Real Life is FULL OF CHALLENGES & Overcoming Obstacles!

Real Life is "FULL OF CHALLENGES" & Overcoming Obstacles!

There are more difficulties in life. Life without challenge is like, a body without a soul! Without the soul, it's called a dead body. Same like, life without challenges and problems are like a deadly living one. So humans shouldn't worry or saddened about the past, present & future happenings. Whatever comes and goes, it happens for a reason. So we should make ourselves more clear, mature & positive to face the situations as per life's flow. Daily challenges for yourself may be much.

But you know what, apart from common people, even the spiritual and enlightened masters were faced and facing many life problems. Because, we should understand one thing is that, when we born in this world, then the whole world will definitely create the situations to make us suffer. But the smartness is with you only for overcoming obstacles in life. 

How to deal with challenges in life? How to deal with difficult situations?

The spiritual masters will face the problems for sure as they are still connected to this world and living on this earth. That's why they need the BEATIFIED level. But the main thing that should get noticed from them is, THE PROBLEMS AND CHALLENGES WON'T HURT THEM! It is just like passing clouds to them. They won't consider & react to it. And they will see it as a very small thing, even if it seems really big for us.

But we human beings are, as connected to all problems very personally and deeply, we are not getting the clue or solution to come out of it. That is the difference between spiritual people & common people. When common people start to see the problem so seriously, then they won't find a way to come out. They will be stuck into it and that issues will eat their complete peace and happiness often. So you should learn to control your mind first!

You are not fixing the problems actually! You should Fix your mind first. Then the challenges and life problems will get fixed automatically!

When you are serious about something, then it will eat your head for sure! I mean, Even the Tsunami or Earthquake come, Tell your mind that, in the pre-designed life of mine by God, if he fixed that I should die, I will die now... If it's not today, then nothing will happen to me! When you go into this kind of mentality called,


then you no need to worry about it as the concerned person for your real life is not you, it is actually the GOD/Supreme Power/Almighty/Nature or you name it whatever! When you think that you are operating everything in this life, then you should be a responsible person for your happenings even if it is Good or Bad.

But when you start to live your life by saying that, God is the operating person of my life, then immediately your life happenings' authority will go to him & he will be responsible for your complete life! When he took charge, then do you think the flaws will come? No! This kind of mentality will make your mind completely free and peaceful! The complete responsibility will go to him now, you just chill and relax! Real world problems can be easily handled by this understanding! It's a formula.

Don't worry about your future. Just do your works calmly with the complete trust of him. He will definitely take care of you! Moreover almighty is the greatest power in this universe. So when he do something, then there is no way for ERRORS! If you do something, there are more possibilities for mistakes and problems. Brilliantly come out of the issue by handover your complete self to the GOD!

Further to say, being a living person as you are still alive, give the meaning to your life by becoming a unique person in handling the pressures, problems & challenges in life. How?

Simple... Whatever problem comes, don't go and hide. Face any kind of issue boldly and transparently! When you become a straightforward person to handle challenges, then the problems itself will get shiver to deal with you! Moreover, the persons who are giving you the tension and issues will really feel that you are such a UNIQUE person, who boldly come forward to face it!

And you will not run away from anything! Even though they won't reveal anything to you, at the mind level, they will definitely think that you are the one among 100! The negative people themselves will start to trust you for your's this kind of nature, as you are still on the life Ground to Play!

So the problem creators itself will feel proud about you & get afraid of your nature! Threaten them unknowingly by facing the problems! Your truth and bold character will make the miracle ways for your relief for sure! You will get support from the most trusted and powerful sources when you start to travel on this path! Overcoming struggles also easy in this way.

Because your same wavelength people won't leave you in the struggle. God will make the way for you from his most blessed trustworthy and efficient persons. All you need to do is, travel on the right path, being bold, mature and humbled, and passing the testing phases of your life by keeping patience! You should pass by having much confidence in you & God!

Understand one thing very deeply. The problems, challenges and life's obstacles are happening with each and every single person's life in this world! It may be financial issues, personal life issues, health-related issues, Official issues, Passion related, etc, etc. Whatever may be the issue, it is connected to your MIND only. Without your mind, you can't see anything even though you have eyes. Because your mind decides everything. So when you practice yourself to make your mind to be in CONTROL, then you will even pass out from life killing sever issues in a fraction of seconds!

