Avoid 9 Kinds of NEGATIVE TOXIC PEOPLE Drama!

Avoid 9 Kinds of "NEGATIVE TOXIC PEOPLE" Drama!

Avoid negative people immediately without thinking further! In COVID-19, Coronavirus time life lessons only we are hearing the familiar word called DISTANCE KEEPING to make ourselves to safeguard from the pandemic virus. But in general life also, DISTANCE KEEPING with "Some People" will give you give a stress-free time and also it will save you from many life problems. There are more kinds of people, where we should maintain Distance, which means avoiding them.

You can't keep a distance from all people. But if you follow this with the following persons, then you will start to live the tension free life as you are purposely cut the PROBLEMS' starting point itself by keeping the distance. To win the spiritual life, you should know How to avoid people even someone you love or like! But to win this materialistic world,  you should know, How to avoid negative energy toxic people!

1. Strange People on Road!

Don't give your valuable time & appearance to everyone! You are not that much cheap or workless person. So when someone on the roads while driving, or doing anything, YELL AT YOU (Even if they have a mistake), or THREATEN YOU, Don't react with your Angry there. Because, your time, respect, words, backup and everything will get wasted on the Road! Just pass them. Don't see ego! Keep distance with those idiotic strangers, because you have more important works to Avoid toxic people!

2. Negative People!

To come out of any issues in your life you will need an extreme level of positive energy. To generate it, you need to change your lifestyle, speaking, thinking and some other important things. In this case, if you are having a friendship or any of the person who is around you with the Negative thoughts, Discouraging mentality, Backtalking nature, etc, etc in a negative way, purposely avoid them and Keep distance with them! And mainly, Don't tell anyone what you are doing until it's done. Because the outside NEGATIVE ENERGY can throw off your Goals as your positive energy need much practice to dominate the negativity! Trust me, no one in this world will love your growth other than you! So, learn how to avoid negative people!

3. Time Eaters!

They may be good people in character. But many people with good character will speak much with us with unnecessary topics for their time pass. We are not, time pass persons to them. Don't give your valuable time with the time eaters. Time is precious & just a second will not come again in our life. So don't waste the time with, that kind of time eating persons, even if they are a good character! Character is not important, Chaos will come later when you have other good things to be done! So, learn how to avoid someone who eats your time!

4. Flattering People!

Good Appreciation is really appreciable. But the people who always praise you for everything with the flattering words, it may be good to hear at the start as it is completely about you. But flattering is the very worst one! Anything beyond the level is called poison! Including other people's over praising too! Flattering namesake persons will cheat you someday for sure! Because the honest and right people won't waste time with you as they have their own valuable Goals! So, learn how to avoid talking to people who are flattering you by putting DRAMA!

5. People below your IQ level!

The people below your IQ (Intelligence Quotient) level may be good in some other things. They may have some other talents But that is not going to help you. Keep focusing on your works only. They may be poor or bad looking too. You can spend time with them & You can respect them. But you shouldn't entertain them much! In the free time, equip yourself more & travel towards your goal more efficiently. When you are proper and perfect in most of the things on winning, then the obstacles will come in Good & Respective unavoidable shapes too like this! Maturely pass it & keep a distance with them too! This is like how to avoid someone on WhatsApp without blocking! Hope you know what I mean!

6. Anxiety People!

Bad things will attract us very easily than good things. Anxiety disorder is very worst and life killing disease. And the people with anxiety also very dangerous in life. They can't make good decisions, win in moments even there is a chance, getting good fame, stealing nice people's hearts, etc. When there is anxiety, then the angry will come. Anxiety will not achieve big things in life. So when you have contact with anxiety people, that habit easily will stick with you even without knowing yourself. It will spoil your entire career! Keep distance with them strictly by saying any namesake reasons to avoid them!

7. Self Praising People!

Self-praising people are mostly selfish people. They won't consider other people's goodness. Useless self-praising things will make a big EGO with them. Everyone has the EGO, but these people have it in a very high ratio. Breaking it is not possible. Satisfying them also not that easy at all. That kind of self-praising people always worry & care about themselves only. Though they behave like they care for you, very soon you will get disappointed as it is the wrong conclusion. You won't get any long time valuable healthy benefits from them as they always care for themselves only! So, avoid someone without being rude who is like this!

8. Fake Promising People!

The promise is a very valuable thing. Those who use it often for cheap things as a fake promise, then they are not dignified and disciplined people anymore. When you spend time with them, then you too will get scolded by other people. Though there is no need to considering society for your growth, better avoid fake promising people. Their intention will be so worst only. It will always cunningly destroy you. They are not going to help you in any good way. So, learn how to avoid people's negative energy!

9. People Who Always Speak Sex!

Sex is a very important thing only in this world. Making sex is art too. Looking at the sexy girls or boys' structure and commenting personally on it also ok. But it should be in limit! It shouldn't be your all-time habit or most important job. Many people will start to speak about sex and it's related erotic things often. Because their mind was filled up with these kinds of shits and garbage only. To proceed further in life with positive intention is can't be done that much easier by them. Valuable people should speak valuable things mainly! So having contact or spending time with them is a shame for you! Keep distance with them for sure!

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