Does Going on PHONE BEFORE BED Affect Your Sleep?

Does Going on "PHONE BEFORE BED" Affect Your Sleep?

Does going on your phone before bed affect your sleep? Yes for sure! Not only it will affect your sleep, but it also will collapse your mental health, physical health and also happiness in your life! Because your bedroom is a "No Phone Zone!" You should respect it! Not sleeping well is a form of mental problems.

Sick & lazy people sleeping 12 hours a day is called oversleeping or Hypersomnia (Very Bad). Common people minimum need to take 5 - 7 hours of sleep (Ok). Successful & more special people will sleep only 4 - 5 hours of sleep (Very Good) maximum. Spiritually enlightened masters are sleeping only 2 - 3 hours of night sleep.

The bedroom is strictly made for the RELAXATION, not for DEMONSTRATION! 

Using a phone in the bedroom will bring you more life-related problems in living. Using for little time is ok, but continuously using a mobile phone, laptop or any other electronic items will become a bad habit of you! It will not make you, to live a stress-free life for sure!

No matter you are married or unmarried. Actually, the bed is the place where you should avoid all the unnecessary thinking, unnecessary talks and also using any external technology. When you always do this kind of useless or even useful things for any other needs, which will affect your sleep and mental happiness, then you will suffer from Insomnia (not sleeping at night) soon. That means you will get addicted to your bad sleeping habits. You should always practice yourself for immediate sleep when you go to bed. 

When you traveled your life with doing that kind of above mentioned useless things for sleep, then coming out of it will take much time & consistency, as you are addicted to it already. Gradually you should come out of it. Consciously you need to focus on changing the mind to get a good night sleep.

How to Stop Using Phone at Night? Whatever Helps You Sleep at Night...

In the world, most of the people's longing expectation is, SLEEPING AT NIGHT PEACEFULLY! That too they need to sleep immediately when they lye in bed. Because their mind will not make them sleep immediately. In this case, when your mind is engaged in any kind of activities like seeing a phone, tv, laptop, or thinking something continuously, then you will get many health issues later. 

Sleeping on bed means, it is a great responsibility for your body where you need to give your 100%! Because you are using your body parts to finish your works in daily life. In the sleeping time only you are getting energy from cosmic energy for next day activeness. So when you miss giving rest to your body, then you are untruth to your Body which is actually helping you! 

Don't think that your body belongs to you! It actually belongs to God! So you should obey it and do the proper things for it to healthy living! When you get something, you need to repay it right? Likewise, you are getting help from your body, so you should show gratitude and also repay the borrowing to your body by keeping it healthy! 

Somewhat you are sleeping daily. But most of the persons who are living in this world are not sleeping properly. That means they are not getting DEEP SLEEP. Getting the sleep itself became hard to the people nowadays in this stressful life.

In this case, getting deep sleep is really an impossible thing for those people. Getting Deep Sleep only will confirm that you did the right job! Till achieving that stage in sleeping, you are actually cheating yourself and body by NAMESAKE SLEEP, which is really not healthy!

When you are single, then you should stop thinking much about anything, and immediately should sleep. When you are a married person, then plan properly with your partner about your comfortable need for sleeping. Sometimes they will use the phone to send sleep well messages or do something which will disturb your sleep.

So explain clearly with them regarding your deep sleep, and request them also to sleep soon and deep. Some couples are even after the romantic session in bed, diverting their mind in above mentioned disturbing things. That is really so sad. A good romantic session in bed should end with comfortable deep sleep! You shouldn't get diverted to anywhere in mind, as it is no mobile zone.

Don't worry about your next day! Forget everything about the next day. The sun will rise. Earth will rotate. Birds, Animals & all other creatures will do its work. You are only so serious about your life. But nature is properly running in its way without flaws. So don't think about any kind of problem in bed. Sleep is much important. A night of good sleep will show you the good ways and solutions to come out of your problems. 

To achieve that stage, you need to get proper deep sleep! Sleeping with dreams also not proper sleep! Deep sleep will be like, You closed your eyes, and immediately opened, but the next day came in real! In advanced stages of sleep only you will enter into that state of mind. You will need regular practice in bed to sleep immediately and then deep!

Using the phone in bed that too in the night time, will affect your sleep & brain. You shouldn't keep your phone nearby your head too! So, the very main things to do before sleeping is, you should keep your phone and all kinds of electronic items away from the bed. It is like a phone before bed kills your peace.

Because, when you sleep, the phone radiations will affect your brain & the fellow sleeping persons' too for the whole night. In this case, when you regularly use your phone & keeping it in nearby your head and body, then the organs will get affected badly. As a result, you will not get good sleep and also will get more diseases. So, find the best things to help you sleep better!

Using phone & keeping it in hand is complete addiction only. Your mind was addicted to it unknowingly. So wherever you go, then you will take the phone automatically by the command of your mind. The same will get continued in bed at night. The nighttime sleep aid is calming your mind and avoiding unnecessary thoughts only!

So you should win your mind by doing continuous practice. Whenever you miss the phone, then your subconscious mind will say that you've missed something. That missing feel will give you the disappointment to you. Don't make the phone to disturb you while keeping in hand and also avoided somewhere. Have a good sleep!

We are eating food which is much adulterated. We are living in a world where much polluted. We are living with people who have more poisonous thoughts. So at least, let us be loyal to ourselves and body & sleep peacefully in the bed. We are living in this world to enjoy and get happiness only.

So the basic two things are compulsory for those. One is Good Food & Another One is Nice Sleep! So try to have both without any compromises. It is your life. When you got diseases, you only need to go through the pain and all sufferings. So be cautious in your sleeping time and have deep sleep. Finally, make a decision on how long should you turn your phone off before sleeping!

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