On the Go 10 Tips for Maintaining a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE

On the Go 10 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle!

Healthy Lifestyle Habits!

A healthy body is a treasure to live this life more happily without any diseases. Even a Person with Millions of Dollars without good health will not give them complete happiness in living. They will always think about their diseases and health problems only. When the mind got stuck with the major issues, then they can't concentrate on any other things.

So till some age, your life's most desired thing will be earning money and getting rich. But after some age, once you earned much money and became rich, for that achievement, you may give your most of the lifetime, hard efforts, continuous thinking which leads to stress. So, in the end, you may become rich. But as you didn't take care of your health & fitness while earning and passing the age, at some point your body parts will not support you to live peacefully. So,

Even though you have high wealth, you can't enjoy it because of your health problems!

Many people are doing nice workouts, exercises, yogasanas, breathing practices regularly in the gym and home regularly for their long life span. But due to the continuous works, tensions & pressures from everywhere, most of the people couldn't do their daily health practices like other consistent persons. 

So let me suggest the 10 on the go effortless tips to lead a healthy lifestyle, which can be done while doing your daily works itself. You no need to take any extra efforts for this. On the go, you can do all this and it will give nice results in men's health life & also in women's healthy life too! So here are the daily healthy living tips and facts.

1. Small Distance Walking

As you couldn't do walking in regular fixed time, you should walk in all the possible times even if you are in the office or anywhere. Assume that your Flat is on the 2nd floor or even above. Don't use lift service! Even though it is on the 15th or 20th floor, take the staircase to reach your flat. At the start, you will feel tired and irritated only. But it is like climbing the mountain effect. It will make you more fit!

Likewise don't use your vehicle like Bike or Car to nearby places for shopping or any kind of works. Don't think that some other people will think cheap on you as you are walking on the Road! You only will suffer in the future and they will not come to help you! So avoid vehicles for nearby places and start walking!

2. Everywhere Workout

No matter where you are! It maybe workplace, shopping, home, relative place or anywhere. When you sit you will feel pleasure and comfort. But it will not give you healthiness. You no need to get up when you decide to do physical activities.

I mean your body should bend down, stand up, walk, head rotate, slow breathing, etc. For this, you can take files or other materials to somewhere, walk within your cabin to other cabins, head rotation while sitting, stretching your hands while walking or sitting, etc. When you are free at home or anywhere, instead of taking rest, purposely do any physical activities related work.

3. Restroom Workout

Whenever you go to the restroom, use the personal cabin to pee. After locking the door, once you peed, don't immediately go outside. After zipping up and put your pants, comfortably sit and stand again and again for some time. It may be a little weird to hear. 

But what to do? You can get health benefits even in the restrooms too! All you need to do is, concentrate and do the small workouts which are possible in the restroom! Don't take much time, because, some other person may wait for that personal cabin and will yell at you like anything, Lol! I meant just for 1-3 minutes max!

4. Eating Workout

The great workout while eating is, concentrating on eating food completely and chewing it with saliva! The slow eating habit with mixed saliva will cure the diabetes problem completely and also cure all other digestion related problems. When you have proper digestion, then you will not get constipation and also other food-related diseases! 

So eat slowly, chew slowly with saliva till the Food & saliva mixed as Liquid Pulp. Then only you should swallow! It won't give you any discomfort in the stomach or energy level! You should avoid the phone, watching tv, speaking with other persons while eating! Eating time is only to eat! Respect it. Apart from workouts, you should eat healthy for life meals.

5. Driving Workout

When you drive the car or bike, keep your 100% concentration only on driving and the roads. This will improve your concentration skills! Don't think about any other things. Most of the time you will think unnecessary thoughts only. So it is not needed while driving. Even good thoughts may come. But avoid thinking about that too! 

Because when you keep concentrating only on one thing without thinking much, then you will become a more focused person! Through your focus practice, you will achieve great things in your life. Because, your mental power, stability, awareness will get increased rapidly! Not only on driving, whenever you do something like watching movies, speaking something, doing any other works, concentrate only on that! This will help you with great mental health!

