How Credit Cards Kill Our Peace? BIG FINANCIAL TRAPS

How Credit Cards Kill Our Peace? "BIG TRAPS"

Even though we don't have the interest to get a credit card, these bank people around the world have particular intention to sell their credit cards to hard-working people to make them trapped into big financial crisis later. The pity people also, without knowing the dangers, pain, and aftermaths of getting credit cards and using it, in the future, they are getting suffered much.

Actually, the credit card was not found to make us rich or make a comfortable life for us. Think one thing very deeply. What is the use and benefit, when a banker coming forward to give you free credit limit by offering a credit card? Are they wishing for your personal or official growth?

Not at all! Through your hard-earned monthly earnings, they are using your efforts and physical works for them to earn much. You are one! Like you, they have millions of people's blood & efforts! Humans are there around the world. So making business also became so easy to the bankers. They are just like putting the stalls in front of mass people gathering places.

Bankers are fixing some monthly targets for their representative agencies. So they have to finish their target by giving credit cards to new customers at any cost. Credit card marketing people won't get a salary if they didn't finish their target. So, to get the salary, they are working like mad, and convincing the people to get credit cards by saying any lie and without saying the real problems behind it! No one will say it frankly, because, their business will get vanished.

Their business only will happen in the Pain & Tears of Common People! They don't need rich, as rich people are very less. They need middle-class people only!

This means they are converting a common happy person who is living little free life, into the borrower of that bank. When the people sign on the application form, immediately they are getting into the terms and conditions of the bank. In that application form, and also in some other agreeing papers signing, there are more rules and regulations, privacy and policy, terms and conditions for many pages.

To read everything line by line, it will take a minimum of 15 minutes. But are we reading it completely before signing? No right?

Because we don't have time. All we need is a credit card & credit limit to use. These bankers and their wavelength people are impressively creating advertisements, creating the situations around the world in online and also in other platforms, for making compulsion of using the credit cards. It's their billion-dollar business. So through their cunning plans & big money spending personally for the sellers, and also the government, they are creating the situation! 

Yeah! They are purposely making the online stores, payment gateways, all other online platforms to say to customers that, the need for a credit card is a must. Or else they can't purchase that material. The bankers and financial mafias are creating a situation like this around the world and they are spending much money to them as a bribe. After getting money, the government & sellers also saying the same as What the Bankers say!

As a result, people think that it is for urgent purposes. So, they are applying for credit cards & start to use it. The main danger starts exactly from here only! How?

We are having one bad and main nature with us, which will grab all the problems around us. If we don't notice it and cut it, then we will get into many life struggles and unbearable pains for sure! What's that?

It is Our Desire!

Yeah! It is our desire only. Our desire will give all the problems in our life. Especially to say, if we have big desires in our financial related things, then definitely we will get into many life traps. Credit card usage is one such thing! And bankers are misusing it at the grand level by the support of the government itself! As a result, many people have Credit Cards for Bad Credit.

The government too will support it. Because the money is getting generated for the country and ruling government from those mafias only! To know this in deep, you should know about what are we seeing and how are we getting our social knowledge! Medias have the main part in this! Very frankly to say, all the seeing things in the media is not true actually! 

I am not saying you that, you shouldn't have any desires. Because, without desire, if you are living in this world means, then you are not a human. You will be called as Spiritually Awakened Soul! That is really not possible for all human beings. So you can have desires in your life. Your desires only leading your life.

But you should know control and limits in having desires. And also you should know to align it one by one depends on your situation, financial position, actual possibilities, etc!

For example, quotes are saying that, By your self-confidence and continuous focus, you can win anything in this world. Yeah, that is true only! But the practice, consistency, maturity level, and non-giving up travel will take years to become like that. People will say, best business credit cards and all. Don't fall!

For example, Only by reading the above-mentioned quote, if you are pledging, all your assets to start a business, without knowing the deep and sharp and things behind that business mean will you get profit and become a most successful person?

No, you will get only the loss right? In fact, you will lose your money, patience, peace, happiness, and everything! All the quotes are not fit for all the situations, and you should keep it in mind! You should be a brilliant person to react and respond to the situation as per your availability and efficiency. More crispy to say,

Every men have desire to Date Angelina Jolie. But do we have that Ability, Position and Range to reach her? No right? That matters in life lessons!

