ABORTION SIN: 3 Things About Killing Unborn Babies

ABORTION SIN: 3 Things About Killing an Unborn Baby

Abortion Information

When the male & female had sex thoughts and did sex without protection, after the sperm reaches the female's reproduction egg, it will grow as a baby. That is the beautiful creation of God. This thing happens in two ways majorly. One is expected pregnancy. Another one is an unexpected pregnancy. When the couple didn't get married, then because of the short time sex pleasure, if they didn't use protection or right time sex to avoid the pregnancy, then the female will get pregnant.

In another case, even some couples are married, till some years, they will like to enjoy their life by roaming the places together & enjoy all other pleasures in this world together. They will feel getting baby & taking care of it is a big commitment. So they won't like to have a baby until some time. But they will have sex together to enjoy the pleasure and do all the safety precautions to avoid the pregnancy.

Unfortunately even without their knowledge, sometimes the female will get pregnant depending on the situation & their body condition even if they took pills to avoid pregnancy. As a result, the female will get pregnant to deliver the baby within 10 months maximum.

In these both scenarios of unmarried couples and married couples, due to the respect related issues with society, self-interest, or postponing the pregnancy plan, the couples will plan to abort the baby by taking abortion tablets or do the termination of pregnancy with surgical abortion in hospital by the doctor's support. Whatever they do for abortion, it is purely called KILLING THE LIFE OF A BABY! 

More clearly to say, you are killing a life that is happily ready to enter this world through your support. Even if you are doing planned parenthood abortion, it has more problems in your life! So,

What are all the sins and problems behind Abortion?

First of all, killing life in any way is not recommended by any divine people or mature enlightened people. Leaving everything to life and its ultimate power is only maturity. Killing other creatures itself biggest sin. In this case, if you are killing a human being, then this sin is not a small one! Because the god is sending a life here for some reason after calculated the Karma Balance Sheet. So when he plans something in pregnancy, if you are killing the unborn baby by abortion, then it is called God's Plan Destroying

The one who destroys god's plans in a negative way, then the problems and issues will come at a very high level to the destroyers. Whoever it may be, the results will give the pain and problems all ways!

You may brilliantly think that KILLING A BABY early or late term abortion is in your destiny. That's why you are killing it. Yes! It is in your destiny only. No doubts about that. 

But detailed destiny says, HAVING SEX TOGETHER, GETTING PREGNANT UNEXPECTEDLY, NOT LIKING IT MIND, PLANNING TO ABORT, ABORTING AND KILLING A BABY & finally GETTING THE SIN FOR IT & ENJOY THE PAIN AND PROBLEMS for it in your life... This is in your complete destiny! Yes, destiny has the data like, you have to get the sin by aborting the baby! That's why you aborted it! You may know the abortion procedure. But you won't know the further procedures of God!

So can't you come out of this written destiny and sins? 

No! You can come out of it! Before the abortion, you should use your MIND in a positive way, and do the right thing to avoid these sins. This is called winning destiny by your 6th sense by the support of God itself. 

Like, in life's important moments, you only having the decision making power and rights decide your life. You have the knowledge and 6th sense also very well. But due to the negligence, ignorance, careless mistakes, you are getting into many life problems by your own self. You are the main reason for all of your life problems! You have to realize it.

You are easily killing an unborn baby by abortion without thinking much about it. You are thinking that you have sperm, young age, and also the efficiency to make the baby again. You may have the abortion cost too!

But you are not considering the newly created life inside your female partner's stomach. It is a fresh life and a new soul! When you are not considering it and killing, then you are killing the complete life, future, passion, desires, God's plan & more of an unborn baby!

Every baby has their own life and desires to live this life. You & me also born as babies before some years. Everyone was a baby once. Then only we grew as an adult and getting old. 

Understand one thing very clearly! We don't have any rights or permission to kill our own selves. In this case, do you think can you kill someone easily? Not at all! Killing adults and aged people itself big sin. So if you are killing an unborn baby in home abortion or in any type, which didn't step into this world, it is the very biggest sin! You can't come out of this kind of sensitive and cruel karmas in your life!

See! We are just a tool for our babies to born here. The decision-maker and sender of a baby is the Existence/God! You have to obey his plan and also you have to support his needful things on this earth. When you cross it with clear maturity and enlightenment, you will become a god, and you no need to worry about anything. But if you don't know the way to enlightenment, and crossing the rules and regulations of god here, then you will get more sins knowingly & unknowingly!

To enjoy the sins and become a fresh soul that doesn't have any karmas, you have to take more REINCARNATIONS on this earth. It may be endless till you wash your sins completely! Because the aborted baby will curse you like anything! Your mind induced abortion & be aware of it!

Every activity has it's respective karmas. Which means, the reaction of every activity of yours. In this case, small sinful things have small sinful results. Killing other lives have the biggest sins which is not bearable in pain and suffering. Perhaps if you are killing unborn babies by abortion, then that sin will be at a very huge level and you will be treated so painfully and also ruthlessly by other people after some point! Even though you will take post abortion care, you can't say it safe abortion anymore because of your sins!

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