6. Sleeping Time Workout

Whenever you are going to sleep on the floor or bed, don't sleep immediately even if you feel sleepy. Lye and keep silent. Keep your phone away and other electronic items too. Just close your eyes and watch your breathing consciously. You should watch your, each inhaling and exhaling very consciously.

At some point, without your knowledge, you will sleep. This will take you to the deep sleep to next day activeness as you observed great cosmic energy through this practice. For some months, you will feel that nothing happened to you. 

Because you will not get any physical changes. But that doesn't mean that you are not getting any results. But I assure for health longevity. Actually, this practice will change your nervous system, deep level of consciousness, inner peace, dissolvement of anger and anxiety and more positive things mentally! Have patience & don't expect results. Just do the duty. After many months, you will get enormous results! Instant results will give instant disappearance.

7. Smoking or Drinking Alcohol Workout

If you are a smoker or drinker of alcohol, then I have a great workout for you. All you need to do is, whenever you smoke or drink, just do it with more awareness. I mean, Smoke Slowly! Observe everything one by one from opening the Cigarette packet to Extinguish it. You should feel every activity in smoking. I mean with full of awareness, without thinking any other things, take the Cigarette pack from your pocket slowly. Take out the cigarette. 

When you touch the cigarette you should feel it. Slowly take it to your mouth. Now feel the taste of a cigarette in your mouth now. Now take the lighter slowly, very consciously light it. Now consciously inhale the smoke. And exhale the smoke more slowly. Like this, you should do everything very consciously and slowly! 

For drinking habits too, you should do the same as taking the bottle to drink and wind up. When you do this continuously with a deep awareness for months then you will come to see the miracle from smoking & drinking! Don't ask me now what is that! You just do and experience the miracle! It will take a little much time only when comparing to usual smoking and drinking time. But it will give you heightened health results! It is possible to, living a healthy life with chronic conditions!

8. Speaking Workout

In daily life, we speak much with many people. In very little time only we are in silence. Speaking means losing energy only. So whenever you speak something with others, speak only the points and try to observe more from them! 

More silence means more clarity! Only in the silent times, you will be able to get energy from the universe. So speak only in needful times. Apart from those times, go to the silent mode. People will praise you for this nature too. You will start to feel the inner peace gradually and your useless thoughts will get dissolved. Moreover, you will become a more mature person soon, trust me!

9. Playing Workout

In this mechanism world, in very rare cases only, people will have time to play. Apart from playing in bed with your lovable partner, you should play in the ground and also in other places too. Instead of playing virtual games, try to play games that will give physical activities. 

Virtual Video Games will be the nectar at the start, but it has more dangers for your health. So better avoid the electronics and use the available playing time in doing more physical activity in the games! There is more games list in online to play on home and ground with physical activities. Find it, take note of it and play only those! It will lead to a healthy happy life for sure.

10. Thinking Workout

Our thinking and thoughts only getting converted as activities. So your thinking should be always positive. Even though there are many chances for loss, think positively. Your willpower in thinking will give the big change in results even in the last time! Thoughts have so much power.

To use it in the right way, you will need more positivity in each and every activity. Each and every person is thinking more than 60,000 thoughts in a day. More of those thoughts will make you sad and worried only. So wisely practice your thoughts to think in a positive way. It will be more hard in the starting. 

But it will be very easy for you in the future. Already you are thinking much daily. So I am just saying you to convert it as only positive thoughts! This habit will change your entire life in a miraculous way! Magic and Miracles will start to happen in your life when you are so much of positive thoughts holding person. This means, healthy brain happy life!


Along with workouts, I've clearly mentioned the benefits of a healthy lifestyle too. Apart from all of these, for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, what I am suggesting you personally is, after following the 10 tips for a healthy lifestyle, you must allocate daily fixed time for any kind of healthy workouts. It will only give you 100% results. The above-mentioned Writer Imaginations' on the go effortless healthy lifestyle tips only will give you half of the results only.

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