Do you think, Being rich will give you happiness and peace? Not at all! All the rich people are not happy you know? Even they have many problems as per their size and level. All the poor people also not happy, because they have many desires to achieve.

The only people who are always happy are the KIDS only!

So, am I saying you to live like kids without having knowledge or desires? No... That is not possible as you want to live happily in this world. Till the kids gain knowledge from this society they will live their life completely happy without thinking anything.

When they start to enter life by gaining knowledge & earning money, then they will also face the same issues. Kids don't have the mind to analyze. That's why they are happy always. So you should practice your mind to react like a kid in problem times. Don't be serious about it. Be like kids at problem times.

Don't let the overthinking and Anxiety to kill your inner peace! Always speak with yourself. Speaking with yourself means, speaking with your mind! When you silently sit in one place and start to speak with your mind, then it will speak with you back for sure! All these days you didn't do it. Nothing to worry! You got the secret now! When you start to speak it by asking questions and answers, then it will get CALM DOWN!

Your mind is the fundamental source that raises questions, thinking, and do everything from the unknown place of your body. It is the only questionable & thinking source. So you should speak with it daily and make it understand anything about what you need! Once you calmed down your mind with smart and brilliant questions & answers, then immediately you will feel the peace and bliss throughout your body! You wish you should taste it once! As life is full of challenges, when you realized the taste of dealing with the mind, then you will not leave this way!

For instance, Your questions & Answers with your mind should be Like this. 

Problem and Solution Examples

Your Mind : When are you going to get married? You are getting old day by day!

You : So what? Even though I am getting old, I didn't die! I can even get married after the 50s! Now I am within 25-40 only! Even after 50, I will get a nice life and a nice woman who will TC of me!

Your Mind : You will get old at 50! You can't enjoy your life with her! The society will talk bad about your late marriage!

You : See! What do you mean by enjoying? If you are brilliant, say me, do you think all married people are living a completely happy life? No right? After marriage 90% of people losing their freedom! I will be also not an exception. But still, as everyone is getting married, I am also having a desire in Sex. So I just need a sex partner and also a partner to take care of my personal things.

And you told that I can't enjoy myself with her as I will become old! Do you think SEX is the only thing to enjoy? There are more things to enjoy in this world as a common man! I am more fascinated by that. Sex is only a supportive thing! Do you understand idiot?

Moreover, you said, society will talk bad about my late marriage! Yes, they will! But will those people come forward to help me in my bad situations? Did they help in my past & present? Not at all! In this case, why should I care about them? It's my life, my body, my soul & my life partner! I should decide everything & God is there to support me! I don't care about anyone!

Your mind : Ok good! But still, I feel like, you will get old!

You : Dear... Come on! I didn't reach 50 yet! I am just 32! And I am still alive! This world has more women! Especially my country has more beautiful girls! Why are you so worried about the age of 50 now itself? My marriage will happen positively for sure. Don't worry so much about it! Are you my mind or others'? 

Your mind : No, No... Yours only!

You : Then think positive! Why are you pushing me in hell by thinking always negative

Your mind : Sorry! You will have a good life.

You : Better... Be silent on this! Things will fall in place!

Your mind : (SILENT)................

This is the example conversation to speak with your mind. Depends on each person's maturity level, the conversation will be different from your mind. Like this, you should speak with your mind for all of your life challenges and problems. When you start to speak, then the mind will come into your control and it will not raise any hurting or disturbing questions or recalling bad memories anymore.

Just calmly speak continuously with your mind till it becomes silent. It is a healthy living challenge! In this way, you can easily deal with control anger outbursts, trust issues, family problems, body image issues, abandonment issues, codependency, self esteem issues, employee performance issues, anxiety issues, psychology issues and all other issues.

When you properly make it silent on any questions or answers (Everything is coming out from Mind only), then it will not repeat the same thing again & you will feel the eternal bliss & inner peace throughout your body! When you do this continuously, then you can write a book about the meaning of challenges in life! Yes, you will have that much clarity gradually on this earth's life & this is how I deal with my problems!

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