How to Open Your 3rd Eye? Third Eye Meditation & Activation

Power and Importance of Sun! "SPIRITUAL VIEW"

The complete universe has millions of stars in it. We can't count or not even imagine, as the universe's whole length and breadth are, can't be calculated by common persons. It is so mysterious thing. In the universe, we are living in a Milky wave Galaxy's Solar System. Our solar system has 9 planets and we are living on a planet called Earth.

In many stars around the universe, the sun is also the hottest star. As we are living on the earth, we are in the situation to talk about Sun & It's important. Everyone are daily seeing the sun from the earth. But we don't know it's real power, value and also the importance. So let's see about the sun & it needs to human life in a spiritual way!

Why is sunlight important to plants? Without the sun, there is no cultivation. Without cultivation, there is no food. When there is no food, then everyone will die here. Not only humans will die. Actually, each and every creature will die here. The needful heat for all creatures is getting generated from Sun's energy only. Even though we have Cosmic Energy, the sun's energy also most important in this universe. So that god is allocated the Sun alone to us (Earth's Creatures).

Spiritually to discuss, we mean each and every creature in this universe. We can't take humans alone, as supreme power/God is the same for all creatures including humans. Sun is the greatest energy that produces unexplainable rays from it. Some of the rays are so harmful to watch on the open eye in the very hot time. But watching the sunrise in the morning will give great powers and benefits to humans. Solar energy on earth is mainly sun only.

Those people who are in the Spiritual path know this well. Very clearly to say, we have 2 eyes knowingly. But there is the Third Eye! That is in the center inside place our two eyebrows. In scientifically the people say that as PINEAL GLAND. When the third eye is opened through some practices, then we will get abnormal powers to live this human life miraculously and also reach the divine so easily. The Sun powered by nature! So how to open 3rd eye?

How to Open Your 3rd Eye? Third Eye Meditation & Activation | the third eye

This is one of the best & powerful 3rd eye opening method. When the third eye is opened, then our mind will work like a supercomputer. We will get the power to know the future too. Our intuitions will be so perfect to predict anything. Astral body travel also will happen. Will have the power to communicate with spirits safely.

Whatever we say, that will happen in people's life. We will find solutions to everything by asking the universe's energy. And there are more unexplainable powers that will get activated. Our third eye ("Shiva Third Eye" in Hinduism) has that much power. I didn't say this. Actually many experienced spiritually enlightened masters said about it. They say it as third eye awakening too.

So many people have desires and interests to open their Third Eye. Very frankly to say, those people who have good intentions and moral living styles in their life only will get the opportunity to open it. Because we will need the Divine's blessing to open it. Those blessed people will use the sun's energy to open it. Yes, you can also try it!

When you have the blessing of Gurus (Spiritual Teachers) & God then you will make it happen. You no need to be in The Ease Cape, north of Gisborne on the North Island (New Zealand) to see first sunrise in world to get this power. You can even see it from your terrace or any place.

This is called one of the best Third Eye Meditation Technique!

Every morning, once you took a bath, after the exact morning sunrise time (Each Country has Different Time, So Google it for Exact time), you should watch the sun directly by your opened eyes! This should happen within a period of 24 minutes after the sun has risen. That time is called precious BOON GIVING time of the sun. In ancient spiritual things, Sun is the Greatest God & Power which is ruling each and every creature on the earth. 

The Horoscope Say this Very Clearly. So when you spend your time watching the sun within this time, without blinking your eyes continuously for 5-10 minutes maximum daily, then it's energy gradually will open your third eye. The morning rays won't affect your eyes. So don't worry about it. Blinking the eye is not a problem, but try to see the sun as I said. Only concentrate completely on the sun & once you watched just close your eyes & see the sun inside of you. In this effective way, your third eye activation will happen very soon.

Seeing the sun daily not only will open your third eye. It will give you great immunity power like a monster! All your body cells will get regenerated enormously. And all the body cells will get healthy power through the sun's energy. You will kick off your diseases' starting stage to touch you! It will eat the body's excess fat too. So watching the morning sunrise is so special to all human beings. 

Moreover, when you daily PRAY THE SUN by seeing like I said daily in the morning, then you will get his blessings completely. Don't underestimate it and don't expect quick results. Follow it for some months and see the miracle changes in your life! As the complete earth is running in the support of sun and it's energy, when you start to worship him regularly, then you will get his special concern & power very shortly! 

But you will need more patience and trust! Each and every spiritual people are observing the sun's energy and living with so much power. So you too Worship the Sun or Just Say Thanks to Sun daily. Both are called respecting the sun only. So when you do any one of these regularly, then you will get abnormal life changes positively. Positivity will start to shower on you by the blessings of Sun!

A leader of the family is leading the family. A leader of the class is leading the class. A leader of the country is leading the country. Same as the leader of all planets in the solar system is Sun & he is leading everything here. Apart from opening your third eye chakra specifically, getting the blessing of sun & surrender ourselves to him is a much-needed thing to live the great life with long living health and wealth in this earth's life by watching the sunrise. 

Without energy, nothing will happen here. Every activity needs energy. Energies are there in many forms. But universal energy is the same which is transformed as many. In that, Sun's Fire energy is an irreplaceable thing to every creature including humans.

When the fire decides, it will end our life. At the same time when the fire decides, it will take us to live with the greatest power too! So are we going to die or going to use this fire energy by asking the copyright holder itself by surrender to him? That is called real brilliance & smartness! Apart from water power, firepower also more important on earth!

There are many blog posts about to say scientifically about why is the sun important. But I wanted to say to all human beings about the power of the sun & importance of sun spiritually to make themselves to live their life in a more powerful way to get all the resources. As the earth is completely expecting the support of sun daily, each and every material on the earth is looking for morning sunrise to happen daily.

In this case, when you start to get his blessings directly, then you will get all things your life for sure! Even though there are many people to explain the third eye's power, you will come to know the real 3rd eye meaning and it's powerful abilities when you feel personally it by yourself after opening!

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