5 Actual Reasons Why this WORLD is ILLUSION

5 Actual Reasons Why this WORLD is ILLUSION

This World is Illusion!

World of illusion starring mickey mouse and donald duck is a Video game. But this is a real life game on finding the truth! Depending on each enlightened people's point of view, the opinion about the world's illusion will get differ. But the truth is the same & the complete world is called illusion. Not only I am saying this. The complete people who knew the actual truth of this birth & existence knows this very well. 

Many spiritual leaders had told about this. Their way of telling, understanding may be different. But all of their concentration, concept, the truth was the same. And still, the truth is the same for all. To know it in deep, we should come into the view of seeing the actual things from an actual point of view. 

When we mix up our previously studied materials, known knowledge & read things, then we can't get this truth that much easier. Because this is the greatest purpose of everyone's life. So it will need a higher level of awareness. To what?

Finding the truth! 

The enlightenment means, realizing that there is NOWHERE to reach & finding that there is NOTHING to find! -Osho

Not only Osho. Many spiritually enlightened beings said & saying it still. If I say this, then you will ask me, then what is our work here... If I say the deeper truth, you will hate me! You can't accept the truth too! Actually, you will hate this entire life for sure! 

Because the truth is like burning own self with fire, erasing your complete identity, losing your complete self, forgetting everything to realize the universal truth & completely going crazy on the path of Self Realization! 

That is why everyone can't win in this way of spirituality! Because your own mind itself will become a great enemy when you are going to destroy your own self without blood or self hurting! Then how will it sound? It's completely about THE PROCESS OF UNLEARNING!

Those who traveled long on this way & realized the actual truth only can say clearly about WHY THIS WORLD IS ILLUSION! As I am saying this, don't judge me that I got enlightened or found the truth. Just telling the actual truths from my point of view. So what is the meaning of illusion?

1. Without MIND You Can't Get in Touch With This World!

When the mind won't work & go to the state of STILLNESS, then you can't do any activities, can't see any things & can't sense anything till you come out of that state. Because this world is full of visual illusions.

It will be like a coma patient situation. But not exactly like brain dead person or typical coma patient. Both are different. Actually, it is the healthy mental state of HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS

When someone attains this mental state called "SAMADHI", then he/she will completely enter into the divine realm with the unexplainable spiritual energy with supernatural powers. Once someone awakened to this level, then they will completely REALIZE the whole world is a DREAM & ILLUSION! 

Many people who attained samadhi state, again coming back to this material world in consciousness and telling the truth to all other people regarding the fakeness of life to wake them up.

Did you ever think why some of the influential, efficient, powerful, wealthy, and great people turned their life into losing everything purposely after entered spirituality?

Do you think are they MAD to lose everything purposely? No not at all! You will leave something when you found something bigger than that! It makes sense! Think much about it! What pulled them so deep to lose everything? It is the ACTUAL TRUTH OF LIFE!

Actually to say, they didn't lose the mind or wealth! As the world is illusion, they've lost their IGNORANCE! Got it?

2. Many People Living For the Society Only!

Reality is an illusion! From choosing the costumes to choosing the life partner, people are doing it for society only. They really don't know what is really needed for them. Without knowing the truth of life, they are wasting energy and time.

Desires are closing the eyes of wisdom. Actually, it is eye illusions. Without knowing the truth, the majority of the world people are wasting their life only for society, society's talks & their appreciation. 

Not even for an hour, a common person is living for their own self. In this way, they are completely forgetting their freedom and real happiness. Badly the society too don't know anything about it and they also do the same mistakes.

This is like searching the lost thing in Tamilnadu when you actually missed it in Australia!

In this way, how will you find the truth by learning from society and living for society? As the world is illusion, you will find nothing other than FAKENESS! The greatest illusion of this world is the illusion of separation.

3. Death Date is Fixed After the Very Next Moment of Born!

If you don't find the truth of life, then you will get stuck into the triangle illusion of BORN, LIVE & DIE. When we born here, at the same time our death date was fixed by the supreme power.

It is like a journey to get finished by learning the needful experiences. But we are forgetting the actual truth and living life in all other useless ways. To explain this clearly, let me say something here.

You can become a doctor, engineer, pilot, lawyer, or even a terrorist. But how long it will take to become a person like that? Years right?

Even though you finish the studies in very less years, to get shine in that field, it will take more years. You will lose your life span gradually and become old. In this truth, what I am asking you is,

To reach USA, if you keep on traveling on the wrong route towards Antartica, where will you end and what is the use of it? 

As the world is illusion, your life also will end in this same scenario! Once you come to know the actual truth of this life, then you will literally feel that, all of these years, you've lived the complete life in ignorance!

So it is much necessary to find the truth while we live here within our death. You no need to leave your family or anything. But your travel towards the truth shouldn't get stopped! And also you shouldn't allow the optical illusions and illusion image to cheat you.

4. All Desires are Leading to Fast Death!

Without knowing life's truth, when someone has so much of desires, then it will lead to the waste of time, the compulsion of getting it, achieving sufferance, autokinetic effect, stress & other health problems, etc, etc. This is called mind illusions.

The actual truth is, at the moment when you know the secret of getting happiness by doing nothing, and getting liberation from leaving the desires and all other world illusions, you will completely see yourself as an idiotic person.

Because you will know all these days, you've lived the life in a completely wrong way which was actually killing you slowly and slowly! Everyone is going to die, there is no doubt about that. But the persons who don't know the art of living, will die with nothing other than having pain and non-fulfillment in life though they've earned billions or high level world fame or more properties.

I am not telling you to avoid desires. But you should know the truth and enjoy your desires. But it should be in limit and shouldn't become greed! This is called proper EATING while in the conscious state.

What will happen when you eat while sleeping? Can you feel any taste, food variety or anything about that? You won't know anything!

As the world is illusion, your death will happen in this same way of Non-realization! Living life without knowing the truth is like, eating the food while sleeping deeply. Even though your stomach will get full, there is no health benefit of it.

5. Mind is Thinking Different & Mouth is Speaking Different!

Always there is a conflict between the mouth and mind. For instance, your mind will think that, Going Honeymoon to PARIS (The Country of Love) will be so much interested. But due to your financial problem, you will go to the less budget place. 

So you will worry about that even though if you visit any other less valued country for honeymoon. So even though your mind is thinking about Paris, you will say yes to your life partner to another country. 

Like this, your mind and mouth always will be in conflicts about your living life. Which means you are actually not living a peaceful life. These different color illusions of the mind and mouth will collapse your self-realization.

Already the big war is going in between your mind and mouth. You are killing your own self and destroying your own peace. This same thing will be applied to everyone in this world. 

Then how can you say that, you are living a peaceful life? Did you really find the way to it? And do you really think that you found inner peace? Did you ever taste at least the small essence of it? Not at all! This conflict will get continued until your last breathe if you don't find the art of living and truth of your life.

You will say "IT'S OK" when someone wrongly hits you. But can you be calm & cool while your mind is in full of anger and pain?

As the world is illusion, it is your first priority to find WHO ARE YOU!

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