Oceans of The World & DEEP END Mind-Blowing Facts!

Oceans of The World & "DEEP END" Mind-Blowing Facts!

This earth has, water level in oceans & it's occupied area more than empty land, where we live! Even though many planets are there in the solar system, still earth is been considered as the best and most resourceful planet to live for humans. Scientists are still searching and sending satellites to some other planets to examine. But, human life is really not possible apart from the earth. Because water has a very important role.

We can't drink ocean water straightly. But ocean water assures the human living on earth. Researches say that human evolution was started from one cell creature, which came from the underwater ocean only. We still couldn't find many secrets of nature. In that, the ocean has a very important role to hold the unexplainable, unrevealed and mind-blowing secrets inside!

We can walk or travel to any length on land by available vehicles. But traveling inside the ocean will take, more dangerous and risky experience to reach the deep level of its land. Some people tried and died in these efforts. Reaching Everest Mountain became possible. But reaching the complete downside land of ocean still not possible by human beings, as it's deep level, pressure, dangerous water creatures will damage our traveling mediums very easily. Because ocean life has more backup & many unseen mysteries inside!

Many people may explain about deep ocean scientifically. Let me explain as a common man seeing from land on Ocean's deep level Mind-blowing mysteries and facts one by one now!

Uncountable Mythical Ocean Creatures!

We humans can see the living creatures at land like Monkey, Lion, Tiger, Snake, Cheetah, Fish, Cow, Hen, Parrot, Pigeon, etc, etc very easily. Even we are seeing the ocean living creatures in the aquarium and also in some other videos. But the oceans of the world is not like we think.

Many scary ocean creatures, most dangerous sea animals, ocean dinosaurs, deep sea monsters, etc, etc are still living inside! It's really GIGANTIC & MONSTROUS! We can't even think about its kingdom, ruling area, deep level, it's theory or practical experiences with proofs! It is like earth's underwater ALIEN life!

Why I am saying this means, there are uncountable creatures are living inside the deep ocean. No one saw everything! Seeing all living creatures in land itself very tough. In this case, going underwater, traveling for months and years to see the ocean creatures is not possible at all!

There are many ocean creatures that weren't seen by human beings and also they were unnamed! The majority of underwater creatures are against humans and deadly killing! We can just come to know that, it is there. But examining everything under the ocean is not possible at all, whatever technology comes!

Deadly Killing Power of Ocean Water!

Wave energy is getting created from the ocean! As I said already, ocean water is more than common empty land where we built our homes, offices & all other things for human living. The whole ocean water no need to come. Only a little from the top level of ocean water, will destroy all of our creations, buildings, inventions & all the humans to ERADICATE!

The whole empty land and it's created things along with all creatures including humans will get swallowed by ocean water within hours! Once it's done, nothing will be here. The world need to be recreated by Supreme Power again!

Many of us think that we have money, power, ruling ability among people and all. But we are nothing in front of nature! Ocean water is a big example of that. When it comes like Tsunami or More than Tsunami level, then everything will get vanished in our earth!

Only the ocean water will remain again on earth! Many researches say that there is a 95% possibility for the world's end will come by OCEAN WATER only! The ocean is that much GIANT & MOST KILLING IN POWER!

Under Ocean Kingdom!

Many enlightened spiritual masters are saying that, apart from common ruling governments in land around the world, there is a huge kingdom which is been operated by Ocean Creatures itself! Those ruling creatures have more brilliancy than human beings!

They have their own language, culture, very hugely expanded limits, their supernatural abilities, most influencing powers, most speedy traveling nature & the whole ocean controlling efficiencies! No one saw all of these. All these are not myths too. Like we are running our government from land, under-ocean brilliant creatures also own their kingdom and ruling it!

They won't allow the outsiders to come in. Through the power of their third eye, Enlightened spiritual masters found it. The underwater kingdom is 1000 times largest than ours they say. If they decide, they can come out of the water and take us there to see.

They should wish for it first. If we are blessed then we can see the secrets & nature's unbelievable wonders by the support of them! And also the masters say that, till we keep silent and don't disturb them, they will leave us peacefully. If we start to destroy their peace, then they will destroy our whole land! People say it as ocean mythology! But only the God & Third eye opened masters know these truths!

Past Worlds are Inside of the Ocean Now!

We are living in this world now. But this earth previously had different worlds, different people, different abilities of them, different creatures, different nature, different culture, etc, etc. Everything was destroyed by previous natural disasters to make the world to, come to an end. It has already happened many times.

The eradication of the past worlds has happened many times. Because, whenever the time comes, it will happen again and again without mercy! Because the universe has its respective calculation in everything, even in ending the world.

Likewise, the past worlds, it's materials, creations and everything was destroyed by natural disasters many times. All those worlds are now in the current oceans' deep side only. Each and every material which was created by them, past time creatures, it's bodies, and many mysteries are silently sleeping under the ocean now.

The ocean has space for anything to swallow and destroy. In the same way, it has many wonders and secrets inside. The same as the past, our current world also can be destroyed completely anytime and we will also go under the ocean when nature decides! From the under ocean only many valuable things, antiques, oils is been found. All kinds of oils' outcomes are years of holding by the ocean, which was transformed as oil from previous worlds & creatures' eradication only.

Most Secret Place to Hide the Government's Weapons!

In this fast-growing technology world, people are cunningly plan something to get something in this materialistic world. In this case, each and every country around the world are planning and inventing the deadliest weapons to safeguard them.

Due to the compulsion, rules, and regulation of UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION's advice and agreements, they can't disclose it visibly to other countries. But each and every country is, apart from marines, creating the deadliest weapons to kill each other countries when the war starts.

As most of the countries have their satellites on the space, it is watching the world's activity all the time. So when you move or use these weapons in your country, then it will get noted by those satellites, and it will send the data to their country immediately.

When they got this data and reported to U.N.O., then all other countries will complain the same to them and purposely U.N.O will put limitations, restrictions and ban on the economy, trading, neighborhood contact, and everything.

So most of the brainy countries are hiding their deadliest weapons in, under ocean only which is in their country limits! This ocean also has a huge space and a tremendous ability to safeguard it. Only in war or needful times, they will use it from under the ocean.


To see our value, we no need to see from the last planet of the solar system or beyond that! From the earth's ocean water itself, we can calculate our level and value easily. We are just nothing other than Dust! Everything will go within a fraction of seconds. 

So be humble, polite, kind & positive in all ways to live. Nothing is permanent here. Including you and me! Don't think that, till living your life with your Ego & and all other bad activities, "Let me live rich quickly & enjoy". Because, when nature decides, then it will take you out separately through any other sources! You will be no more! 

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