10 Importance of a FARMER & ORGANIC FARMING!

10 Importance of a FARMER & ORGANIC FARMING!

Importance of Organic Farming!

All citizens of the country don't know how to cultivate food. The farmer can live life without technology. But all of us can't live without food! Organic farming has that much importance in human life to live. We are not living the century where the fruits and vegetables are available freely to pluck and cook. 

In this greedy world, everything became so costly. Especially to say, the food items' raw material cost is getting high day by day. Corporate business people are entering the food industry too and making some huge changes with their brokers to take control of the country's cultivation and agriculture. 

They are already using the earth's water as the main business thing to sell with people in the world's many countries. In this case, when they enter into agriculture too, then the private pleasure and business profit of corporate people, all the farmers of the country will lose their living and struggle much to get their food too. Because, the control, rate fixing for fruits & vegetables, rice, etc, etc will be taken care of by corporate industries. 

So the farmers can't be a boss anymore. They have to work under any multi nation company. Isn't it so cruel? Actually, the business people are cunningly planning to steal the resources of the country, destroying farmers' life just for their profits and their heirs' assets. The saddest thing to know in this is, the farmers don't know anything than agriculture to save their life. So each and everyone should learn the importance of farm management to support the farmers in our life.

Let's see the 10 Importance of a Farmer now.

1. No Cultivation, No Food!

When we got so much hungry, then we can't eat currencies, gold, diamonds, or any other luxury items in our backup. When a human gets hungry, then he will look for proper and healthy food only. It will be the same from a layman to the country's president. 

So when the farmers stop farming in agricultural land, then we will not get any food to eat because of the non-availability of fruits, vegetables, groceries, etc, etc. But positively to say that the farmers who grew from made other people to live by their life sacrifice in farming, never leave this sacred service called FARMING! Yes, they won't see it as a business! They won't expect luxuries, but your good life!

2. Without Food Nothing Will Run!

You can't invent something which is very important to the world in an empty stomach! You got my point? Daily twice or thrice, you will get hungry for sure. So if there is no food to eat, then your entire body system & mind will get collapsed. Overeating people will suffer like hell in this case!

Until you eat some and give the ground energy to your body, you can't do anything other than thinking only about food. In this same way, each and every field in the country and also each and every people around the world can't do anything. The entire world will start to fight not to rule anymore, but only for food because of hungry!

3. Without Food There is No Use of Knowledge!

Even if you are a rocket scientist, you can't move even speak without food. When there is a hungry in the stomach, then your mind will not think any other thing. Even if you are a great scientist, country's president, prime minister or you name your position whatever. Your knowledge won't be useful until you find the food to eat! Don't you think the farmers are so powerful than you?

4. Without Food There is No Sex Too!

If you think very deeply, the entire world is running only for two deep and main purposes. One is the HUNGRY OF STOMACH & another one is the HUNGRY OF ORGASMS! For these main two purposes only, the entire world is running and doing many things. Firstly the people are eating food and fulfilling their stomach hunger. 

And then when their body gets energy, their orgasms need pleasure. So they are getting into sex with the opposite gender. In this way only, the world population is getting increased. But when there is no food, even though they have the world's top beauty or world's best handsome guy in front of them, they will hate to have sex other than finding the food first. No food means, no energy for anything!

5. Without Organic Farming There Are More Health Issues!

We should know the importance of organic farming & contract farming first. In the past life of human living, the farmers were cultivated healthy and organic farming methods. But due to the corporate people's dominancy in farming, the farmers are being pushed to use genetically mutated seeds, pesticides, less quality of soil, etc, etc.

In this case, the outcome of fruits and vegetables may be very good see in look. But it won't give a healthy life to humans. Because of the many changes in DNA of the seeds, pesticides, purposely mixed up chemicals to make the cultivated fruits and vegetables stay for little long time to sell, we will get many diseases for sure and it is happening already around the world now.

6. Without Farmer All Humans Will Die!

Without a farmer, the animals, birds and all other creatures will live more peacefully on this earth. In fact, humans are very big disasters to the nature and nature lovers of all other creatures. Humans only working completely against nature.

So in this case, all other creatures can live peacefully without farmers. But humans can't live without farmers or farming. Because they only know how to cultivate healthy food! So the entire human beings will die gradually till the last food item is there to eat.

7. If a Farmer is Poor, then the Whole Country is Poor!

No matter even if the country has many millionaires or billionaires inside. The farmers should live their life more happily. They don't need luxuries. But the government should assure their basic needs with needful money for their irreplaceable farming.

So making the farmers sad, and sending the rocket to Mars or Moon to show the brilliancy of the country to other countries is bullshit! The government should fulfill the complete needs of the farmers first. They are not greedy too you know?

8. Getting the Curse of Farmers is Direct Curse of God!

When the country loses the reputation of the farmers and got so many curses for their bad activities, hurting behaviors, and more, then it is equally compared to the direct curse of their worshiping god! Yeah, the enlightening people say this clearly. Good people's curses are so powerful.

But the good farmers' curses are so much powerful than anyone in this world, as they are doing the most sacred service of the god called farming by fulfilling the hungry of the whole world! When the country, politicians, and the higher officials get the curses of the farmers, then the whole country will go into many natural disasters. We can't even think about the aftermath of these curses. The example is COVID-19 Pandemic. Coronavirus taught many life lessons you know?

9. No Organic Farming, Then No Healthy Generation!

When we keep focusing only on the money by adultering much in food and mixed up with chemicals, then we will lose our health and get affected by many diseases. Our fullest efficiency of humans will get damaged slowly.

As a result, we can't get our next generation as healthy DNA. They will bear with the chain reaction of badly affected foods in DNA. So their intelligence level will go to the very worst stage. And they will live only for the short life span!

Isn't it the injustice that we do to our next generation just for our greed on money? If the food has mouth, it will cry and scold us like anything! So the common people should know the importance of fertilizers to farmers and support them in all mediums!

10. Those Who Hurt Farmers Will Get Worst Reincarnation!

I said to you already, those who get the curses of farmers will be punished severely in living life with many problems. At the same time, as the KARMIC STRUCTURE was built very brilliantly by god, further, the bad karmas will get continued to the next birth too. So as a result, the people who hurt farmers will bear again with many physical problems, mental issues, living life problems & more!

They won't get food that much easier in their next birth. They will struggle a lot for their daily food like we saw the homeless people & beggars struggle on the roads. Without knowing the reason they will struggle much for their food, shelter, and happiness till they die in reincarnation. They will say that, what the mistake they did as the god is giving pain like this.

Actually, this is not the pain given by god. To be clear to say, the people who hurt farmers will get punished severely as per their known activities only by karmic structure. I am not saying this. Many sacred books like Bible, Thirukkural, Bhagavad Geeta, Quran & more enlightening books say this! If you forget the farmers and consumers are our gods, then you will live the most painful living very soon without negotiations!

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