How to Stop Eating So Much? "OVERCOMING BINGE EATING"

Many people eating less to lose weight. But you should eat less from the starting stage itself to have a healthy lifestyle! Eating is giving the strength to humans to live. Eating is a much-needed thing. But overeating is the thing that needs to be avoided. You will need the Help of Willpower for sure in this.

When humans care for their health, then they will consider healthy food, instead of taste. But the foodies, who always prioritize the taste first, then they will have more chances to lose their health benefits. I am not saying you to avoid tasty foods. But you should consider, all the tasty foods are really healthy or not! That clarity you should have!

Many people are living, only to eat. But very few people only, eat to live! 

There is much difference between eating to live & live to eat! When you eat to live, then you will get a long life span. But when you live to eat, then you will be suffered from many diseases for sure. Don't take me wrong that, I am speaking negatively regarding your health. Actually, I am speaking the truth only. Because overeating is not an appreciable thing and also a healthy thing to live a long life.

Understand one thing very clearly, each and everything which you are swallowing is going to your stomach. This means, through that GROUND ENERGY (Foods Come From Agri Land), we are living. So that foods nurture our flesh and blood. Assume that, if you drink poison, what will happen next? You will die, right? Same like, if you accidentally or unknowingly eat or drink something, which is not recommended for humans' health, then you will suffer by many diseases right? Foods have that much importance in life.

But we are eating the foods, without knowing the making style, hygienic level, health assurance, living safety, and all. Just stop eating for your tongue desires. You should start eating for your HEALTH! Healthy foods with desired taste are ok. But unhealthy junk foods, instant cooked foods, roadside foods, restaurant foods, etc, etc which was made in a careless way in just for making money mentality, then you should avoid it. It may tasty to eat. You will eat much too. But it will spoil your health completely! So how to stop eating so much?

Reasons for Eating So Much!

The main reason for people eating so much is, they are not aware of HOW TO EAT! The education system around the world is teaching us the theories and the practicals to get graduation from college, and start to work under a company.

And we are getting a nice income too from that. But the sad part is, no school or college is teaching us the basic things like How to Eat, What to Eat, How to make the family happy, How to make the environment better, How to show gratitude, How to love the people more, How to take care of our mind, etc, etc!

Very minimal special courses only teaching all these subjects. But above mentioned things are much needed for this world to live with freedom and happiness. What are we going to do only with money without having a health or stress-free life?

We will spend our entire income only to hospitals! Doctors knowing about taking care of health and eating healthy foods is not a wonder. Each and every common citizen of the country should speak and tell all those benefits in a positive way! That is the wonder, and that is how should the schools and colleges teach!

Unawareness of Food habits and it's cruel aftermaths only will make the humans, eat much as per their wish and also the taste which is been expecting from the Mind and Tongue. It is because of pure ignorance. So you should spend your time to learn much to take care of your body first!

Till some age, your body parts will support you even without your care and consideration. But after some age, it will get damaged one by one. As a result, you will get many diseases. For earning money and keeping your respect, you are doing many things in your life. But what are you doing for body and organs' health & safety?

Nothing right? Even though some people are doing exercises, walking, Yoagasans, Going GYM, etc, they are not doing it regularly. They are stopping it because of laziness. Non-consistency in taking care of the body's health definitely will harm you one day and from there forever! 

Till the age of 30-35, your body's organs will work nicely. But when you lose the care on it, then it will not support you. It is like, taking care of Your vehicles. Only by doing water service, oil service, and all other spare parts service only one time, will it run for a lifetime? No right? It will need regular service to make it perfect. Same as you should consider your body! You no need to take your body to the mechanic workshop and all. Just give the works to your body parts often and also eat healthy foods. That is much appreciated!

Overcoming Binge Eating!

The best researchers in the world say in researches that, each and every time when you eat food, you shouldn't eat fully, even if you have space in the stomach. Binge eating will fill the stomach may be. But it will not give you Good health. Your entire digestion system will go mainly to digest your eaten food which will take a long time. In this digestion process, you will feel so tired and disturbed in the stomach. Because each and every part of your inside body is busy in digesting. So you can't do any other works. 

Your body is the best doctor! Listen to your body always. It will never lie to you. You shouldn't follow the time table or schedule in eating. You should give your body, depends on what it asks! When you start to have consciousness on the body then you will start to hear it needs clearly. 

When you eat fully till your neck, that is called excessive eating. It will not give you strength or healthy results anyway. It will damage your entire body system! When you start eating continuously like this daily, then you will get excess fat, tiredness, laziness, uncomfortable living feel, affected by diseases, etc, etc. Your brain over binge also not work when you are tired. Eat only when you feel hungry. Don't eat at a regular time when you don't feel hungry. Drink water only when you need it. Don't drink water before your body asks. 

See, your body is not a dustbin to put everything like garbage. When you eat something, then give some time to the next kind of food or snacks! Don't eat 2-3 varieties of food and snacks at the same time. Because your digestion system will suffer so much to digest it. When it can't digest, then it will store somewhere as waste. Gradually it will become in-stomach poison. Apart from the actual work of the digestion system in your body, you should also do something to support your digestion.

Like walking without sleep or sit for some time, do any other light body activities after eating, not drinking water immediately after eat or while eating (Should drink water after half an hour of Food eating).

Because, whenever you drink water immediately after eating or while eating, then you are Extinguishing the Inside stomach fire which is going to digest the Foods. Fire is needed to be there to digest. When you drink water always like this, then your body will get damaged for sure. You are purposely opening the gates for many diseases by yourself. 

Even though the food has very good taste, don't eat much. Your stomach should have half of the space as empty after eating. The half stomach eating only will lead to a long life span. Because, the half stomach food, after digestion will go as Ground Energy and filled with throughout the body. The balance half empty stomach will be filled with other 4 energies. Your body should need all types of energy to be filled with. Only with ground energy, you can't live for long. 

The food is not going directly to all organs for healthiness. It is getting converted as energies. Likewise, your body will need Ground Energy, Water Energy, Cosmic Energy, Fire Energy & Air Energy!

Compulsive overeating will cause irreplaceable losses in your life. Wake-up at least from now! Apart from common foods, Meats have a very big danger. So when you eat less meat, it will avoid many life killing things. Excess meat eating is so much of a poisonous thing! Better get converted to vegetarian and enjoy the tremendous energy level in your body! Vegetarians have fewer health issues only when comparing to Non-Vegetarians. 

From cultivated foods in land, you are getting Ground Energy. From drinking water, you are getting Water energy. Actually, drinking mineral water, Auro Water or Packaged drinking water doesn't have any water energy & needed Minerals. The minerals will get generated from running water like a river, sand mixed with water places like the pond, or the water kept inside Copper Cans, Pots or any other copper vessels. You are getting cosmic energy from Space. So making your door or window opened while sleeping will give you cosmic energy. Fire energy is already in your body and also from the Food it is getting converted as Fire energy. Air energy you are getting from Inhaling Oxigen.

So if you think that, you are living only with food, then you are living your life with complete madness. Avoid binge eating & make a way for other 4 above mentioned needful energies too. This only will make you live for a long time healthily. Overeating causes diseases, tension, pressure & more negative things. Many people going through overeating in anorexia recovery. Eat less once, and feel the energy level in your body. You will not leave this good habit once you enjoyed the benefit of it! Till that, you have to put much effort to avoid eating so much as you grew by overeating nature.

Prevention is better than cure! Eat less, Live more & Avoid Overeating Treatment & therapy! You need to Play well in your home Bed, Not in Hospital Bed! Got it?

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