7 Dangers When You TOLD A LIE to Impress Someone

7 Dangers When You TOLD A LIE to Impress Someone

The Truth of Lying!

You know what, I really don't like who tell me lies. Because there is no use of having a friendship or having contact in any way as my character is completely different to tell a lie!

Lying to someone is very easy. In fact, we can say it in less than a second. But the sad part is, maintaining it is very hard! When you told a lie, then it will be a completely long time remembering process. Healthy, Good & White Lies are no matter at all. It is completely needed in the relationship and in all other places to appreciate and help someone.

But if you are a frequent liar, then surely you can't remember the lies that you have said to someone. Because as you are lying to everyone often, you will think much about the varieties of lies, time of lie, happening of a lie, the reason of lie, the term of a lie, and more.

So that I say, instead of telling lie, it is really easy to speak the truth. In the starting, it is really hard to speak the truth because of straightforward speaking and boldly approaching nature with the truth. 

But once you start to receive the benefits of speaking the truth and enjoyed the freedom of it, then you will not leave the habit of speaking the truth maximum.

To be honest to say, in this earth's materialistic life, living the life without saying lies are not possible at all. Because some of the circumstances will push us to tell the lies without any other option. 

At that time, as there is no other go, we have to lie. It is unavoidable. Positively to say, there is no problem with that. But the lie should be very reasonable. 

When you say the lie, it should be valuable too. And moreover, the lies should be the savior of the moments. Not should be a destroyer. In this kind of moment, when you say a lie to avoid the problems, then that is called TRUE only and not lie! You no need to worry about it. 

All I am saying is, lies should be used in very rare cases and also lies shouldn't be your permanent nature too! That is all my concern is about. What are all the problems and dangers behind the lies we tell to impress someone?

1. The Impression Will Extremely Turn Into Irritation!

Don't tell a lie! When you tell the lies to impress someone about your range, living style, passion, work, business, or anything, in the starting they may like you. Even they will feel you more special because of your uniquely speaking talent and also your comfortability. 

But when later they come to know about your lies for impressing them, then even though you've come through a long way with them, immediately they will hate you completely. It is really hard to get their relationship again. Small lies are can be forgiven easily. But the big lies will completely collapse your needful intention with them!

2. People Won't Believe You Even If You Didn't Do It!

In most of the people's life, when someone behaves so genuine and honest, then they will get tremendous respect for sure. Even though they lie at some stage, people will know that, because of some good reason only they've lied. 

But when your nature is always about telling lies to impress someone or making your life things happen, then not even your family people will respect you. Though your friends are speaking nicely with you, they will know your lies telling nature very well.

So they will always keep the distance from you. In very pathetic situations like, assume that you are in the place of murder. When there is no killer, then even though if you tell that you didn't murder them, no one will believe you when there is no evidence of the real killer!

3. You Won't Get Reliable Good People!

When your intention, thoughts, and nature is not good, then you will attract the same wavelength people only to your life. Automatically it will happen. So when you tell often lies for everything to project yourself more worthy or for some other reasons, then initially people will like it. 

But gradually they will come to know your real character. At that time they will vomit your previous memories with them and replace it with the bullshit image of you! You mean, not you! It is actually the YOU who is often telling lies to impress someone! So you will lose valuable people. Further, worthless and ill people will remain with you!

4. You Will Start To Hate Yourself!

Because of your cheap lies, when someone yelled at you or publicly disgraced you, some liars will feel so bad and ashamed. That situation will turn into two scenarios. Some liars will change in a positive way. Many liars will turn ruder to take vengeance of the person who disgraced them. 

However, these two situations will put yourself in a painful stage to think about it often. Till you take vengeance or after you turned as a good person, the shameful memory will kill you daily!

In fact, even after you took vengeance, the bad karma will put you in living hell on this earth itself! However, you will start to hate yourself completely even though you have the courage to tell a lie!

5. You Won't Get Peace!

I cannot tell a lie often. But I also lie at some times. Because the good white lies (unharming lies) will save you. But not your bad and cunning lies! Because of your cheap lies, even if you have earned millions, you can't enjoy it completely in your life! At the start, it will be like enjoying the moment. But the sin and newton's third law will follow you to give the equal right reply. 

You will have cash in hand. But your hands maybe not the in position to enjoy. The body will be unhealthy. The thoughts will be filled with full of negativity. As your sins and the repelling effect of affected people will follow you always.

Even though you will be in a millionaire's private beach house with a room full of AC, you will not feel the peace inside mind! It will happen within your life end. Once it is started, it won't leave you forever! There are millions of badly experienced people's examples are here to explain this. So tell me sweet little lies but don't put a bombing one!

6. You Won't Find the Life's Truth!

It is really important for someone to find the real purpose of life. In this case, when you are living life with not even with the needful level of truth in words, then your whole mind will start to travel in a different way. Thinking, thoughts, activities, and everything will go in the wrong way. 

To find the real importance of life and it's truthfulness, you need to see the things from the actual point of view of as it is and reacting true with it. So when you are a frequent liar, then you won't find life's truth forever! You will just live and die without any use to your own soul!

7. Realization Time Will Be So Much Painful!

Never tell a lie that will hurt someone. Because at the time when you come to realize your nature of telling lies, and love to live in the right way, then you will get into the long time pain because of the messes and problems that you've created.

Because whenever you remember some problem because of your lie, then that memory will drill your heart like anything! 

It will be an unbearable pain! Your complete friendship, relatives, and all other circles will see you as an alien! Without knowing the aftermath and the lies we tell will destroy us slowly.

People will be so much afraid to speak with you. They won't allow you to mingle with them again even if you've changed your nature. It will take so long to prove your genuinity to society.

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