Customers Are OUR GODS in This World!

Customers Are "OUR GODS" in This World!

Everything became money nowadays. From buying things to death in the graveyard, everything became consumerism. That's why the search towards money, getting it in huge amounts became very tough and high competition around people. Saying more about money in words is not needed I think. Because in your experience, you've already struggled much and realized the money's value.

Money is the topmost needed illusion in this world. But the money beyond our need and safety is a poison that will kill our peace and happiness. Not only money, actually anything beyond our need becomes poison and killer gradually. So you should keep this also in mind. 

So how are we getting money for life needs commonly?

We are earning money through Selling Products, Services, Trading, Working under the company, etc, etc. So whatever we do, we will need persons on the opposite side to give money to our job. More frankly to say, to steal something also, you will need person and their assets. Then only that you can steal! So who are those persons giving you the money?

They are Called as our CUSTOMERS! 

Without customers, we can't get money. Even though if a customer is poor, to get something from you, they are giving their hard-earned money to you for your growth. Not all customers are rich. Actually, the majority of people called customers around the world are not rich. They are very low and middle-class people only. By selling & servicing to them only, we are getting money for our growth. This is applied to all people. 

So why am I saying the Customers as GODS?

Because there is a strong truth is that, the GOD won't come directly to us, as God doesn't have any shape, look or size. In this case, the one who is coming forward for your financial growth (As financial backup is the Basic thing to Buy), definitely should be a God right?

Yes, God is coming in the Name of Customer to make you grow further financially. Saving your earned money or wasting it is a secondary thing. But God is coming in the name of Customer to save you! So you should show Gratitude to God (Customer), who is making you Grow right?

Yeah, you should value it first and understand it. Many sellers and business people are treating customers as a Money Making Machine (MMM)! This is absolute shit thought! If you run your business life like this, it may be a little enjoyable at the start. But in the future, you will suffer a lot, healthily and also financially. The pain, bad memories, and guiltiness will you gradually for sure! So the importance of customer relationship management (CRM) is the topmost needed thing!

The Importance of Customer Service & their Satisfaction is Must!

I am not saying it without consideration or proof. There are millions of business people who adulterated in their products, gave low-quality things to people for high cost, destroyed customer's health by giving worthless things, cheated customers and induced their desires by showing wrong commitments in impressive advertisements, etc, etc are suffering much in their personal and official life. Their health and wealth went to very bad conditions! Many people living a more cruel and painful life & many of them attempted suicide also.

Even though they realized their mistake after years in their last time of living, God is not forgiving them. Because, the one who cheated or had the bad intentions in mind level, definitely has to face the consequences of this Nature's Life Chain & its justice. Don't think that you have much money, high wealth or big fame. If customers give bad reviews about you, your product or service, then you are living an unhealthy life in business. Everything will get snatched by God within the blink of Eye! 

Many natural disasters, Pandemics, Self-life disasters and more things are standing as examples for that! This nature will tell you the consequences, results, and examples from other's same life experience only. By using your 6th sense, you only should understand it. When you fail as an idiot, then you will also face the same in your life! Customer relationship centricity is must!

So that I am consistently saying, value your life and also other people's life. They are coming forward to get something for their life. Which means you are in the position to give. So your management should be perfect, the feedback of customers should be positive & the Marketing to consumers should be in an impressive way too!

God had made you to be in that position to serve. Not to cheat or hurt the people! I've already told in my previous posts about how this universe & it's vibrations are working with humans. Through your activities in business, if you continuously do bad things, when the customer is not happy and yelled at you because of your worst product or service, their inner feel's negative vibrations on you will hit the universe. It will come back to you 10 times more! 

So knowingly even after you came to know that you are doing which is unethical and cheating, you will be cursed by your customers. Their negative words and curse will make you and family people also to get suffered much! Again I am saying, It is maybe like earning much in the starting stage. But you will hate your life in the future for sure. No one can give remedy to you from those situations! So have this clarity and understanding in mind!

Like your hard-earned assets will go to your family, your hard-earned curses also will go to your family! They will also suffer! It is nature's law... Everything is getting counted here. Your good, bad and everything! 

So don't think that is no one is watching you and you are a brilliant bee!

When the body's operating material called SOUL (God's Thing) goes out from you, you will be called a DEAD BODY! You are not human anymore! Even your son, daughter, family, relatives, and the whole world will call you Dead body!

The less valued dead fish or chicken itself will be taken to the Kitchen for cooking. But once you die, no one will take you to the kitchen or anywhere other than Graveyard! Keep it in mind! Be truthful, kind and humbled to this world. Assure excellent customer service always!

And also be afraid to God. You are born in this world now as some business person, worker, owner of something, etc, etc. But what will you do when God calculates all of your current life's bad activities and make you as a physically challenged person as Deaf, Dumb, Blind or with any other non-curable diseased person in your next birth? What will you do if you born again as homeless and so hungry beggar next time? Do you think the World is getting Hygenic and heaven? Not at all! Daily food itself became slow poison nowadays.

As life killing technology is growing day by day, and also humans' greed also became so poisonous nowadays, the world is getting so worse! In the future, everyone will kill each other just for food and water! Days are not so far. Already it is happening here. Didn't you see it? Perhaps when you born again in that kind of curse and crisis generation again with above mentioned disabilities and inabilities, what will you do? How will you live happily? 

Don't think that, there is no rebirth or reincarnation. There are more proofs and miracle examples in the world as books, visuals, real-life narrations which was proven by experienced people to show that there is rebirth! If you are not aware and do the bad things continuously by cheating people in any way, then it will cost you more painful consequences!

So treat your customers always with humanity. Don't always target market. Target the hearts too! Make sure about their comfortness and happiness with your products or services. Not all customers are good. Some customers will yell at you even if you do the Good thing. Don't worry about them. They will face the consequence of it.

You always do good to your customers. You no need to treat your customers always like a God. But at least try to treat them as fellow human being by giving the best from you. Assure the quality always. Don't always look for money. Give the best quality, and the money and blessings of God will follow you automatically! 

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