Subconscious Level Reasons to AFTER MARRIAGE Problems!

Subconscious Level Reasons to "AFTER MARRIAGE" Problems!

The very first thing that you have to understand about Couple is, The Women & Men, both are to be enjoyed, Not is to be Understood! This is the main reason for many couples' after marriage problems. You can't understand your partner forever! Actually, Men and Women both are Opposite Direction Energy Waves. That's why they are getting attracted to each other. If they are in the same energy wave, the attraction won't happen. That is the Beauty of God's creation.

The majority of couples, who are getting married are, want to love each other more. And also they want to understand each other for the happiest life. That actually becomes their best and long awaiting relationship Goal. Unfortunately, Men can't understand women, and also, women can't understand men. This is the unexplainable truth of this nature!

Because no one can think completely from another person's point of view. Each gender's Body type, Skin texture, Soft nature, Approaching level, Life seeing perspective everything is completely different! In this case, do you really think that, can you think and understand everything from your life partner's point of view, who is actually the Opposite gender to you? Not possible at all! You should understand it first. Don't think that, married couples only getting problems in their life. Actually, Live-in Relationship couples also have Issues in their life! They are also from the same genders right?!

When you admit it, then only you can see the deep issues and explanation about married life relationship problems. If you get stuck at this point like, she/he is not understanding me, then you will stand in this place without proceeding further for lifelong. You can't go further on your after marriage relationship. To know issues, you should have guts, clarity, patience and also self-questioning ability to encounter any kind of issues. When you always getting afraid or worried to deal with your problems after marriage, then it is really hard to come out of even small issues in your life.

Why the majority of married couples are losing their affection, care, love & adjustments after marriage? Let's see the actual and subconscious level reasons behind it...

Before marriage, the majority of couples are so much interested and excited to enter the relationship. Which means, they didn't enjoy it before, so their excitement is always about experiencing the new relationship. So, they are getting attracted to each other instantly, speaking much on phone, texting each other, dating to good places, having some good and romantic sessions, etc, etc.

Very soon, their life gets boring. The reason is our MIND! Because our mind is our biggest destroyer. How?

When you do the same thing, again and again, it will feel repeated and bored. Without your acceptance, it will come to the conclusion. Because your mind won't ask your permission in thinking anything as it is ruling you! You are not ruling your mind badly... Finally, your thoughts become your activities!

The mind always likes to get new things, new experiences, new materials, new shapes, new, new, new in everything! Unfortunately, as the new things take high cost, higher earnings, some times big compromises, lies and many problems, we couldn't go for new things, and our mind also will get disturbed. Which means, we couldn't fulfill our mind's desires.

You should basically realize one thing is that most of the persons in this world are thinking that, Mind is Me! But that is not the Truth! 

Mind and me, both very different things. The mind is ruling us from conscious level and you became a victim of your mind's desires and wishes. Recall your past life now for a better understanding of this. When all the times, you couldn't fulfill your mind's wishes and desires, from drinking water to buying things, and whatever may be the thoughts, it will give you often remembrance about it, and make you more pained as you didn't fulfill it! In this way, our mind is cheating and hurting us in all things!

Like this, our mind won't leave us in relationship things too! As a result, it will expect New things in the relationship too. Before marriage, when you couple is getting into knowing each other, at some point, it will take you to the extreme level called having sex.

Because, Men & Women's lovely conversations, long discussions, sweet words, dating, and exploring the world together will definitely take you to the last stage of Having Sex Together. Controlling this desire is very very hard. Girl's Impressive Body Illusion and Men's Impressive Body Illusion will close our valuable consciousness, break all the self-control, and convince the mind to have sex. 

Because, as they are in a deep heart connection, it will happen in some minutes very easily. Moreover to say, Sex is the easiest thing that can happen between couples when there is a private space. That's why women are keeping a distance from men, as they know that, it will happen very easily.

So, when the couple had lovely trips, dating, long discussion, explored things together till sex, then after marriage, they will start to have the emptiness in their mind for sure. Because they've explored most of the things before marriage. As a result, each of their minds will look for new things. Unfortunately, they can't give everything as new from kissing & sex positions, taking places, having foods, watching movies, etc, etc. At some point, their mind definitely will think that marriage life is bored. And they will need a new partner/friend. That's the reason, many men and women are having an affair even if they've married! People see it as infidelity in marriage.

Our minds will definitely think this! We may hide this just for society. But our mind already started to think about it. Because of our society, relationship commitment, family & respect related issues, we couldn't proceed. Or else, we will commit and proceed further immediately as per our mind's desires. But more frankly to say, our mind will enjoy the new partner/friend's available resources and will look forward to another person. Yeah, It won't stop!

Because it's all about mind's play! So to enjoy the current life, you should train your mind to be in enough mentality. This is maybe a little weird to hear. But that is the actual truth. If you can't master your mind, you can't live a happy life forever! Because changing surname after marriage alone won't bring the positive change in life

Many couples are not disclosing this "MORE NEW NEEDED" mentality. Because they are committed to each other and they want to run their family at any cause. Only in unavoidable and most painful moments only, they are getting a divorce after 3 years of marriage minimum, or even before. Till that they are learning to live in between the pain and misunderstandings. The majority of After-married couples' life is going in this way only. 

There are more starting things in after marriage problems like,

I need to buy new things, but he/she is not supporting me.

I need to go to more places, he/she is not supporting me.

I need to fulfill my passion, but he/she is not supporting me.

I need to get babies, but me/she/he have health issues. So this society is not respecting me.

He/she is not understanding what I need & think.

He/she is not understanding my financial position.

I couldn't save my money in savings, because it is been spent on unnecessary things often. He/she should control it.

He/she is not taking care of babies. I only often caring for them.

Like these, there are more than 100 problems in After-marriage life. As all the problems are so different as per situation & couples, it won't end till their last being. But all of these After-marriage problems are coming under our MIND only! To be frank, many marriages restored by god after adultery too! They themselves living the happiest life as they went to a very bad phase of life. So we should know the reality first.

Whatever happiness or problem comes, that is because of mind only! Without mind, you can't think anything. Without mind, you can't feel the happiness and pain too! So the mind is the main tool of human life. No matter if you are 30, 40 or 50 plus years old! Still, you can enjoy a happy married life. It is all because of the mind only. Sobriety should come in marriage life first.

When you start to understand your own mind and learn to control it gradually, then you can come out of all problems in your life! Because your mind is everything! Especially in after marriage life, if you need to live Happiest & Peaceful life, even without high-level wealth or Zero level resources, by mastering your mind you can live fulfilled and long-living happiest life! All are based on your mind only. 

For example, if you need to buy a BMW car when you are poor, without thinking all the time and worrying about it, tell your mind that, God is there to support you & you will have the time for it. Till that do your work by enjoying the present. This positive mentality will manifest your wishes. You should have positivity first for the big things to happen!

Your negativity & worrying never get you anything other than disappointments. So, trust your positivity, don't worry about it & forget it! It will happen for sure. By thinking it all the time, you are losing your energy and getting negativity only. So leave everything to God. He knows what to give & what not to give for your good life! Try to live with the life flow. You can't change the past. But you can change your future by living your present properly!

Like this, you need to calm your mind in everything. This will give calmness to your mind and you can be peaceful in your life.

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