Always BE GRATEFUL For Everything!

Always BE GRATEFUL For Everything!

Being grateful for this life is such a great thing. Do you want to be happy be grateful? Honestly, it won't come with all. Even if someone practice often to become like that, they can't come under this category. Because it is about the character of the people and their attitude.

If the character should come well, then they should have lived a decent life and earned very good karmas in their past birth. Or else, even though you born here, we can't be more grateful.

In many cases, even if many people try to become a good person in practicing gratefulness, they couldn't achieve that stage because of their desires and greed. It is always very tough to travel on the right path, as the struggles are so much to reach the finest place.

But when someone walks on the path of blood and sin, then it will be very easy for them at the start. But they won't end up in a good climax. As a result, they earn many bad karmas too which will kill them slow mentally & physically.

The good people will suffer much at the start. Because when someone tries to travel in a good way, then nature itself will put so many hurdles.

They have to cross it without getting back. Because those are the testing phases for ourselves to get awarded and rewarded in a very high position at god's place. But many of us fail and again getting into the wrong way by thinking that it will lead us to a big place by having a lot of money. But that is not the truth.

When someone desired to travel in the path of peace and calmness, then it is called the divine way. As the divine is so sacred and high voltage positive energy, it won't accept the sinful people. So being grateful to god is also so important.

Because the god needs to save his path and place of sacredness by sending out the conflicts and stopping the evils to come in. So when we were cursed so much and also did so many sins in this world, then it is really hard to reach the reality of the divine. You know what? The talent is god given & be humble to it!

Don't think that the divine is there somewhere above the sky. Your soul is the god & your mental state of peace is the real heaven! So if you really want to see heaven and enjoy the pleasure of it, then you must pull out all the negativity from you. 

Without getting it out, you can't even think about peace. Because we are living in the mentality of many desires.

To achieve it, we need to earn money. To earn money we are manipulating many things. That's why even some people try so much to feel the calmness and peace, they can't achieve it because of their so much desires.

For the soulful and needful healthy desires, the god itself will support you. But to your greed and unhealthy desires, no sacred souls will support you. This world of cunning and sinful people may support you much.

But they will not stand with you for a long time. When the TIME WHEEL does its duty, then we will come to see what is called the real suffering and pain of each and every curses and sin on us.

So honestly to say, you will suffer a lot, worry a lot and also will feel the pain of everything when you start to travel in a good way. Told right? Being grateful is really hard, but you can achieve it.

Your confidence level, non-giving up nature, staying in the goodness, and practicing yourself much on showing love to the people with the whole heart and all other positive things will start to open the sacred gates one by one. But you should pass the exams one by one!

Understand one thing, God never wanted you to be good. He always wants to prevail the justice by giving the proper life travel to realize everything in name of tough times.

If you fail again and again, then you have to come here again and again until you find the truth and behave well. So always be grateful to know the actuals.

So it is your fundamental thing to know what is the truth and how to travel on it to reach there! The sacred souls won't call you or tell you the secrets of this life when you are not ready or staying in the same shit! You should place the step towards the truth first!

To be grateful, you should wake up at least a little and should listen to everything in this world with consciousness! Then this world will start to teach you the miracles and secrets of it. In this way only you will become awakened.

Till that you will sleep for a long time here on earth even if you are awake! That means sleeping while opening your eyes. How it sounds? Like a coma patient or something? No, it is called ignorance of the living!

So where to start exactly? Start showing gratefulness to everything in this world. You may ask me, what is going to happen by following this regularly and practicing hardly? There are many of nature's secrets behind this. That means? You should consider it and be grateful for god, beloved people, strangers, animals, birds, nature, and everything! Because it means that you are going to the state of SELF REALIZATION.

Making the heart light means not weakness. It means an easy thing to sense everything! You really can't understand the value of showing gratitude in my writing, because

To know the taste of something, you should put it in your tongue! 

Same like, to experience the divine things, you should boldly face it. Don't worry about any outcome which is been happening because of your good nature. Because it will surely end up nicely. Don't worry about it ever!

Showing gratefulness not only will make you a mature person, actually, but it will also make you a broad-minded and open-hearted person.

This kind of attitude will open the door called divinity miracles. You will start to feel and enjoy the miracles one by one in your life. So always effortlessly practice much and don't leave the way of being grateful to everyone and everything.

This will burn your inside negativities gradually. This world will start to praise you for your humbleness, love & easy-going nature.

They will feel you like an enlightened person even if you smile and behave so calm in your life killing situations too! This nature will come when you being thankful everyday.

Showing gratefulness to everything won't come to practice that much easier. Often you will get diverted in a bad way and also you will feel so irritated because of the delay in getting nothing in traveling on the good path.

So you will need a lot of patience and non-shaky steadiness. It will take you to the unbelievable places in the present life and also in the after death life when you be grateful for every second of every day! It is maybe hard to see. But when you deeply found the truth, then it will happen automatically within you.

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