Sick of Automatic VOICE CALLS Recording in Mobile Phone!

Sick of Automatic "VOICE CALLS" Recording in Mobile Phone!

There is an option in Apps & Softwares to record voice calls of speaking persons on phone. Many consumers are downloading and using it for many personal & official purposes. Actually, to say, recording voice calls without the speaking person's permission is almost illegal and it is against law everywhere. But still, people are using it. There may be some of the disadvantages on your privacy in spying mainly. But there are more disadvantages on recording automatic voice calls on the phone which will stop your (Humans) Intelligence, Brilliancy and also Thinking Capacity. If you didn't know about it, let's see it in detail.

Actually to say, using technology is the sin only to Human life. Though we have some advantages, there are many disadvantages only. In technology, more particularly to say, nowadays the majority of people are using Mobilephones. Without a mobile phone, living in this world now became so hard. Because communication has that much importance in life. Moreover, to say, people got addicted to Social Media Platforms, Instant solutions to their search through the Internet, Getting connected with top-level people instantly & more it's related. Food is the Main Need for Human Life actually. But these mobile phones are overtaking it!

Let me tell you the Deep Disadvantages on Killing Your Smartness, Brilliancy & Intelligence!

Common Reasons to Use "Automatic Voice Call Recording"

1. To use the Recorded Call Audio as PROOFS (Personal & Official)

2. Remembering the Content in the future & Take Notes from Calls

3. Remembering the Locations, Address, Phone numbers & other spoken details

4. Storing Sweet & Hateful Memories to Recall in their Mind in Future

5. Everyone is Using, so I am also Using (Madness)

These are all the main common reasons to use this kind of Automatic Voice Call Recording Apps. Let's crack it in deep now!

Nowadays, as technology is getting grew at a huge level, people are making use of it, without knowing the aftermaths. Media also Not Reveling this Seriousness mostly. Assume that, you recorded a voice call from a 1st person & the call got ended. Now you are going to discuss this same conversation with 2nd person. The conversation may come under any category like Family, Love, Affair, Official, Sports, Financial Related, etc, etc... Whatever it may be.

When you are going to explain it to 2nd person, then you should explain it as per your remembrance only. What is the need of sending the same conversation with everything even with Full stops & Commas to 2nd person? Perhaps if you want to tell everything to 2nd person mean, then you should train your brain and mind gradually to remember everything! This is called practice! Why are you getting the support of Third Parties? Because you forgot your potential actually...

Do you know, the human brain has unbelievable power than any of invented technologies in this universe! Because every technology that was invented in this world by Humans' brains only! But now you are ignorantly believing the less valued technology and underestimating your brain. Isn't it an idiotic thing? When you gradually start to train your brain and mind this way, then it will get more sharper! It will do the miracles in your life!

Still, do you think, will you be in the need of this App? Not at all. In unavoidable circumstances, perhaps if you need the complete conversation to be recorded to play in front of higher officials or in other needful places mean, then you can record it. That too in Unavoidable situations only. Not in all the times. It shouldn't be always installed App & Automatically Recorded. You should Install and switch on only when to Record! Hope you got my point.

Further on remembering the content and speech of the opposite person means, you were not listening properly when you were speaking on the phone right? This is called negligence! Whenever you do anything, you should have 100% concentration on it. Perhaps you can't, at least try to concentrate as much as you can. This kind of focus will make you glitter as a Mature human being gradually! Because Focus Has That Much Power in our life!

When all the times, you miss focus & get distracted somewhere often without having importance, then it will become your worst habit. With this habit, you can't get any success in your life. Because this kind of habit not only will happen in a phone conversation, it will get continued in each and every activity of your daily living too.

So whenever you get distracted, then that same thing and time will not come again. Then you will be in the need of this kind of apps & other person's support only! Don't you think this is a self-killing thing?

Remembering Small Addresses, Less digit Phone numbers, Other Small Details itself became so hard to you nowadays! How? Because your mind started to get help from these Apps & Softwares. Which means, your mind became lazy!

Do you know what, Mind is the Ultimate Power in this universe! You can achieve anything with your mind! 

Without mind, we can't do anything in this world. Each and every activity & happenings are the Outcome of each and every person's mind only! Through our mind only, human-made things were created. To say more deeply.

Where the Focus Goes, there Energy Flows! Everything in this Universe was made out of Atoms. Atoms were made out of Energy! And Energy can be passed through our Consciousness! 

Our mind has this kind of Unbelievable Power! But what we made actually is, forgot it's the fullest efficiency, ability, and power. As a result, we are struggling to remember even very smallest things. When will you come to know it's real potential? Can't you come out of this addiction?

Further, through call recording, if you are Recalling your Sweet & Hateful memories mean, it's a trap!

What are you going to do with your past life? The past is it! Today is true! There is nothing called tomorrow! Live in the Present! If your past had taught you good things mean, learn it today! Keep the good in mind till you die. Don't always recall it. Don't separate you & good and both are different! Come to an understanding of Good & You, both are the same only! When you start to live your life in this way, then You will live As Good & no need to recall the experiences.

Moreover, if you are always recalling the Sweet memories from the past to enjoy means, then it means, you are not creating any of Sweetful memories in the present! Isn't it? Forget the past. Live in the present, use the situation, see the circle of people and create more sweet & fruitful happenings around you. Do it often. When you do this continuously, then there is no need for recalling your past and cherish the memories. 

Recalling the past sweet memories itself is a bad thing mean, do you think, recalling your past life bitter and hateful memories will be good? It's called so cheap and irritating thing! With those hateful memories, you will get more pain only! You will not earn any good things from it. It will distract your growth in life and also destroy your happiness in life. Erase all the bad and hateful memories from your mind and also from your voice call recordings. When you fail, this kind of Recording the calls through these apps will have chances to Hack, Providers to Track & Leak it too! There are more chances of spying, Remember it!

Last but not least, in this Mobile phone usage, nowadays, Kids also started to use madly. Without a mobile phone, kids are not eating anything. To stop their crying too, parents are giving mobile phones to them. Kids are learning Poems, Rhymes & many things from their parents' mobiles.

Even after the parents came to know the problems, radiation issues, inside body cells killing, Immune power killing, and all other health-related problems of using the mobile, parents are still encouraging their kids to use their mobiles to engage with mobile, and making parents' self as free in doing their work, which is actually an idiotic thing and life killing activity to Kids!

Parents should think much about it and avoid this! Even though they cry, you should teach them & practice them to live with nature and non-technological play in reality. Not video games, Actually the Real Family Games. That is how our grandparents made us grow right? Spend time with your kids to make them Good and healthy human beings in the future. Perhaps if you can't grow them in this kind of good ways, then better avoid making babies. Consider you & your life partner as babies. Don't destroy the newborn life!

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