6 Temper Tips on How to Control ANGER OUTBURSTS

In this stressful world, most of the people have Anger issues along with an anxiety problem. Whenever the anger hits the people's head, then without control, those people are losing their patience and reacting to the situations very badly, which will give them a very bad name. 

And also in the future, the outsiders will say that person is not good with his anger & also in character-wise. Even though a person has many talents & a good reputation, their anger will demolish everything in minutes. Because they really don't know what are they doing in anger outbursts time. 

They will react like a devil. As a result, they are losing good relationships with good people. All the outsiders are not good in character. They may also have anger issues or more than that. But, controlling anger of ours is a much-appreciated thing to live in this society with fulfilled happiness and also stress-free life. 

Whenever the person is losing control in anger, then he/she will be suffered from many diseases because of blood pressure at the start. So a human should learn anger management first before earning money. So how to control your anger? The best ways to control anger are below.

1. Keep Your Mouth Shut!

Anger is a disease only! It's a deadly disease. It will bring many named & unnamed new diseases to you. It is really hard to keep your mouth shut at the time of anger. Because you will not get control. You shouldn't suppress your anger too. Because it will make some other problems in your body. So whenever the anger comes, tell your mind that "God or Your Most Beloved Person is Testing Your Patience!".  In any situation, will you hate God or Your most beloved person? No right? 

Understand that all the problems are coming for some needful experience & better growth to you. In this case, will you get angry or learn the experience of that? Though they are new people (the situation people), see them as God or Your Beloved person who is purposely creating the issue for your learning only! This nature won't come on the spot of anger. You need to practice your mind in free times & don't become a bad & mad dragon by spitting fire!

2. Taking Responsibility!

Whenever you feel angry about anything, then you must think that the problem is with you only. Even though if the opposite person clearly did wrong, take responsibility like, you must have avoided them by clearly analyzing or that thing is happening for reason. Taking responsibility may cost you money some times. I am not saying you to take the financial loss. 

But in mind wise, you should take responsibility and shouldn't do the same mistake again. For any kind of problem, you no need to get angry and all. Even though if the situation needs anger, it should be like namesake anger of you. The words or inside feel shouldn't fire you! I mean, without harming your side feel, show the needful anger only on unavoidable time. Mostly try to deal with the problems with your smartness without anger. Practice much on this habit to manage anger.

3. Thinking from Opposite Side!

Everyone is doing mistakes in our life. So that we are humans. Whenever the mistake or situation is negatively happening, then immediately don't get angry about that. Think that, in what position the opposite person did that! Why are they behaving like that! What circumstances made them do like that! You really can't think all of this suddenly when you are a short temper person. But if you really want to change your anger, then you will need all of these practices for sure.

Because regular medications only will cure diseases. As I said above, ANGERNESS is a SEVERE DISEASE, then you should take all of these understanding related mental practices with you. Because anger will store in your deeper subconscious, in very disturbing situations. Whenever the situation is happening intensely, then that will get stored deeply in your mind. For that only I am saying, you should start to give clarity to your mind clearly by doing these practices regularly. Or else, even without knowing yourself, you will get angry for everything.

4. Do Everything With Awareness!

We are doing everything in our life without full consciousness. Whenever the consciousness misses, then the happening will not be in our control. Your mind will think everything as per it wishes & it will make you a sad person & victim of many bad happenings. So when you start to live your life by concentrating fully on what are you doing, then you will come to real control and patience of everything.

From taking a bag, walking on the road, driving the car, thinking thoughts, etc, etc, you should do with full of consciousness. When the consciousness level grows, then your anger, ignorance on life, idiotic decision making, jealousy, frustration, and all other negative things will go away from you. Just start to practice yourself on this clearly. The deep awareness of every activity of you will make you an enlightened well being and it will lead to a healthy lifestyle!

5. Do Daily Meditation!

Meditation is the greatest key to live the most peace and intelligence to the core life. The daily meditation of 10 minutes, will make you a more efficient person on this earth. Your brilliancy level, freedom feeling, peace, happiness, stress-free life, energy level, positively flying feel & every positivity will increase in high ratio in your life. 

Positively, daily meditation has more miracles too in our life. So whatever situations you have, allocate at least daily 10 minutes for meditation in your life. It will completely eat & reduce anger, anxiety, tension, stress, blood pressure, non-clarity, low-level IQ, basic things for diseases, and all other negativities from your life, as your mind the key to every material in this world.

6. See Everyone as the Same!

Whenever you start to see this world as ONE, from ONE creator called SUPREME POWER, then you will start to obey everything. Don't see people's activities. It's their EGO which is making them do their activities. But you see the MAIN OPERATING SYSTEM inside their body. That is called SOUL! The same soul is with you, me, everyone & every creature. The souls don't have shape, size, name, color, or any other fixed things. Souls are coming from the supreme power's energy only. 

Without the soul, no creature will live. Even the Dog, Worm, Humans, and everything has their souls. If you see the outside body & the character of people, you will get angry. But when you see the inside soul which is the same everywhere, then you will love it and obey it. There is called KARMA which will take care of every good & bad activity of humans. So leave everything to this supreme power & you just walk away from a bad situation freely. It will make you a more mature person & also you will lose your anger outbursts' nature completely.

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