What is WILLPOWER & How to Increase WILLPOWER Instinct?

What is "WILLPOWER" & How to Increase Willpower Instinct?

What is Willpower?

Each and every human has abnormal power inside their body. This is maybe a little fantasy and magical thing to hear. But that is the truth! The one who is awakened soul spiritually, then they will know the meaning of what I am coming to say. Or the people who are traveling in a spiritual way, they can connect it easily through my words. 

We everyone is the creation of god. Our body, name, EGO, Knowledge and everything is closed our wisdom way. When we start to travel on the path of getting wisdom (Enlightened), then each and every theory and practical happening will be so miraculous to you. Because the spiritual path is, towards God, Reaching God & Becoming as God! Through strong willpower, you can get mind reading power & all other third-eye (Pineal Gland) related powers. It's not a joke!

Don't think that, you can't be a god. Every person has their respective body and soul. So when a person is eager to know about their real nature and self through some practices, then they will literally start to see the magical things start happening inside them and also with others. It is maybe like a lie or myth. But only the experienced persons know it's reality.

In this case, when one person start to meditate or going to trust himself much, then he will get confidence in living gradually. That confidence level will bring clarity in deciding things and also in everything in life. Personal life or Official life, both are connected to your body & mind. The body and mind only operating everything in this world. So to do everything we will need the support of mind and body.

In this, you have to note one thing very clearly...

A normal body and mind of common people will do the common and usual things and activities. But the unique people with unique thinking will do abnormal things in this world. That's how we are getting many inventions from creating comical memes to create something to Nobel Prize (Award)! So, why the common people are doing normal things and unique people are doing extraordinary things and how are they making it happen?

That is because of their thinking level which is been operating from their mind. Everyone has the mind. But how are they making it? Because the common persons are thinking many thoughts in a day. But the unique people always focusing only on needful things. That clarity, concentration, continuous thinking on that, the compromises for that achievement will make them reach that level easily. Because, the power of your thoughts is can't be explained in words!

That also coming from their mind only! How?

That is because of their willpower only! The willpower instinct won't come to all persons that much easier. The persons who are living a normal life will get stuck into many life hurdles like, Poverty, Inability, Physical Disability, Low-level IQ, Fewer opportunities, etc, etc. But do you think that kind of above mentioned less valued people can't achieve something big? Not at all!

They can achieve anything. But the thing is, their mind manipulation will not think above that hurdles. The hurdles will give them more disappointments. So after getting into those struggles, they are leaving the hope on them and the illusion is closing their trying level. So they are not fighting against their problems. Only the people who think smart, know their ability and analyzing situations clearly by seeing the society, trusting themselves even they are poor, coming out of each and every hard phase and achieving in their fields.

So that I am saying, everyone has body & mind. But no one has strong willpower! The willpower is coming from the mind only. Your trust and confidence in yourself, struggling nature, non-giving up talent, and consistent trying only will give results, as this world is surrounded by many rivalries. To get something big, we need to think ourselves as big! But it shouldn't become an Ego or Overconfidence! Trust should grow up with humbleness. Because this kind of nature only will get you good growth in your life. So how to get willpower?

When you want developing willpower and Good instinct, then you have to do the following things regularly and it should become your nature.

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind & How to Increase Willpower through that?

Think Positive - Your way of thinking & speaking should be positive always as it will increase your willpower like anything! Even though if there are many chances for loss and get defeated, don't give up it till your subconscious mind! Let the situation happen as it is! But you shouldn't lose your positivity! Your positivity will get you great results. Though you lost, you will get nice name & fame for your non-giving up nature and positive struggling till last second! Further with your fame and positive nature, you will get big things in your life in the future! That is the power of a positive mind!

Doing Meditation - At least do 10 minutes of mediation daily even if you don't have previous experience. There are more spiritual masters around you who are ready to teach you meditation. Use the meditation opportunity to increase your willpower. In the mediation time, as you are filled up with Cosmic Energy, all negativities will get burnt and you will be filled up with great energy which will give you instant energy. Through the cosmic energy in mediation, you will get more magical wonders in your life. So getting strong willpower in meditation is just a piece of cake to you! And the influential mind through mind power meditation will make miracles in your life!

Don't get Angry - Angerness is the biggest destroyer of your inner peace and also willpower. When you don't have stability in mind, then you can't do the long-lasting things in your life. So when you are a short-tempered and angry person, then you will not enjoy the life beautiness easily. Nature will not support you too. Your mind is the baby of soul and the soul is the baby of Supreme Power/God. So when you get angry often, then you will lose your mental health. When there is no subconscious mind clarity, then you will not get meaningful and most needed willpower anymore.

Be Silent - Whenever you feel low or tired then immediately enter into the mental and physical state of SILENCE! Silence is a powerful weapon that will save you from many things and also will show like a mature person. Apart from all these things, your silence has the ability to observe all the positivities around you. So your mind will start to work more brilliantly! When your mind has some power, then it will get converted as Willpower. You can feel the instant energy whenever you keep your mouth shut and go to silent mode! The power of the mind to heal will happen in silence only! 

Show Gratitude - Showing gratitude will make your body and mind light and increase the willpower. Whenever you show gratitude for anything to any person, then immediately watch your inside feel! It will be so pleasant and feel-good. So showing gratitude often will make you a great person and also a strong person with maturity! People will value it more! Don't think that, for what are all can you show gratitude.! Each and every minute you can show gratitude to this nature, god, air, water, all other surroundings, etc, etc for your till now being as alive. Apart from all these, you can say thanks and also show gratitude to the person who helped you, spent time with you, spoke with you, shared knowledge with you, etc, etc!

Forgive easily - No one's life is permanent. Common people don't have their death date in our hands. Anything can happen anytime to us. There are more examples of this. So don't keep hostility on anyone. even though they did very bad to you, don't punish them. Just forgive easily. But don't mingle with them much if they are still doing the same wrong things. Keep distance with negative people. But forgive them immediately. This kind of forgiving nature will improve your willpower, wisdom level &enlightenment opportunities more! The science of willpower says that keep strengthen your mind & it has unexplainable magical powers!

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