Why Girls HUSKY VOICE Makes You Better in Bed?

Why Girl's "HUSKY VOICE" Makes You Better in Bed?

There are always efforts between Hoarse Voice & Husky Voice! Girls are the best boon from God. When the girl pitches you very nicely planning in bed, home, office or anywhere in the world, then you will fall for her for sure! Especially to say, those women who know whisper slowly and also so huskily in their voice level, then everything will get into the nicest mood to men. Why is it like that? 

What induces a man to get into that so romantically? What is the secret behind it? Shall we see the interesting and impressive things behind the husky voice tone with women to men? 

The woman is the most softy and beautiful creation by God. Without women, there is no birth. Women are the main supportive creature in making this world to run. In many cases, women make the environment into the most enjoyable and beautiful one. How is it happen? We should know the Husky Voice Meaning!

Because their nature & energy was created like that. Men's nature & women's nature both are created oppositely, to attract each other. I've already explained it clearly in my previous posts. This kind of energy attraction will automatically make the men and women, to fall for each other. 

When men like something from women, then without thinking much or going so deep on them about their history or anything, their mind will think that, they are in the need of them. No matter what are you going to do or keep silent always. Their mind just wants to spend time with them. 

Perhaps by chance, if the girl accidentally on the spot, coming forward to smile, talk, hug or kiss to a boy, then it will be like heaven to the opposite side male. Why is it happens? Because our mind already started to live with that beautiful girl. As a result, when the situation gives us the opportunity to talk or proceed further with them, then immediately he will make the way to have a detailed conversation and also long time friendship with her if he has a chance or will create the situation purposely with his talent.

This is how the entire world runs. No one can deny it. Even though if some people say that, they don't have an idea or impression on a beautiful girl, then that is a pure lie! 

Though their mouth is saying that they don't like, their mind already started to like/love her. As situation is new, they just couldn't express it. Why can I say confidently is, all these days, men have practiced our mind to live like, GETTING ATTRACTED TO THE BEAUTIFUL AND IMPRESSIVE THINGS. If it is a girl, then it is like a BONUS! Immediately without thinking much, they will fall for her. So that girls keep searching for, how to get husky voice that too sexy!

Why the reason I am saying that, Denying persons on this statement are liers means, The Human's Nature is Can't be changed until they travel into spirituality and purposely practice for years to avoid romantic & horny feel! This girl & boy relationship is that much trap that was created by God to make this world to run. Can anyone bypass and master it just like that? No way!

So further, How Female's Deep Husky Voice impresses the Boys much?

It has a tone & unexplainable music in the background! Yes! Mostly boys will fall in love with beautiful & impressive things. Especially most of the persons in this world like Music which will drive them happy! Music drives the people crazily too! Everything has a pattern in this universe! From Voice, Music, Tone, Rythm, Sounds, Activities and everything! Everything has its respective pattern. It comes under some wavelength and frequency. 

So Girl's beautiful structure, her Memories/Info, Nature, Impressive speaking & everything already stored in a man's mind. Further to say, he is been like fully loaded gun always in the Girl's matter. That's why he is able to get distracted, converted & follow to his desired girl's thoughts, presence, name, and anything related to her! In a fraction of seconds, he will start to travel immediately behind her in mind wise! The mind has that much power in travel more than any vehicle in this world!

In this case, as he already has the clear intention, clarity and also pulling up romantic feel in mind wise with the desired and beloved girl, when he gets opportunity to spend time with her in bed, then it will be definitely like Long-awaited romantic session. His mind was expecting this moment for a long time. Even if he had sex more than 100 times with the same girl, when he goes to the bed with her, then that mood will change him to wait for that Sexy husky seducing voice again to happen! Because husky voice definition mean, it is Girls only.

Assume now that, He & She both are in bed. Before they get into so seriously by undressing naked, they just want to cuddle each other and also to do some play before intercourse. Nothing is wrong here to discuss this. Because the whole world is running mainly for two things only. 

One is the Hungry of Stomach, Another one is Hungry of Orgasms! Think much about this, you will agree with me!

So, when they share their space together in bed, then their expectation level will be so high. As result, when the girl starts to talk and whisper slowly with the husky voice, then the boy's subconscious mind will get into the stage of heaven, and it will start to secrete some sex time acids from organs. For the husky tone itself it will happen. The main reason is his past expectation on that girl & also the pattern of that voice. Your mind only knows the voice. But your subconscious mind will sense the girl's body vibration along with observing her seducing intention. 

This kind of approach will make the men fall for her anytime. The pattern and wavelength matters. There may be many songs. But we like particular songs and it's music mainly! How? 

Because, it's rhythm, instruments, pulling up voice and also the level in playing, make our mind to be a fan of that music. The same is applied with a husky voice tone. As we are already fascinated about Girl & their structure, waited for bed moment with her, and also the expected sweet voice getting converted into the seducing husky tone, we will go MAD on them at that time! Once we enjoyed it or heard about that Husky voice tone's magical play in our body, then our longing for it will get continued forever! 

Only the thirsty person knows the value of water, more than water drunk person!

Hope you got, what I Mean! This is what exactly happens! Further to say on life, there are more possibilities, to become addicted to an impressive husky voice woman, just on the phone too! Many men living in this world, just by loving customer care girl's voices even without seeing them! 

Their mind knows that they can't meet them or they are so far from them or they've committed already. But still, their mind needs that seducing addiction. Finally to say, when you feel that some girl's voice is so lovely and also husky, then better keep distance with them. 

Because, if the situation will not support you to be with them, then you will waste your valuable time by following or looking for them! Beautiful women with husky voice tone are so impressive to men and at the same time so dangerous to their life too! Better, know your situation, limits, analyze the possibilities & don't get into the trap! You can enjoy the Girls and their relationship too. But it shouldn't spoil your life!

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