10 Advantages & Disadvantages of PHYSICAL ATTRACTION

10 Advantages and Disadvantages of PHYSICAL ATTRACTION


1. Easy to Get Attention!

When there is attention, then we can easily pitch our needful things anywhere. So when a man or woman has an excellent physique and shaped structure, grooming, and attitude, then it will impress any kind of person easily. 

You will get immediate attention. People will like to speak with you and will like to spend time with you to stay in the eye-catching pleasure. So you can make use of it after you got the needful attention in the needful places by your physical beauty. 

2. Easily Can Get Special Offers!

When you have a wonderful physique, as I said above, you will get the attention of the people wherever you go. If you know to dress up more impressively, then no one will take out the look on you. So wherever you go, people will be stick with you till the available time. 

Assume that, you are in the bank. When you have a beautiful physique and you've impressed the cashier by your strong physical attraction, then they will come forward to help you to gain your concern. Like this, you will get special treatment in unexpected places by your physical beauty.

3. You Will Easily Get Same Physical Valued Partner!

I am not only meaning the life partner. Actually, you will get the same wavelength and good physique partner to dating also. Because the person who cares for their physique is in very little only. Even though they think much about their health, they can't maintain it as it will take consistent workouts and efforts. 

So when you keep your physique healthy and fit, then you will get the same taste and same physique person to travel in your life. Because they also will expect a partner like you only! It may be for friendship, dating, needful live-in relationship, marriage commitment, sports partnership, gym partnership, etc when you have physical beauty.

4. You Will Always Visible To This Society!

Even though you are not a familiar celebrity, when you have a strong physical attraction, then it will impress the audience for sure, wherever you go. Unofficially you will become a celebrity too. Because your body is the magnet that is attracting the irons outside. 

It will happen automatically without any extra efforts. So it will be a very easy thing for you to roam like a celebrity to travel anywhere just by having an impressive physical beauty. The physical characteristics of a beautiful woman or man will work well in this way.

5. Your Physical Workout Will Slow Down Aging Look!

If you got the beautiful and handsome physique by birth itself, then you no need to put any extra efforts to glitter like gold. It will take very fewer efforts only in makeup and costumes. But when you are doing regular workouts to make your physique more impressive and eye-catchy, then it will prevent you from aging

It will slow down your aging look in face and physique too. Mostly the people who care about their physique much by doing physical workouts, yoga, or exercises, then they will prevent health problems. Yes, the above-mentioned points are the importance of physical attraction.


1. You Will Get Addicted to Your Physique!

At the start, it will be really happy to notice that, many people from society is seeing you and your physique. But gradually, it will become a great addition to you. So without your impressive look depending on the food, less valued costume, over makeup, or something which is not good, if you are going out for any works, then it will ruin your whole day. 

Because when you come to know that, people are not noticing you or speaking less about you, then you will get more irritated and tensed. You will lose your patience to work like a normal person. This means you got addicted to the physique already.

When something in a small level missing on you, then you will hate yourself completely and struggle much to correct it to gain the same pleasure again and again! Isn't it an addiction to something? Moreover losing physical attraction to partner or anyone will collapse any kind of relationship instantly in mind.

2. You Will Lose Your Privacy!

When someone physically attracted to someone, then they will always get the attention of society wherever they go. No doubts about that. But you will feel it as a curse when you come into reality! Yes, you will not feel the freedom! You can't snore, sneeze, yawn or even walk as per your wish. Because you will always live for society. Everyone is living mostly for society only. 

But the people who care about their physical attraction much, then they will completely give themselves to society. So you will lose your privacy. It will be like, the celebrities are having millions in hands, got great fame, but still, they couldn't travel freely anywhere because of privacy issues. 

At least they are having much money to spend the needful free time in foreign countries. But that will take much time to reach there. But being a normal person, what will you do when society is always seeing you? Can you do your desired things freely as per your wish? Will you feel pleasure or curse about your physical beauty? That is physical attraction psychology.

3. You Won't Find the Purpose of Life!

Actually, the desire which you are having on your physique is not permanent. The truth is, nothing is permanent in this world. But it is really easy to lessen the interest and enlighten the people who are having greed on money compared to the people who are always having much interest in their body. Keeping a healthy body and maintaining it is really appreciable. 

I didn't tell it wrong. But if you are doing your body to make an object to impress the people by putting impressive costumes, using cosmetics, changing attitude, changing behaving nature to gain the attention of people, then it will push you in hell. Because that taste will never show you the truth of this earth's life

You will always keep looking on your body to save and glitter which is actually going to buried one day. In this case, the SELF-REALIZATION will not happen with you, when you have the concentration always in physical attraction to get the attention of other people! So you should not physically attracted by your own self to know the purpose of life.

4. You Will Destroy Your Health Too!

Doing daily workouts, yogasanas, meditation, cycling, going to the gym and all other healthy things are really appreciable to maintain a healthy body. But many people are not doing this.

Actually, they are using chemicals, drugs, injections, instant glowing powders, skin damaging creams, poisonous beauty skin glowing tablets, beauty-related surgeries, protein powders, less valued vitamin tablets & more to make themselves more impressive and eye-catchy. 

At the start, it will give results shortly for sure. But you should understand that it is killing you gradually and destroying your immunity power. Even though you will look great you don't have enough health to live for a long life span! The physical illusion and ignorance of it are killing you actually!

5. Your Character Will Disappoint Others!

When the people got attracted to your impressive physique, then they will love to spend time with you. Even they will give special offers to you. But when you don't have enough maturity or needful clarity about your life, then you will lose the valuable people. 

Even though some people will stay with you after seeing your less valued character and attitude, then they will enjoy your physique and will go away just like that. They will make use of you and your body. When you don't have a positive nature and attitude, then you will not get any valuable or trustworthy people with you. 

Because everyone will come to use you as they were attracted physically! Not for your lovable character or nature! So always the emotional attraction without physical attraction wins when we compare it to the common body love. And finally, I hope you got the physical attraction definition now. 

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