Wisdom Secrets Behind World Population's EXPONENTIAL GROWTH

This world has many countries, many people, many languages, many cultures, many gods, many education systems, many resources, many currencies & more. Each and every country have an unique approach and ruling & under those stuffs, people are living everywhere. In some countries, living is really happy. Some countries like North Korea, Afghanistan, etc, have life threats to live their daily life itself. 

Their ruling style, law and order, strict conditions on living, cruel punishments for violating the government's orders are really hard to handle by common people in those specific countries. But still, people are living there. In these human things, we have to notice that, without People, Government can't rule anywhere. They need common people to rule and dominate to show their power and efficiency to them and also to other countries. The secret wisdom of the earth is following below.

Humans are the main need in each and every country. But, when the human population is getting increased much Like China, India, America and more, then running the government and giving them special considerations became so hard for them. Because the World Population is getting so high each and every day. It has exponential growth nowadays. So governments also putting strict conditions on making babies to control their population. Because deficiency and scarcity on country budget, plans & resources will happen. That's why governments are compelling their citizens to have control in making babies. 

But in some other countries, as the particular country's population is very less, the government is offering rewards, subsidies and more special announcements to their citizens to make more babies. The country itself encouraging it. Because they need more humans to give their country's resources to their people. That is also happening around the globe. 

Totally to say, Humans are everything on this earth. They are the main players! So what are all the life's wisdom secrets behind this world population? Let's see one by one!

1st and the Best thing is that, Understanding the Value of Your Human Birth! Yes! Without you, there is no government! Which means, You means, not only you. Every single person counts. If you see it in a bigger size, it will be very grand and giant to see as the total population.

But, you should see this in very small to know the bigger truth. The secret wisdom of nature says it all. Each and every single person is calculated as the total population of the country. So your birth also counts! You are giving them the strength to the count. So don't underestimate your birth on this earth, no matter wherever you are!

You can make a big difference! Yes! Don't underestimate your power and value! Even though you are poor, homeless, jobless, sick or whatever, just don't feel bad or fed up! You still have a life! You didn't die yet! Yeah, you are reading my post! Which means you are alive! 

All the big scientists, Successful personalities, Familiar actors, Millionaires, Billionaires, Political icons & everyone are the same human beings as you only. They also have the same brains like yours. Through practice, you can increase your IQ level too! They are also born in this world with their parents' support. They didn't jump directly from the sky! 

So don't undervalue yourself. They may have a lot of money, higher-level contacts and many biggest things than you. But, they may not have a good heart like you! Patience like you, or any other small difference like you! See, making money alone will not get happiness. Because happiness is not on money. It's in heart and mind. Try to live your life without greed, anxiety, and debts. This is called the most beautiful and healthiest life ever! 

Those millionaires and big persons don't have time or patience to live in this circle called fulfillment and happiness. All they know is Rich & Royal, which is a namesake and fake things. Till money is there, their circle of contacts will follow. When there is no money, then everyone will go away from them. But your comfortable and healthy living won't let you in any pit as you grew from the low level. Try to learn more from your worst experiences!

The crowd doesn't mean that they are big! All the crowd is not healthy. The population also like that only. Don't worry or afraid about the crowd around you! And don't always mind the population. Because if you start to think much about the crowd's efficiency, ability, power, family level, talents and more, then you can't give your best in front of this society.

Even though if they are so high at any level, just treat them as common people. I mean, don't hurt or irritate them by showing your arrogance. So you should be so kind and gentle when you are in the place to treat them. 

Don't overreact for their position. Instead of it, kindly show your knowledge level with temperance. Explain the more good things to them by breaking their wrong understanding of life. This kind of approach will win any kind of big person, as everyone are humans only! Even though if you are surrounded by Top People, Financially Sounding, Influenced, World Level Top, etc, always be calm and composed. This kind of Nature is called maturity! This will win anything in this world! Because all of those big people don't know your handling method and calmly approaching ability. This means you are really big in front of them! Deeper to say,

The whole world's Darkness too, can't hide the Light of a Small Level of FIRE!

You should be like that Kind of Fire always in front of this world population!

Many big things were started on a very small level. Many beautiful happenings were started in very ugly places. Many successful people have risen from continuous failures! So don't give up and start to think smart and get success gradually! There is really nothing to lose, but there is a whole world to win! Play well... This world doesn't need your reasons, as it is always in the need for results! Use your mind in a good way... There are more opportunities to earn and whatever you need from this world.

Quantity not a matter, but quality matters! Keep this in mind always. Cheap level always needs the Quantity. But the high level and biggest things always need Quality! So you think which are you going to be. Try to have quality always with your self. Give the best of you. Get more practices to become like a Gem. Equip yourself well, before going to the life war! When you entered, no matter whether you won or not, but you should leave your Identity and Unforgettable memory to your competitors! They shouldn't forget you. This regular, bold and smart approach will get miracle results for sure.

You can take this world population as two varieties. Like, "I HAVE INFINITE PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD TO MAKE BUSINESS AND GET FAME", this is 1st kind.


There is nothing permanent in this world! Including world wonders, top-level people, money, fame, health, wealth and everything. In this, do you think this population is going to stand the same forever? Not at all! Without worrying much about these people, their activities, and their abilities, trust always yourself and always have a concentration on yourself to become the most efficient person.

Your continuous concentration and consciousness on yourself (Though some people call you selfish), you will glitter as cutting edge diamond for sure! Because this kind of self-consciousness will bring the best of you everywhere! Selfishness doesn't come under Caring Yourself. Because first, you should care about yourself only. Then only you can care about this society people and teach them the success formula!

More shortly to say, no matter how much people are standing in front of you, and how much population this world is having, an unseen tiny Coronavirus, COVID-19 will lock down the entire world even though if you have dangerous nuclear missiles, knowledgeable scientists, rocket launchers, Guns, Bullets, etc... Size is not a matter, but the Efficiency is!

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