Life is Full of Fake People! BEING A CELEBRITY Problems

Life is Full of Fake People! "BEING A CELEBRITY PROBLEMS"

Most of the people in this world have desires to be a celebrity and become famous through some opportunities. Because people are thinking that, celebrities are living a very good lifestyle with fulfilled happiness. That is not the truth actually. They may have much cash in their bank account, many properties, and huge fame around. 

But all these don't mean that they are living a comfortable life. Because the money and fame both can't get happiness. Even though they have much money and fame, they are living a fake life like a PRISON only! Ya! There is one familiar saying,

I think everyone should get Rich & Famous, and do Everything they ever dreamed of. So they can see that, It's not the ANSWER that they are looking for!

Yes! The mind will search for the right thing more! I hope this quote explains to you very clearly regarding, becoming a famous personality! Even though there are many advantages of being a celebrity, there are many disadvantages too! Whenever celebrities start to enjoy the luxuriousness of celebrity life, then each and every time, they will feel bad about the following disadvantages. 

Celebrities Can't Find Good People Easily 😒

Instead of having 100 friends, having only one friend, that too very loyal and caring nature is most of the celebrities' desire. Because celebrities can't go outside so much. They will also expect someone to help them in this world. But loyalty is the costliest thing to get. Only the blessed people will get loyal people.

Celebrities are like ICE CREAM! When they come out of freezer (Safe place / Safe Friend), then it will get WASTED completely! 

So a Good friend for celebrities is like a freezer. When they choose the fake friends, then that person will spoil the celebrities' entire life, personal data, privacy related things, official secrets to this world. In this case, as celebrities have more money & high fame, many people will surround them like bees. At this moment, they can't find the good people to be with from those. 

Even though they will find a good person as a friend, that friend after enjoying the celebrities' money & lavish lifestyle, then there are many possibilities form him/her to become bad too, as mostly desires will change the person anytime & the life is full of fake people only! So it is like Walking on the Knife as the celebrities have to share everything with their friend to get outside the world's support! 

Eliminating Ego is So Hard 😓

Very common people itself suffering much & need to put extra efforts to kill their ego in their life to live humbled & peaceful living. In this case, when celebrities decide to Eliminate the Ego, then it is like crossing the sea by boat! It is that hard to do it! Because they need to maintain some level & lavish attitude in front of other people to safeguard their position in the familiarity level. Being humble will give more respect only to them.

But, other people will start to play with them through their humbleness. So celebrities always like to keep the distance with everyone. So once they became a celebrity, they can't eliminate their Ego that much easier, to live their life more peacefully and truthfully. The fakeness of fame will make famous personalities to live always in illusion life even apart from the audience too. Because they practiced it well daily and at every moment.

Always a Dependent Life 😐

As celebrities are very familiar and got huge fame among people, they can't approach any things directly in person. Even forgoing a cinema, they can't go directly to the ticket counter & get the ticket. Because the crowd will make big issues there. Like this, they always need some other person/friend to help them. In this case, they can't come out freely and enjoy life as per their wish.

Even though they have much money & huge fame, they can't come to the open road, and taste the coffee from a shop! In this case, they are literally living a disability life, though they have a good physique and structure. Gradually, their face itself will become their problem creator. Because, whenever the public people see the face of a celebrity, then they will come forward to torture them for photos, have a conversation, do criticism & more. So they should avoid fake friends.

Should Be Very Cautious Even For Jokes 🙊

A single tweet or word of celebrity will reach millions of people in seconds. In this case, when the celebrities say something just like that, without examining much or thinking very clearly about its background aftermath, then they will be criticized much by the audience & by the media people too! They will become a hot topic & breaking news too. Even though a celebrity deleted or got back what they said, the toxic people will not stop talking on that. This will lead to social media fake life fundamentally.

Because they got a nice meal to eat, which is very hot and tasty too. So the celebrities will become a great playing material for everyone. That's why saying, telling a joke itself, shouldn't depict anyone or anything. If it matches, then they will suffer more in Gossips! So most of the time, they need to be in silent mode. In this special case, when the celebrities consumed alcohol or drugs by chance, then keeping their technology-related things away and make themselves quarantined will save their respect in this society! Beware, fake people everywhere!

Privacy is No More 🤐

Once they become famous, then they will lose their privacy everywhere by fake people. People will surround them & irritate them more. The huge love & huge attention towards them will become a privacy killer and also the peace killer. Anything beyond the need and limit is poison. So the fame also will turn into poison to them. They can enjoy the luxury lifestyle, have millions in the bank account, millions of fan followers, huge attraction & getting praised everywhere.

But the celebrities will come to know that, it is all are fake. And will be tired of all these. Negatively, the addiction to fame will not leave the celebrities to leave all of this too. Because it is the very biggest addiction which will induce them to murder someone too for saving their fame! There are more incidents stand as examples for this. So their complete privacy will get destroyed. They will always live in shadow. They can't come into reality

Compulsion of Public Opinion 🤒

As celebrities are living mainly by the support & money of fans, then they should respect their fans and their words too. In this case, we can't assure all the fans are so mature and good as there are many fake people. Assume that, a celebrity doesn't have the interest to go to the funeral of one important person personally. In the past life, they might have some serious problems.

But due to the compulsion and expectation of the fans and public people, without any other options, with the most irritating mood and discomfort, they have to attend that funeral. Like this, in life's many situations they need to obey the public opinion and fulfill it. Whenever they fail, then often they will come into serious discussions of public and irritating gossips too. So gradually, the celebrities will start to hate the fans too! In the future, they will say, "I hate Fake Love" of fans & friends.

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