5 Brilliant Ways to How to Deal With Your Enemies!

5 Brilliant Ways to How to Deal With Your Enemies!

Making good friends is very hard in this world. But we can get enemies very easily, because of the different characters, different approaches, and different attitudes of the people. When a person has an enemy, then most of the thinking will go about them only. Even if someone is not there, then our mind itself will become our enemy. Our own thoughts, negative attitude, restless thoughts, and all other attitudes will turn as a great enemy to ourselves. So the enemy within us basically.

So we should learn first to make ourselves better and mature to deal with any kind of problems in our life. When the own mind is not clear, then whatever decisions we make or whatever we think, everything will go completely wrong. So a person should practice well to behave more mature and do the things with consciousness. In this way, even the invisible enemy will not come to your life again.

When you fail in maturity & stability, then you will suppose to face the consequences in everything. In this case, when we got our enemy knowingly or unknowingly, personally or officially, how to deal with them for a tension-free living further? Living life without enemies is not possible. Because, even though you don't do anything, the opposite people will come to you for any reason to make you suffer. So it is a fundamental responsibility to make ourselves clear and perfect to deal with enemies. Or else, the aftermaths will end up with big issues.

There are some enemies, who will not change positively by any methods, as they are so adamant and negatively born. Just leave that persons to time. But your mature reacting nature even after you got hurted, will convert 90% of enemies for sure in a positive way!

1. Accept the Hatefulness & Show Love Always!

If you want to become more mature, then you have to accept the situations and react with positivity. No matter, the situation or the person is hurting you. You shouldn't take it to your head. Drop your ego for a while & handle the situation brilliantly to come out of it. Actually, you can't drop your ego completely at once. But by gradual practice, it will be very easy for you. 

So whenever the enemy is giving you the tension & irritation, accept it without doing the same to them. Show only the love instead of hatefulness. It is really hard at the start. But when you consciously do this often, then you will not leave this good nature which will actually give positive results in everything.

You will feel the immense pleasure throughout your body & your enemy's problem making nature also will start to fade away. When you stand in your attitude of love & positivity strongly, then all of your enemies will walk away from your route & it will be a clear way to you. The gate of positivity will get opened. So the enemy at the gates & you travel into happiness.

2. Speaking Enemy's Good Qualities!

Even the thief or murderer may have some good qualities. Like that, your enemy also may have some good qualities. Try to forget the bad things were happened by him and start speaking about his very good qualities to him. If speaking with him is not possible, then find his circle of friends to reach. Because, whenever you say something to his circle of friends, then it will reach him. 

Use this opportunity to make your way clear. Everyone likes appreciation. They may not react immediately. But they will like it. Their mind will stop thinking bad about you. So speak the plus points and the qualities of the enemy to his close circle. It shouldn't like drama. It should be more gentle & realistic. This message will convert the enemy as your supporter. Assume that the opposite powerful person, when starts to support you for your quality, what it will be like! In this case, you can even plan about sleeping with the enemy together 😍

3. Say Sorry Without Ego!

A single SORRY changed many person's life in a positive way. Those sorries changed the persons' danger into growth opportunities. Sorry is having that much power & don't underestimate it. For many problems in the world, a small SORRY gave immense results! But the sorry won't come that much easier from a person's mouth as they are having bitter experiences, hurting, anger & ego because of the opposite persons.

But when you drop everything and immediately go forward to ask sorry, even the mistake is on the opposite person's side, then their STONE MIND will be demolished. Some times it will happen on the spot, sometime it will happen after some time. Sometime it will happen gradually. But your sorry will make the enemy, to think positively & make him, to give respect to you! So be keen to say sorry always. Don't think about the past bad things. Just think about your good future. It is for your good life only. Further, you are not an enemy of the state, in his mental level.

4. Tell Them Where You Helped!

It shouldn't be in overdosage. Because the enemy will not like to hear the lengthy things of your nature or habits. But you can say about a little which is really needed and mind changing. Your enemy may not know about your good qualities in any matter connected with him. Sometimes this life will take much time to reveal the good things. But when the situation is not good, then you can go forward to convey it for a better understanding & clear the misunderstandings.

Don't think that there is a strong black line, when you have positive eraser to erase it whatever maybe the thickness!

So whenever you have the opportunity to speak with your enemy or his circle, then say some valuable situations with proofs that, how are all you helped your enemy in the shadow part. This will make the enemy, to forget the bad impression on you! Behind enemy lines, will be cleared in this way.

5. Do Prayer!

Some enemies are very giant and powerful. They can't be dealt with by yourself or anyone. Because the problem's severeness may be too high. At the time, you will definitely need the support of supreme power. Don't underestimate the power of prayer. The supreme power won't support you immediately as you have to face the aftermath of your past activities (It may your previous birth's too). In this case, you will get caught at a huge level in enemy hands.

When the daily prayer becomes your habit, then the miracles will be your lifestyle!

You may not know all those. So try to surround to god & pray regularly by focusing clearly on one wish at one time! It should be very clear, humble & gentle. In this way, when you have a continuous prayer that is not selfish and not namesake, then you will be fulfilled with the miracle results by the supreme power/God. Not selfish mean, tell the almighty that, when this desire/wish got fulfilled, then who are all will get benefited other than you! 

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