What is True Happiness in Life? JOY DEFINITION

What is Happiness?

When the humans got needful food, comfort costumes, a nice home, then their next expectation going towards entertainment. Entertainment is the evergreen need in this world. I mean to the complete world! So that the entertainment industry is making billions of dollars income daily around the globe. Why people are expecting entertainment?

Because they need HAPPINESS always! Assume that, if some person is going to see a movie in the theater, going on vacation, or partying with a beloved person, after finishing it, instantly if he gets a wound or any other diseases, will he do that? No right?

Then why he/she is doing that? Because they feel happy and getting a short time pleasure from it. Once they come out of it, then it is not getting continued. Only the memory of that incident remains. Again the people are spending the money to get happiness from the same moment or different moment in different activities. Once they come out of it, again that short time happiness dissolves.

In this case, you can clearly understand that everyone needs happiness. That's why, after ate nice food, wore good costumes & from leaving their home, people are going to entertainment places to feel the pleasure and get happiness. But the sad part is that, as HAPPINESS is the highest value everywhere which can't get easily, people are fixing some money.

To achieve these only people are working in companies, doing business & doing everything to earn money. Earning money is not their motive. Through their earned money, they are desired to enjoy many things from this world. As a result, they are even ready to spend their savings money, borrowing from other people, and using credits cards without control for entertainment. So everyone should ask this question to themselves, "What makes me happy?"

The real happiness is being silent, not doing anything & make relaxation to our body and become 0 level in thoughts even for a second, that will give permanent happiness! 

Buying any materialistic things, food items, luxury parts, entertainment related things, etc, etc is not the real happiness. Earning money is not happiness. Actually, through the money, they are interested to buy many things to make themselves satisfied and happy as they are believing that, it is only giving them happiness. Let me explain more clearly now!

People are getting bored to make sex with the same partner. So that they are expecting different partners. People are bored using the same watches, costumes, cars, bikes, and all other materials. So that they want to upgrade it to new again and again till they live. So their entire life is going to fulfill these things of mind's thoughts. But they forgot the real purpose of this life birth!

To get any of the above-mentioned things, it costs money. In many cases, it needs so much money. So that people are continuously running behind it. 

In this case, only, people are going to parties often. Because they are meeting many strange people who are looking awesome. Their culture, way of treating, drinking alcohol, using drugs, having sex, hearing songs at parties while in drug or alcohol take them to complete the ecstasy level. So that people are like to go to parties often. Will you do more of what makes you happy in this way? No, you shouldn't!

People are mainly earning for happiness only after hungry. Some of fewer willpower people, get addicted to parties and couldn't come out of that addiction. So these body's need for happiness commences slightly at the start, and further, they are addicting into it. Why?

Because, everyone wants to GO MISSING in the height of Ecstacy with Happiness!

Once someone felt this ecstatic feel completely, then they will not like any other things in this world. They will get addicted to it. They will lose their control! So they will leave their job, family, friends, passion, and everything just for this ECSTACY! Because the body also needs that only!

Is it Good or Bad?

Happiness & Ecstasy from outside materials will definitely kill you one day as you can't get it continuously and you will addict to it badly! Everyone likes ecstasy & everyone needs it! But not from outside! It is complete in you! So,

What Makes You Happy? And What is the Meaning of Happiness?

The human's 5 senses called BODY, MOUTH, EYES, NOSE, EARS are expecting it's fulfillment from the outside world. When a person, turns inside him through meditation or any other practices, then these 5 senses' will stop working and the human will find complete happiness & Ecstacy! Further, they will find who are they really!

But when the human starts to roam only by seeing the outside world, then his search towards entertainment to everything, will not stop till he dies. So that the enlightened masters are saying, these 5 stealing person alias Senses are stealing our PRANA (breath), and putting us in danger zone towards aging.

When we control our breath, then aging will not happen like common people. We will live for a long life span with excellent health. But when people breathe without consciousness and fulfilling 5 senses' needs, then we will face all the physical and mental problems in our life. It will get continued from diseases to mental illnesses.

Pleasures from the senses are nectar at the start. But it is a killer at the end!

Seeing something is the need for eyes. Hearing something is the need for ears. Smelling something is the need for the nose. Feeling the sensation is the need for body & tasting something is the need for the mouth. Like these, complete body is fulfilling the senses' needs by putting the physical & mental efforts in earning, buying, achieving, etc, etc. Some wishes of senses will take a very small time to reach. But some other desires and wishes of senses will take many years to get accomplished!

That's why saying, these senses are cunningly planning us by asking something regularly, and pushing us to reach it. The time, efforts, problems, stress, sadness, continuous concentration everything is eating our valuable well being. So what to do when nothing makes you happy once you found the truth? Look inside of you!

So am I telling you to stop everything? No! Till some point, enjoy everything through your senses. But while enjoying, you should have this awareness of killing senses in mind! But after some point, you should find the real purpose of your life on this earth. Or else, you will die like a common person. I mean the billionaires too. Billionaires and achieved people themselves common people only if they didn't find their life's real purpose. 

The one who realized who they are, then he is the right person and unique person who found the purpose of the life!

Actually, you are not getting happiness from outside materials. It is actually inside of you. Your mind & pre-programmed thoughts only making you happy and giving you the pleasure! The outside drugs and alcohol are not making you happy! Actually, it induces some acids and parts inside your body and makes you happy! But the outside materials have poisonous ingredients much.

So you should learn to induce the body's deep parts which will give you Happiness and Ecstacy! So what is true happiness? And how to get it?

Through meditation it is possible! When your focus goes high level, then you can get everything, I mean wealth to health, ecstasy to happiness, miracles to powers, everything from sitting place! But you will need continuous practice!

This meditation method doesn't have any side effects to make you happy always, whenever you need it instantly! Whenever you think, you can go to that state of ecstasy immediately without any harm. But using pills, drugs, etc, etc will make you harm and it is slow poison too! So, find real happiness which is in you already & do what makes you happy!

Don't expect the outside things to make you happy! Be happy with what you have... So what is the secret to happiness in life? Yes, it is your body & mind only! The world's happiest place is none other than you! Don't search outside, as everything is in you!

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