6 Life Saving Ways to Teaching KIDS About MONEY

6 Life Saving Ways to Teaching KIDS About MONEY

Financial Literacy for Kids!

As this world's most of the people are running behind the money, the competition for that color papers became too high. This society calls it currencies. We grew from our childhood only. Every human who born in this world grew from their childhood by learning and analyzing more needful knowledge to live this life in a great way. Teaching money to kindergarten as follows.

When we get our kids after marriage and when they become, little mature to hear what we are going to say, then it is a compulsion to teach the importance of the money and urge for it in the entire world. No matter we grew from Rich family, Upper middle-class family, Poor family, or any level. We learn many experiences after many struggles, pain & irreplaceable memories.

I am not saying that your kid's kids shouldn't face all of these. Because the experiences may be sweet or bitter. Those only will give a better understanding of anything where we love to grow. So I am saying you to teach your kids regarding the money and wealth is so much important as following. Teaching kids about money & financial literacy for kids in this way will enlighten them to travel on the right path without going in the wrong route towards earning money.

The main thing to notice in this is if you don't teach them in the right modulation, situation, and also in acceptable mannerism, then they will not listen to it and they will live as per their interest, even though you teach very clearly. So when you want to teach something kids, then

The right situation, free mind of them, your way of approach, voice tonality, modulation, lovable and caring mentality matters!

If you fail in this, then they will listen just for namesake. It may be in their memory. But they will not follow it in their life! So before teaching, you should prepare yourself well. Because it is not a small thing, actually you are building someone's life! It may be your kid, friend, or any other person. But the involvement and right approach are so important. Before we see the ways of teaching kids finance, let's see the needful clarity on teaching.

Tell the Importance but Don't Make them Greed!

To make a kid as the right person to this earth, then you should teach them the earth-saving things like a savior. Including money, available resources, opportunities, other people's needs, physically challenged people's struggles, daily wage problems, luxury advantages and disadvantages, etc, etc. You should teach all of these to the kids from the starting stage itself.

Teaching preschoolers about money is really important! Don't think that they can't learn all of these. Because the kids have a high understanding level and brilliancy! They may not have the experience, but their mind has huge power to observe everything as their mind didn't corrupt in society like us. It is so fresh to receive! So use it in the right way!

Teach the kids about the importance of money only. Don't make them run only to earn money to become rich and roam the world. When you teach them the problems in earning money, life problems after become rich, why money is really needed, what will give them happiness after earned money and before earning money, how this nature is working and helping human beings, how the enlightened people are living here by caring other people, what is love, how to show gratitude, etc, etc in a positive way, then they will learn the importance of money at the same time the importance of caring the society and earth too!

In this way, they won't be greedy, stealing, or life killing people anymore! Don't think that, murder only called life killing. Taking someone's life living opportunity in a cunning way also called life killing! Wasting the water and making the birds and animals to suffer also life killing! This is exactly, the love, money, and parenting. Further, let's see the teaching between children and money.

1. Teach in the Right Situation!

You can't teach your kids while they are playing something or interested to do something. So that saying, find the right time when they are free and in the mood of hearing! You only should find it. Each and every kid is different. You only know about your kids well.

So you should find the right time. The right time and right situation mean when they are eager to hear something! Most of the kids love to hear before bedtime! Some kids love to hear in their free time of listening to something.

2. Tell them as Stories!

Don't preach or compel the kids. They won't like it. Narrate them as stories easily! Because stories have a high conversion rate to make the people impressed. It will store in their memories as visuals too! When you say something just as words, it will be like information.

When you tell them as stories then it will be a life long memory. That's why there are many small bedtime stories for kids that were written with JUSTICE, MORALITY, ETHICS, and THE HERO WINS AGAINST EVILS! This will teach the best money management for kids.

3. Use the Bedtime Before Sleep!

There are more bedtime small moral stories. If you want to teach your kids about money and wealth, then you should choose the stories related to it. I mean the best and so much impressive! Kids always love to hear stories. So when you narrate the needful story at night before sleeping, then their mind will calmly listen to it with so much of consciousness.

So when they sleep, that information and visuals will get stored easily in their subconscious mind! The conscious mind will forget everything immediately. But the subconscious mind will take the storage for life long and it will show them the needful things or stories in life's important situations! Teaching kids to count money is secondary, but the needful knowledge of wealth must!

4. Videos Convert the Kids More!

Small YouTube channels of kids and those video materials have billions of views more compared to other familiar videos of celebrities. Why? Because the kids love to view it again and again! So showing the examples in videos to kids have more power than teaching something in words.

Video visuals have more power to convert the kids easily as per our needs. So take the videos of money and wealth-related. The videos should have the right morals and justice in the end. It should have impressive content and visuals too. In this way of financial literacy for kids, you can teach them good things about money in a positive way!

5. Don't Repeat the Same!

Some times kids love to hear or see the same thing at the start. But when they grow, they hate the same materials. Because this entire world needs an update. So you too get updated in everything. Don't use the same words in teaching. They will get irritated. Don't use the same videos too.

There are more enlightening words, impressive and sweet words to use. As they are your kids and you are mature adults, you can always win them by your updated knowledge!

There are more newly updated videos too. The video no need to be always in animation. Common videos, Clips from Movies, Shortfilms or anything in the video format will convert them quickly and positively! Use the phone only in needful time. But don't always trust the electronics to teach or learn something.

6. Give them Desired Gifts When They Won!

Every kid is desired to get something like a car, videogames, toys, books, pen, pencil, chocolates, or something. Use their desires in the right way. Yes, you should raise the questions with your kids regarding the money and wealth with self-created situations.

They should answer properly as per your past teachings. When they say the right answers and behave properly for your created situation, then you should gift them their need. In this way, you can induce their brilliancy level and art of living style even from small age! At the start, they will say the answers and situations handling as per your past guidance just for gifts.

But gradually, they will believe that this is only life and we should live in this way of positivity only! Yeah, their mind will start to trust it and their complete lifestyle will be traveled on the right path of self-living and also make other people live. Children saving money is secondary, but saving the happiness and peace always comes first! I hope you got the clarity on teaching kids about money now 😄

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