How to STOP TALKING SO MUCH? The Power of Silence!

How to "STOP TALKING SO MUCH" - The Power of Silence!

Avoid talking too much! Many people are thinking in this world that, talking much in front of people only will get respect. But that is not the truth. A smile with worthy silence is much better than 100 words! Moreover, when you talk too much in this society, then you will lose your energy too. When you lose your energy, then you have to be silent and observe the energy from this universe's cosmic energy!

Eating food alone won't give you the life energy to live. The cosmic energy needs to be filled throughout your body. Then only you can actively work & do all the things in this materialistic world. 

For the cosmic energy to be filled with your body, you need to Eat less! Not for balance empty space in your stomach. And mainly, you should keep silent. Why & how to be silent? Then only your body will be in a ready position to observe the energy from this universe. When you are sleeping anytime, you will be refreshed after woke-up right? How you feel refreshed? Because, when you were sleeping "SILENTLY", without any continuous body movements, you were observing the energy from cosmic. 

That is the reason, you are feeling energetic and active. Through the meditation process also, the meditators are doing this only. Doing what? Actually, they are silently sitting in one place, not moving their body, watching their breath to control their thoughts, and immediately they are getting the abnormal healthy cosmic energy from the universe. That's the reason they are meditating like addicted to it. As they tasted the benefits of it, they are recharging the body from anywhere, by keeping themselves silent!

Reasons for stop talking too much!

Speaking much means people are thinking like, "Having more Knowledge". Actually, those people who are listening to your much of talking will get tired and irritated for sure. Gradually they will avoid your presence when you do the same again and again. Even though you have a very good understanding and knowledge of the questions and answers in the conversation, don't buildup much and eager to speak always. Just be silent like a mature person!

Mature people are always good observers. Silly and less valued people only talk too much. Don't think that, you will not get your turn. Don't get anxiety that you will forget what are you are coming to say. Because the world will not come to an end within the opposite person finishes his talk ok?! You got it? Moreover, anxiety will make you a more tense and worthless person in the future! You will get health issues too. So better try to practice to observe the things! Talking continuously will not get you respect & the health benefits too! 

The outside people should wait to hear eargerly for your words & opinion! Your way of talking & style should be that much impressive!

Even though you miss your turn or lost the chance of conveying the needful things, don't think that you lost the valuable thing. Everything is happening in this world for reason. So nature & life's circumstance is wanting you to avoid that speech for some good reasons. So, control talking too much!

That's why nature itself made you and your mind to miss it. And the situation only made the opposite persons talk better in that case. Everything has reasons. Don't try to fight with life's flow. You will get disappointed more. Just go with the flow. In this way only you will get nice maturity on everything!

Even though if the people praise you much on your too much talking, they will definitely speak badly about you & your character once you go away from them. Even a kid won't like domination or so much of brilliancy! Brilliancy is not on talking so much, but it's in watching the life happenings & everything with so much of consciousness!

I am not saying you to avoid talking. But I am saying you to speak only in needful places ok? Don't blabber & get lost on speaking the points! Be crystal clear and cutting edge in using the words, and the people will be longing for your presence! 

The Power & Benefits of Being in Silence!

Maturity Grows - When all the time you keep silent, don't think that you will not be a good speaker. Actually, you will not be a Blabbering Speaker! When you keep silent, you will get answers immediately from your mind itself! Silence will grow your maturity level. And you will start to speak the less points, but the very valuable points! Don't practice to speak much to be a Good Speaking Person. Practice much on being in silence. The power of silence will make you a Very good speaker, Trust me!

Respect Comes - Not only the other people will respect you. Actually, you itself will love yourself more and respect yourself much when you stop talking so much and being in silent mode, most of the time. Because silence is the main key for opening the Door called Respect! Feel the eternal respect and freedom when you become silent! Less talking will lead you to grasp all positivities around you! So, learn how to stop talking too much! There are more advantages of silence.

Get Best Things in Everything - When your natures become silent person, then the society will try to speak with you for more to get valuable words from you. When you still smile gently, then the people around you will start to give everything from their side to make you happy and special. As a result, you will get only the best things from your circle. I am not telling you to be complete silence. You should know when to talk and when to remain silent! 

You will Get all the Answers - Enlightened spiritual people are not reading anything in books! They are reading the nature & it's wavelength. As a result, they are able to write more powerful and meaningful books, giving the best speeches & irreplaceable life-related quotes to this world. Where are they getting all this knowledge without reading the Books? Their SILENCE gives all of these super-powerful abilities to them! Read the mind & avoid the books when you want to be enlightened! This is the way where you can get all the answers to all of your questions!

Be Stress-Free & Healthy - When you keep your mouth and mind shut most of the time, then your body cells & blood's urge, pressure everything will come to normal level & start to run peacefully. When this peace comes, then you will not feel stressed or disturbed. When the mind is clear in silence, then the body will react to it positively. As a result, it will improve your immunity level, increase the willpower, and change your body's mechanism healthily by giving the best ideas to mind! Those unbelievable ideas will rise instantly when you stay silent and the silence became your nature! 

Negativities Won't Touch You - Benefits of Silence will be a great weapon to you! God is in the mindful state of silence only. That's why spiritual people are practicing silence to reach the level of spiritual enlightenment. So when you too practice yourself for being in silence, then you will be surrounded by positivity and positive energy. Because your silence will start to work like an energy shield which will protect you from useless things & complete negativities!

Long Life Span - Each and every breath of you count to death. Your breath is like your living life's Battery! When the battery (Breath) is finished, then it (Body) will not work. You will be dead. So we should know to breathe like a master to expand our life span. There are more breathing practices to control your breath. But positively to say, when you keep yourself silent most of the time, then your breath will come to control automatically! You no need to do any hard practices in breathing. Just practice being in silence. That silence nature will control your breath & thoughts automatically, and further you will get a long life span for sure!

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