5 Unbelievable SLEEPING ON THE FLOOR Health Benefits!

5 Unbelievable "SLEEPING ON THE FLOOR" Health Benefits!

Sleeping is the best way to get energy from the universe. In daily sleeping only, humans are able to get the energy to work the next day, and it continues in daily routine life. The disturbed sleep, less time sleep, nightmares in sleep, and some other varieties which will spoil our deep sleep, will make us to worry much, get tired and also spoil our whole day. Good Sleep alias Deep sleep has that much importance in our life.

Even if you are getting a good dream in sleep, it will be called as disturbance of the good sleep only. In the deep sleep only, your mind will not think anything. It will be in less than 2% of regular thoughts. So making ourselves to sleep comfortably and also deeply is so important. We need to practice ourselves for it. Good Sleeping too needs regular practice!

In this materialistic urge world, no one is sleeping properly because of their work pressures, work timings, useless bunch of thoughts, unnecessary thinking, technology usage, stress, blood pressure, some other diseases, etc. So assuring your sleep at the right time & also taking practices to sleep immediately will make us, to live a better life and also healthy life.

In this case, when sleep is about the healthiness of life, then we should concentrate more on sleeping style and sleeping materials.

The majority of people in this world are got addicted to luxuries. Luxuries cost a lot of money always. Earning levels also should be very high and humans need to take much effort to become wealthy. Then only it is possible to live a luxury life nowadays. Things will go more worse for sure in the future! Luxury life exactly starts from the mind, and it is basically getting applied from Home, Furniture, Interior, Kitchen Materials, Other antiques, and all other Homely needful things.

In this, Costly/Luxury Bed takes the main part. As I've already told about comfortable sleeping, people are so much interested to buy Softy Cushion Bed to their home. That is really appreciable. When you are sleeping in a softy and luxury cushion bed, it will give you a nice sleep. And you will get addicted to that bed and luxuriousness too. But the luxury bed will not give you any other health benefits other than deep sleep (In very fewer times).

But, when you practice sleeping on the flat hard surface floors like Concrete, Tiles, Marbles, Mosaic, etc in your home, office, or anywhere, then it will give you deep sleep, at the same time, there are more health benefits for your long life living and also a peaceful mentality. Sleeping on the Floor mattress or Sleeping on Tatami (Used in Japanese Style Rooms) also an appreciable thing!

You shouldn't sleep on empty floor, when your floor was covered up with Marbles or Tiles which will give high coolness. So you should use Bedsheet, Floor sleeping mat or some other safe materials to sleep on it!

When you need to get complete benefits of sleeping, then you should make the way for Outside Air to Come Inside your Sleeping Place! The Air Flow Should Be there! It shouldn't be like a fully closed or covered room! You should definitely make the way for outside air (Oxygen) & PRANA (Cosmic Energy) to come. Perhaps, if you use AC (Air Conditioner) for the whole night, and daily in this same way, then you are killing your own health. 

The whole night around 6-7 hours, you will inhale the same exhaled CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) again and again till you wake up early in the morning, that too daily! No way for Fresh Oxygen. Don't you think it's a danger? AC was found to adjust the Heat temperature at so sunny places like UAE, to make the living place to tune into the normal level. It wasn't found to make the place into complete chillness! 

Further, let's see the benefits of sleeping on the floor one by one below!

1. Feel the Grounding & Get the Ground Energy!

As our body is made out of Atoms, which is in this universe's all places, though we are on the earth, still we are connected beyond the earth! Some universe's frequency is operating us. To know it, we should tune our body & mind's frequency to it. In this case, when we sleep on the floor, we can feel grounding & it's direct vibration too. 

When we sleep on the bed, we will absorb the space's cosmic energy (Only if outside air comes generously inside). But when we sleep on the floor, then we can get the energy of the Earth's Ground too with Cosmic Energy! When these two energies are getting filled fully inside our body, then unknowingly in the hidden happening, our body's energy level, activeness, smartness of brain, cells energetic regeneration & all other energy-related things will happen positively in our body! This will make us to live a long life.

2. It is the Best Pain Killer!

When you sleep on the floor, your Body Pain, Joint Pain, especially the neck pain will start to go away from you permanently. As said above, you will get fulfilled energy from the ground and cosmic, and further your sleeping position also will change. When you sleep on the floor, without knowing yourself, the whole night you will change your sleeping position & style depends on how your body needs comfortably. 

Obviously, you will not sleep in the same posture. So sleeping on the floor will give you stiffness & relaxation often to your nerves and bones, which is like an automatic healing process! So when the relaxation happens in your body on a daily basis, that too for a long lime, then all of your pain will go! In the starting, it is little hard only to sleep on the floor. But gradually you will love to do it! Whenever you feel that you need a bed, think about your ancestors & their lived century, where their life was without the invention of bed and they lived for long years too!

3. Healthy Blood Flow!

When the blood flow inside the body gets a problem, or it will get any blocks, then you will get diseases from it. Sleeping on bed means, the softness and lint inside the bed, will hold your body's weight. So it will be like, you are sleeping in a "small pit". Your body weight will make the bed like a small pit. The luxuriousness of the bed will make it for sure. So there is no way for sleeping in the straight posture, side or any other types of healthy postures too. 

If you are using hard bed means, then it will not give you luxuriousness. So, when you sleep on the floor, with any positions, your blood flow will be so clear and also healthy. Sleeping in a luxury bed will stop your blood flow speed and healthiness. So when you have good blood flow inside your body, then you will definitely avoid the nerve blockages and get a long-living healthy life.

4. Feel "Down to Earth" Person!

Down to earth means, humbled person! Whenever you love to sleep on the floor, then you will feel the mind level comfortness instantly. You will not need bed, luxuriousness or softness anywhere around the world! All you need is Ground on earth! As it is always there everywhere, without any external things like Bed, Bedsheet or Mat you will sleep anywhere instantly! This is the boon from God! 

Sleeping immediately in minutes is the most needed thing for many illness patients who got affected in body and mind. So when you train yourself to sleep just on the floor, then you can sleep anywhere in some of the minutes. 

Because your mind will not expect anything. When your mind always expects the bed and its related luxuries, then you will feel worried often about it and you will not get the sleep that much soon. Further sleeping on the floor also will get you a good name and respect around society. People will feel you like a humbled and good person as you are sleeping just on the floor, which is not possible by the majority of the people as they see their ego & royalness. But you will feel humbled, as you are connected to the direct Ground/Floor.

5. Strong Mental Health!

So when you started to sleep continuously on the floor as said above, you will start to enjoy the health benefits one by one. When you avoid the disease by healthy practice in sleeping, then you won't feel any disturbance in your daily life too. As a result, your mind will not worry about your health. Because already you started to live a healthy sleeping time on the floor which is actually giving good results. 

Further, you can work freely and also comfortably in your daily activities. The mind's comfort zone will give you a comfortable living. As all-day activities are Depending on Healthy Food & Healthy Sleep, when you eat healthy food and start to sleep peacefully on the floor too, then your mental power will be at a good level. Through this, you can make good decisions, choose the rights things, thinking clearly on what you need. Clarity also will come when your mind is clear. The comfortable sleep on the floor will give you that for sure!

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