Everything takes time, effort, talent, consistency & more related to it. So we should concentrate on these desires more. Only having desires, will give you, only pain and worrying only. It will not take you to the goal. Moreover, this nature of humans is called the destroyer of your peace. Not will be called as your savior. Poor credit, No deposit & everything will smash you like anything!

When you get the unsecured credit card, you will get some credit limit. By having a credit card in your pocket with some good credit limit, assume that you are going shopping with your partner, friends or alone. When you don't have money, your mind will think that, you don't have money and should avoid the purchase or should purchase depends on your pocket's availability.

But when you go to the same place with the credit card, then your mind unknowingly will say you that, you have more cash in your pocket!

Your mind won't think that the money which is in credit card is that called, DEBT. It will push you often in mind level to use it. Your salary or earning may not that much big level to clear the debts once you purchased or purchase until the credit limit gets over. But as your mind often says about you are having more money even it is a debt, purposely you will get into the trap by purchasing beyond your level. Which means, you didn't learn to spend as per your earned money. It will go beyond your earned level.

This bad habit gradually will get increased. Your nature will start to go like, from spending available earned cash to spend by getting debts from credit cards! Bankers will say you it is, Easy Approval Credit Cards, but it is easy approval of your worst time! Can you notice it?

Actually, it is changing your entire good habit of spending level! You will become a bad borrower! When you spend always like this, then you will not learn any good thing financially. Yeah, your savings mentality will go away. Your eagle eye on cut the spending or useless usage will go away. You will start to live as a borrower!

Your desire and credit limit's illusion play will distract your mind's stability and vanish the reality!

If you can't control your debts or borrowings, then it will cost your respect, peace, and happiness for settling it. Many middle-class persons, salaried employees, start-up business people are using credit cards. Ask anyone...

The majority of people are not clearing their borrowed debt from credit cards. Actually, they are paying their minimum due only! In this case, without knowing the seriousness, many people are using more than 2 Credit Cards and got trapped! So sad and painful to see the people who are getting suffered like this badly 😞

Their bad borrowing style, spending on urge, illusion credit limit is making the people, to be a borrower for lifelong! In fact, many people have paid more than their credit limit as monthly minimum dues. But still, they couldn't clear the total outstanding as one-shot settlement! That kind of danger is called a credit card. The banker also need this only from you!

Think much, who will give you free cash that too without interest in this greed world? No one is other than your real caretakers! Bankers are not your caretakers! Realize it on your own and other people's very worst experiences! Read about bankers, their traps, cunningness in online forums! You will come to know the actual shocking truths!

Perhaps, if you are a wealthy person to clear your entire used credit card debts monthly by single settlement, the banker will start to notice it. Immediately they will increase your credit limit. If you are again using it in the right way, they will increase more and more and also offer personal loans to you till you get suffered.

What did you notice from this?

The bankers' main motive is not to give you free money. Actually, they are cunningly planning to make you trapped by increasing the credit limit until your inability level in settling. It happened to many wealthy persons too. Many wealthy people too got stuck in settling the highly increased credit limits and also availed personal loans from credit cards.

Some people are using credits cards for business purposes for interest-free money rotation. It may be useful to very few persons less than 1% of the population. But the majority of credit card using customers are living the financial hell life. The bankers and the collection agents also will not treat the customer in a good way. They will do anything to get money from you.

So use the money always from your pocket. Borrowing is the biggest trap and also a very big danger! Not only credit cards. Avoid borrowing always from any person.  It will cost your life at some point for sure! Avoid borrowing in your life and make your attitude and nature to spend from your earnings. Life without debts is almost peaceful and healthy living! So control your desires and practice your mind to live as a Debt-free person. Don't give your happiness and peace is just for your urge and waste desires!

Use your Debit cards always instead of Credit cards! When the seller is not giving you the option for debit cards, then avoid that seller. Or if you definitely want that thing from the seller, use your friend's credit card.

Perhaps, if you really need a credit card for your safety purpose (Actually credit card is not safe at all), just have it by getting a low credit limit. Don't increase it even if the issuers purposely coming forward! They will use your desires as the main tool to play with your patience! You should win that.

Even though you have a credit card, use always the debit card in your life. Your mind should forget that you are having the Credit card. This is really hard to make your mind, to forget that you are having extra cash. Currencies will close your wisdom eyes for sure! But when you have control of it, then you can win anything in your life without doubts!

It's your life! Your cash! Your earnings! So you only should have control & power! Other people shouldn't have the control & power on you or your assets!

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