10 TREASURES: Needful Teachers Advice to Students

10 TREASURES: Needful Teachers Advice to Students

The Unlisted Academic Advice

Education is the most needed thing for each and every human being in this world. The subjects and interests of people may be different. But they should learn everything in their day to day life. To learn many things in life more clearly and efficiently, school and college life studies really have the main role.

The teacher is teaching a student, and a student turns as a teacher and the teacher is again teaching the students. This cycle is getting continued for a long time. When the students are studying the lessons in school and college, it is really important and much-needed responsibility of teachers and professors about some of the actual things about life apart from books and syllabus.

Teachers should advise these actual things and truths about life to students. Then only they will travel in their life with more clarity and freedom. If the teachers are always teaching the lessons only from books, then the experiential learning about common life won't happen with students. Apart from books, real-life things should be taught by the faculty. This will be international student advice forever.

1. Respecting & Taking Care of Women!

Nowadays the main problem around the world is the desire for women. Money actually comes second only. So when a boy doesn't have clarity and needful teaching about respecting women and taking care of them, then his desire and lust will turn into a very bad level. They can't stop thinking about sex, which will spoil their future.

That's why when a boy grows as a man, women harassment is happening. I didn't mean all the boys. But many boys having this cruel lust intention in their minds. So it is much important to teach students about sex education and also about women's respect mainly. This will be the best advice to students forever.

2. Education is Not Only in Books!

In the advice to students, many students are thinking that, education means it is only available in books and school or college premises. So teachers should cut this mentality of students and enlighten them that, real education means, it is about life long learning from everywhere! Books are the basic things and the students should develop the things with the basic formula to get the answers of enigmatic life.

3. All Teaching People Are Teachers!

From ant to elephant, homeless people to physically challenged people, lifeless things to living things, everything in this world has power and efficiency to teach the needful things to human life.

So teachers should tell the students to be open and non-egoistic persons to learn many positive things from anyone to become a more mature and more valuable person in this life. Teach them they will have more than 1000 teachers and ask them to respect all of them for their life growth! 

4. Real Life Starts When They Go Out of College!

Many students are thinking that they learned everything in their college itself. But that is not the truth. Life has more surprises. It has more problems and solvations. More courage and maturity needed to win it. So tell them clearly that, school and college life is just a base formula. 

And the students should use this as basic and use their own intelligence and maturity to get their needful things in their life. Also teach them that, Theory of Studying & Practical Experience of real-life, both are very different from advice to students. 

5. Quality is Most Important Than Quantity!

To become an outstanding and more unique person for a long time, teach your students to give the best quality in everything. Students are going and living in many fields.

Working in many places. So when they learned this important thing about quality, then they will produce and maintain the quality everywhere. When they found this value, then the whole society will get benefits from by your students!

6. Money is Just a Color Paper!

Teach your students about money and tell them it is really a needed thing in this world to live. Without money we can't do anything here.

But tell them to earn money only for the needful things. Ask them to avoid luxuries. If the luxuries are coming effortlessly then no problem. But they shouldn't lose their mental stability and clarity on it.

This will be the best advice for university and school too. Tell them to avoid going only behind luxuries. And also teach them that, desires are the biggest traps for our future to get damaged. Ask them to avoid useless desires, greed on money, and the urge towards running behind it. Teach them that HAPPINESS & PEACE is the biggest treasure than money!

7. Avoiding Borrowing Habit!

Borrowing is the biggest killer in everyone's life. From using credits cards and all other kinds of borrowings for personal and official use, it will become a life long pain and suffering. So tell them to take loans only for clearly analyzed and well-experienced business purposes only.

Tell them to use money from their available limit only. Not from the borrowing limit. When you teach your students that borrowing is the biggest trap, then they will avoid most of the tensions and irritations in their life. Advice to students about it clearly.

8. Don't Trust Anyone Other Than Yourself!

Teach them to have friendship and trust mainly on their own self first. Any kind of friendship and relationship will not be useful when they suffer in hard times. The real colors of people's faces will come at that time only.

Very very few people only will support us in our hard times. So ask your students to trust themselves always. Teach them to equip themselves more to win this life other than believing someone always. Self-confidence is an evergreen weapon to come out of any life problem.

9. There is a Life After this Earth Life!

In the advice to students, when you teach them that there is another life of the soul after this earth's life with the body, then they will live this life with more care and afraid to god. When someone is afraid of god, then he will do positive things, good things to other people, and avoid most of the negative things.

When the students realize this truth about the afterlife in their school itself, then they will react more truthfully to themselves and to the society too. As a result, they will save this earth, it's resources, and all the healthy things without greed and cruel intentions.

10. Do the Good and The Good Will Come Back!

This is the most important truth about this universe. So you should teach this in their school and college advice itself. Because of the bad and negative things of negative people only, this world is getting damaged and ill. So when the people are growing with good intentions and good character, then they will become as a society. 

So it is a much-needed thing to teach the students about, thinking always good and doing the good all the time. As a result, they will also become more healthy and the respective people and society will be more healthy because of them. Because current students are the future society and you can give this advice for college freshman, graduate, and school students too.

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