Unique Benefits of Being a STRAIGHTFORWARD Person!

Every person has their respective nature by birth itself. When they grow, their character and attitude are being visible to others. Parents are thinking that they are making babies and they only teaching their babies to live in this world with Good & Bad things. But that is actually not the truth.

If we think in this way, then it is ignorance. We are just a tool of our kids to born in this world. Till some age, we may show and suggest the good things to our kids. But we shouldn't compel it after some time. Taking or avoiding is up to their wish only. We should give their freedom to live in their way and through their own experiences. Because experiences are the best masters around the world. Nothing will teach us more efficiently than our experiences. 

As the parents are worrying and getting afraid of their kids' life and life sufferings from bad people around, they want to safeguard their living by saving wealth, recommending them in high-level places, always following them and not leaving for their desires. This is fundamentally a wrong thing! If you are completely doing everything to their comfortability means, then you are LIVING THEIR LIFE too! It is the violation of God's Beautiful Creation on this earth!

I can accept that, your kids will have bad desires sometime and they don't know how to handle it. In this case, you should show them the way only. But shouldn't walk along with them. They should walk on their own. Then only they will have more challenges, struggles & afraidness of coming out of any situation by themselves. 

Simply to say, You should show them the good ways to make money, But you shouldn't make money for them! This is called the Art of Shadow Level Teaching. Let them have their own life & experiences!

Mainly to say, don't worry about their safety here. Understand one thing, God had created everything perfectly. Your kid was born in this world to fulfill their past life karmas in this birth. You itself already struggling and didn't come to know the real purpose of this life. In between, do you think, can you show them a Good way till the end?

No! God & Gurus (Teachers) are the only powers who can teach us to reach our right destination! So don't overthink or overact for your kids. Everything will happen perfectly at the perfect time. Nothing will get changed or swapped. I mean in perfect moments!

I hope now, you got little clarity on this kind of real-life living. Personality has many things. In those many things, let's get into the main thing of Being a Straightforward Meaning Person!

I already told you, people born in this world with their pre-designed attitude and character as per the calculation of their previous birth. Even though it is hard to Believe about Reincarnation, it is the actual truth. I can't give a detailed proof for this now, as it is realization related. But let me tell you a small and logical thing for you to understand.

In your country, You may saw many kinds of parents. In that, for instance, you take the parents are so Good in character, Very good in Spending for Needful people, and also So Kindhearted in everything. But their heir(s) may not like that! They may be so rude, stingy, cunning minded & also more irritated! In some other cases, they will steal from the public too! There are thousands of families like this in my country to show you.

Now you say, Their parents were so good at everything & they taught very good things only to their kids and also they made very good ways for their kids to grow. But how their heir(s), turned so bad when they Grew? Can you say their parenting was not good? Not at all! It's madness. Life's truth is actually here to examine. 

Even though we teach our kids all the good things, we gave all the holy books to read, even you leave them most of the time in holy places, their mind will start to think and work as per their Pre-written fate only! Yeah, it is called DESTINY! No one can change it! That's why Good parents' kid became so BAD! That is the Karma continuation of their previous birth! God knows everything perfectly than us. He is settling the entire past life's accounts in a very crystal clear way! We have to be just a witness to everything.

When you think & live life in this way called Acceptance of the Existence, then your thought process will get changed completely towards enlightenment. Further to think in this way about a person's attitude & character, as said above, it's a gift of God for our past life activity. In that, being a straightforward person is really helping us in all ways. It may be a little hard to live with common people and accept their namesake living as they have many critics, hatefulness, fewer opportunities & more on losing the resources. It may be like they are losing everything in their life. But actually, they only going to live a comfortable and fulfilled life in their birth.


Because, straightforward persons are really hard to handle, understand and get friendship at the start. They won't mingle with all kinds of people. But if they mingle with a person, then they should be the right person (no need to be the same straightforward character) only. Because straightforward persons will like to live with the truth. Not on fakeness. Only straightforwardness. Their vibrations will not like it. And the straightforward definition starts here.

Even if they have one friend, that will be a pretty valuable and meaningful friendship only.  No matter if they have money, but they will have more knowledge and efficiency to win this life. That kind of positive wavelength only will attract straightforward persons. Moreover, their friendship also will be so valuable and meaningful to lifelong. If you are a fairly straightforward person then you can relate all these very easily.

Being straightforward is another Boon in taking Decisions! The majority of common people around the world are getting suffered at a huge level in all ways because of their bad decisions only. Because making the right decision is Art! It won't come that much easier. But straightforward persons will say yes or no immediately after analyzed the aftermaths! Some times they will take some more time to conclude. But once they conclude, they will not worry about it later, even if it is a wrong decision (In very rare scenario). Because they will feel happy and peaceful for some other freedom from that situation! They always wanted freedom first than namesake life killing things.

Straightforward persons always say the Good & Bad about the people immediately in front of their faces. They don't know to talk in their back and they don't like it too. As a result, for good things, people will get appreciation. For bad things, people will get scolded immediately by a straightforward person. It is maybe so hard to receive by common people at that moment. But they will not repeat it with straightforward persons anymore! Because that hitting thing will make a scar in their memory for not to repeat it. Moreover, in this kind of situation, only the wise and good people will come back to you. Bad and useless people will run away from you! So you can get the pure gems around you!

Straightforward people mostly avoid saying lies. Because a Lie should be remembered for lifelong! Then only we can save that lie and fake respect with the people. Remembering good things itself will eat time and make you to live always in the past. Cherishing one time or twice is ok. But often doing it will destroy your reality of living. 

Remembering a good thing itself became irritating now. In between, do you think remembering a lie with person to person won't destroy your inner peace?

Yes, it will! And you will always worry about recalling the same lie! That's why Straightforward persons immediately and honestly say the TRUTH always! That will get them tremendous respect always around society! In very rare situations, that too for good things only they will say a lie.

Straightforward people never expect appreciation or compliments from other people. Because they know that expectation is the biggest killer of peace. As a result, they never trust others. But they love their own self more! They have much confidence and self-respect on themselves. Their confidence level, self-loving nature, deciding nature, understanding level, teaching mentality and most of the things will end up in happiest moments only! They have the ability to recreate the same anytime.

The straightforward mentality always will give you FILTERED RESOURCES only, from materialistic things, People, Opportunities & in all other things. Because this nature will attract the Best things & Positive Vibrations only around you! So wherever you go and whatever you choose, your mind will automatically choose the best which is suitable for you, as this universe making the way for you to glitter! 

As I said eariler, Personality, Character & Attitude is Pre-Written & Gift of God, you will live as per fate only. But God has another life secret in this too! To rewrite and make your birth in a Good way only, you were born in this magnetic field again. So through your less intelligence and much heart, you can become a Good person! You can change your character! God had given you the 6th sense too! Use it in the right way! We are doing every bad thing in our knowledge only. Even after understanding this, if you continuously do the wrong and bad things in life, then no one can save you from more painful and regrettable living in the future! It will happen for sure!

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