How to Get HEALTHY MIND AND BODY After Injury?

How to Get HEALTHY MIND and Body After Injury?

When a human got an injury in his body, then he is about to face hospitalization. Once he treated with needful surgery & medication, then he will be discharged from the hospital. Some injuries can be treated from the home itself. 

Ancient methods of Siddha, Ayurveda & Homeopathic medicines will cure the injuries and diseases in the human body, from the home itself. So whatever injury happens in the body then a human will need proper rest to come to normal stage. In this case, the human should have strong willpower & healthy mindset for the speedy recovery. 

The medicines & treatments will cure the patient 50% only. Balance 50% will be cured by the willpower of the patient and positive mindset only. So how should we set our mindset while got injured & hospitalized? 

Don't Always Worry About Injury!

When something happens in our life, then you should understand that it is happening for a good reason only. We need to learn something from it. That is called maturity. So when you got injured, don't always worry about it.

And don't feel that, you can't do any other things fastly or early. As you have already injured, if you continuously worry about the injured part and your future, then that negative mindset will make you sicker. Because your mind has more power to do anything in this world.

If you are continuously positive, you will get positive things in your life. If you continuously feel negative, then you will get only negative things in your life. I mean, when you keep thinking sad on the injury, then the healing time will take so long! It is proven by scientists!

So that saying, don't concentrate always the wound and injured part with worrying mentality. Instead of thinking bad about your injury, happily start concentrating on other things which will make you happy. In this time, you will need more positivity only, to come out of it.

Do the Happiest Things Which You Love!

Injured bedtime is your rest time. Don't think that you got injured. Think that, you currently have the opportunity to take needful rest to make yourself more comfortable and valuable. In this time, from the bed itself, do all the things that you like which are all possible.

Do all the things which will make you happy. Use the bedtime to make yourself more happiest person by doing your desired things. It may be song listening, book reading, carrom playing, watching any kind of videos, etc, etc. Because health in mind is much needed for quick healing!

All you need to do is, just do whatever you like! Even if you like porn, watch porn videos continuously if it really makes you happy! When you start to make yourself happier by doing your desired things, then your complete body's cells will get regenerated often.

So it will get refreshed and you will get a high level of immune power. Worrying will kill you, but happiness will save you! So be happy by doing all your desired things, whatever it may be! Through your happiness, you are getting great energy from cosmic energy which can cure many problems mentally and physically. Stay fit and healthy!

Visualize as Cured!

Your injury may be still in your body. But close your eyes, visualize that, the injury got cured completely. You should clearly visualize the atmosphere, body part, injury, shape & size of the organ, and everything very clearly. Give more detail to the visualization & stay in shape!

Your visualization has more power! It may be unbelievable at the start. But when you consistently & daily do this visualization like the injury got cured already, then your body's energy level will make the healing process so fast!

The powerful Reiki healing practitioners, Pranic healing practitioners, and all other healing persons are worldwide doing this kind of method only to heal any kind of problems in human bodies. (I am a Certified Reiki Healer, so you can believe me in this)

They've cured even heart problems, brain blocks, and many life killing near death diseases within days. Some of the healing processes happened in minutes! It is completely by their daily practice of VISUALIZATION. It may be like cheating your mind.

But it is not cheating, actually, it is called commanding your mind to make the miracle happen in your body! At the start, you will feel that nothing is happening in the body. But through your continuous daily visualization & patience, you will get positive results for sure! In this method, you will surely get a healthy mind and body!

Stay Away From Negative People!

After you got injured, some of your friends and relatives will come to see you. It is like they are caring for you. But some of them, may come and worry about your body condition much. They will, feel so negative and speak the negativity of your situation. It will make you more negative. So try to keep a distance from them.

If possible, say directly to them that, not to speak such negative words or worry about you. Tell them that, at this time you will not need their condolences or sad concern. All you need is rest and positivity. So purposely avoid those persons who will come to you and behave negatively which will make you sad and worried. So keep fit and healthy.

Hurricane and Flood are nothing, but your mind! Volcano and Acid Rain are nothing, but your mind! Murder and Suicides are nothing, but your mind! Loss or Profit is nothing, but your mind! Injury and Coma stage also nothing, but your mind! Ya, everything depends on your mind only! So keep it healthy in a positive way and stay away from sick people! Because mind health is much important thing!

Forget Completely That You Was Injured!

Try to forget the injured accident. And also forget that you are taking rest for the injury only. You no need to remember this injury anymore in your life. This is unnecessary too. Only learn the best experience and don't repeat the same mistake from that injury. Once you learned, then immediately forget it.

While taking bed rest also, think that you are taking rest for some other positive thing. Or tell your mind and make it to believe that the rest is for making yourself better and healthier. Not for injury! This is a little hard thing only to forget. But when you start to forget that you are injured, then this mind will take you to recover very fast from anything.

You should behave and work like, nothing happened to you. You are completely fine & all your body parts are working perfectly alright. This mentality will make magic in your body. Even though your disease or injury can't be cured, this forgetting and positively thinking mentality will cure anything very easily. There are many example incidents that made medical miracles worldwide! Cancer patients themselves were cured by their strong willpower! Healthy minds miracle makers!

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