF! This search will take you to a good place. It will teach you many good things too! That's why I am saying everything is the calculation and theory of Existence.

To know that, we should equip ourselves first. Those enlightened masters have already mastered everything. That's why they found all miracle things to humans. Horoscope & Numerology also one of the treasures from those enlightened masters only. You can make use of it!

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