10 Types of Blackmail Examples with Meaning!

15 Types of Blackmail Examples with Meaning!

Blackmail means, when someone gets something or the privacy-related secret of you by any chance, then for money or any other needful favor from you they will threaten. When you are not agreeing for their condition or desire, then they will say that your proof will get leaked/published everywhere. Usually blackmails are happening for money by the cunning plans of greedy selfish monsters! 10 Types of Blackmail examples are given below with the solution of coming out of it.

1. Blackmail for Sex Favour

There are more ways to threaten a person for compulsion in sex. Women only mostly getting affected by this. For instance, a man will take the video of private body parts of women or privacy-related images from her phone by hacking or stealing it. Further, he will show the video proof or image to her & ask her to come for sex. When she denies multiple times, then those videos or images will get leaked by him. In this case, the affected women will not stop in one time sex if she agreed. It will get continued often.

2. Blackmail for Money

For the above-mentioned video or images itself, a person may demand money too instead of sex. In different examples to say, the threatening person will record the voice, video, or image of murder, illegal activity, or any other sensitive issue which is not recommended in public, further they will start threatening a person who did it. In this case, they will demand more money to hide that proof/material from the cops and country law. It is very rare to find loyal persons in this world. In blackmail legal definition it is been called, EXTORTION!

3. Blackmail for Work Promotion

Some people may work in a corporate company. They may not get any promotion due to any reasons. They can't think about resigning from the job too. Because of the personal desire for promotion, they will need acceptance from a higher level team leader. In this case, a girl/woman can threaten the team leader (Man) to promote her to the next level by saying his intimacy texts or sex approach revealing to all employees. In many cases, it will be true. In some cases, some women lie too just for work promotion as they are women.

4. Blackmail for Marriage

In the past, the boy and girl may love each other. Due to many reasons, the boy may not like her in the future. Or he will like some other girl too. In this case, the mistake may in any person. But the girl or boy will take past texts, photos & videos of their dating and love, they will threaten her/him to marry. In this blackmail, without no other go, they will marry in compulsion.

5. Blackmail for Acting Chance

A girl may be interested in acting n films. The filmmaker, film producer, or higher-level actor may be interested in her beauty and structure. So at the start, they will say that they will give the chance in their upcoming movie. So the girl will come forward to give him the sex pleasure many times because of his compulsion. When she does not get the chance due to some reasons, then she will blackmail him for acting chance by showing proof of what she has on past time sex.

6. Blackmail for Vengeance

The kidnapping person will kidnap the baby of some parents. Further, they will threaten the parents by showing the picture of the kidnapped baby and will demand the mother or father to come in person as the parents are not easy to kidnap like a baby. In this case, they will use the baby to threaten and ask the parents to come in person to injure or murder because of the vengeance.

7. Blackmail for Proofs/Evidence

Some people may have very secret documents of the higher officials, rich people, political people, etc. In this case, when the proofs come out, then the big breaking news will collapse the entire society. So the influence people will use the wife or family persons of the person to blackmail, and ask him to come in person to surrender the proofs.

8. Blackmail for Excitement

Sometimes people don't know to blackmail and all. They will just do anything madly and blackmail the opposite persons for nothing other than just experience and excitement. In this case, they will learn to blackmail by many things by fake phone calls, wrong information, fake bomb threat, and all. When they get caught by cops, then they will be warned severely or beaten intensely and then will be sent to the home.

9. Blackmail for Materialistic Things

People may have a desire for any kind of materialistic thing. They may not have enough money to purchase it. So they will steal some other memorable or important thing of the property holder and blackmail them to give the desired materialistic thing of what they have. When the mad desire hits the head deeply, then it will go to any end till getting it what they liked from them by threatening.

10. Blackmail for Spiritual Stages & Superpowers

There are more liars and bad people are roaming in the name of spiritual people. By reading some books and seeing mature videos they are gaining some good knowledge from it. As a result, they will get some followers or friends in their circle. For getting personal pleasures, money, or any other materials from them, they will use the spirituality. And they will blackmail the people that, if they do not give that, they will not reach the spiritual enlightenment or get any superpowers from meditation. It is clear brainwashing.

How to Deal with Blackmail? THE SOLUTIONS!

There are thousands of reasons and ways behind blackmailing. But the main cause of blackmail from other negative people is our negligence and greed only. Whenever the person starts to live his life with limited desires and also with clarity on life, then he will not get into any kind of blackmails or other life killing problems.

Whenever he loses his patience and mental stability in this life, then he is facing the consequences. You may ask me now, So what should I do when someone blackmail me? Let me define blackmail more clearly.

Try to live with enough mentality. Be always bold & straightforward to deal with any kind of problems. This mentality will prevent you from all the negativities. Moreover, when you are being blackmailed by someone, don't hesitate to discuss with the mature & trustworthy person of you. Because they will always think from a third-person point of view to get the solution. Moreover, they will keep the secret of your issue too.

Keep this definition in mind always, there are no problems that can't be solved. Whatever problem or blackmail you are facing, that was already faced by thousands of persons in the past. It still counts more. So don't think that you are only one.

Many people got the chance and support from other people to come out of it safely. So trust the god, trust the good people, and trust your valuable friends. They will really help you in all ways to come out of it even if you did a very very big mistake in your life!

If the situation needs to go to cops, then immediately complain to them. Don't get stick with the blackmail problem always. Try to come out of it mentally and think like a third person. So that you will also get some good ideas to deal with it. If any case, when the issue got published and you got insulted or shamed, don't go to bad decisions by quitting your life or injuring yourself.

There is always a better life even after everything.  No one is perfect here. So don't worry about criticism too. If there are 1000 people to yell at you for your mistake, there is still another 1000 people to understand your situation.

You value the positive people only. Not worthless people! This maturity will give peace to your mind from those any kind of problems and blackmail. I hope you got some clarity from this blackmail meaning with solutions.

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