Manifestation Secrets Behind Film Visuals! TREASURE

Manifestation Secrets Behind Film Visuals! "TREASURE"

Watching Film also like a kind of Meditation only. How? Actually, what are we doing in meditation? We are practicing our mind to concentrate and focus many thoughts as one, and further, that one also should come to the level of Zero. All kind of meditation is saying this only. Routes are different, but the destination is the same. 

Now you think about watching the film or any kind of running visuals. Whenever we watch it, without thinking much, we are getting into that Visuals deeply, until it is really boring content. But when the content is so good, and visuals are so impressive in making, then we are watching it with full focus, desire, care, affection, and involvement. 

That is called complete involvement. Even though if we came to know that, the running content is movie and filmmaking visuals, we are getting into that content deeply. Because our mind is going into that without our conscious level. That is not the negative thing, but the filmmakers and their visuals are impressing us automatically. 

Though we know that they are actors, and they are acting, when the Background music is there, Actors' dialogue delivery and acting level is so natural and also situation and mood are setting us up in right meter, then we will REACT to that situation accordingly.

Sometimes we will cry, laugh, worried, Get Angry, Depressed & react towards the situation and actors on this Film visuals. Film Visuals have that much power. More deeply to say about film visuals' record-breaking thing,

In World War II, a country (I don't want to mention the country name) sacrificed huge of it's Army, Navy, Air Force soldiers' lives at war. After the war got ended, after seeing the blood, fight, cruelness and sacrifices of human lives, even though they were ready to give their life for the country, their country people refused to Join in their same Security Forces further. They wanted peace. They never like the fight anymore. The whole country didn't like to join and encourage the fight. 

But the country was, badly in the need of their soldiers. So what they planned is, by invested much money of Government on filmmaking, their country's filmmakers started to shoot Films based on Army, Navy & Air Force's Heroism & Their Real Value! 

They filmed many films and released it in theaters for people to watch the Importance and Heroism of Soldiers' and their irreplaceable need to the country. After watched that, their people got some clarity, their afraid was gone and they uplifted energy level. As a result, people started to join in huge level at their Country's Security Forces! 

That kind of medium is called Visuals. Conveying in Visuals has more depth and results than reading in books or narrating as stories. Filmmakers are making films, Film producers are producing it, Distributors are Distributing it, and Exhibitors are Displaying it. They only getting benefits and getting profits. In between, what should we learn from this Filmmaking visuals? Can we get benefit from it as a common person? 

Yes, you can! In fact, there is much to learn from it to apply as winning formulas in life!

Each and every story and Visual is the outcome of real-life incidents through their imagination only. You may not be noticed or heard about the same incident in your life. But visuals are happening around the society. Writers and Filmmakers are taking note of it and converting as Visuals. People can't imagine beyond this universe. Everyone's imagination is limited to this life's Knowledge, Myths & experiences only. Finally, it is coming as little altered to hit you more emotionally.

In this case, When the visual is impacting you whether positively or negatively, after coming out of the film, it will get stored as memories in our mind. After some time, We will recall that, when we face the same or it's related situation in our life. Because our brain's neurons automatically will recall the same kind of incidents from its storage.

It doesn't know that it has really happened or it hasn't happened in real. All your brain knew is, only the Visuals! Not reality. That's why you Reacted to the situation of Visuals in Film, even after knowing that, It's just a film. All will happen in seconds. 

You should use this Visually Impacting Human Nature in a profitable and successful way! How?

Many people say it as Law of Attraction Book, Manifestation Magic, Money Magnetism and more its related terms. But I am not going to confuse you in big theory. Let me explain very shortly to achieve your success in this way! Eddie sergey, Jim carrey & world's other top people say about law of attraction. 

The universe is the giver of all your needs as you born in this universe, by had all the available resources from this universe. It is super attractor! As your Brain and Mind doesn't know what is Reality and What is Fake, it will emit the Vibration from the body to this Universe as per Visual's content in Positive or Negative way.  This universe is ready to give you whatever you need in your life. But we should know how to ask it in it's language! That is the art of asking... Let me tell you the secret law of attraction now.

More clearly to say, this universe will respond to every FEELING OF YOUR MIND! It will always give you back the same many times after received what you gave to it! Keep this in mind clearly!

If you always send negative feel as Vibrations from your body, by thinking always in a negative way, then you will get more negative things only in your life. Because you asked and attracted the negativity only!

That's why wise people are always saying you to BE POSITIVE ALWAYS, THINK POSITIVE, HAVE MORE WILLPOWER, DO ONLY THE POSITIVE THINGS! Now you got the real reason for it? You will become what you think!

Whenever you do some activity, like Crying, Laughing, Smiling, Praising, Irritating, Loving, Appreciating, Forgiving, Thanksgiving and all other activities, just watch your inner body's FEEL immediately! That is exactly the same which you are sending to the universe.

For instance, in the mouth, if you are praising someone when you hate and yell that person in the inside mind, then watch your inside feel immediately. You will feel a little disturbed and you will feel negatively impacted for sure. So when your mouth lies, your inside feel won't! It will always send the actual truth only as Vibrations! People do it as Manifestation Meditation!

So when you start to live positively in speaking, reacting, responding, approaching and thinking (It won't come that much easier, but through regular practice, you can achieve it), your body always will send positive vibrations to this universe which will grab the same thing 10 times more! This is called the secret of life!

In this particular way of sending the vibration to the universe, you won't need any third persons are particular situations. You alone enough, scripting not needed much. After understanding the Vibrations and Positivity, now I am coming back to Visuals. It is about manifesting abundance.

No matter whether you achieved the Big place or not, perhaps you reached your goal or not, perhaps you got what you need or not, even if you are so far from your expectations, don't worry about it! Don't overthink it by worrying!

All you need to do further is, JUST VISUALIZE THE SAME SITUATION LIKE YOU ALREADY REACHED & ACHIEVED! It should be like affirmations. Further, you can manifest on a specific person too.

You should love & believe it 200% first (I mean Really 200% & That is much important dear) and artificially create the situation, atmosphere and realize like you made it!


You should create everything like these in your mind Visually. Watch your visuals. Get connected to it deeply, and your confidence and trust level should be 200%. Because then only your body will release the Achieved Vibration. As your brain & mind don't know what is real, it will believe that it has actually happened. That will send you the exact vibration and you will get miracle results in your life! Don't underestimate the Power of Visualization! 

Just start to visualize things from a small level. Once you get results for small things, then you will never leave this Success Formula. When you start to get gradual results, then your mind's trust and confidence level will get increased. Through that confidence level & continuous practice for months, you can achieve all the needful things in this world, without doubts! I hope, I gave manifestation meaning with examples for your great life.

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