Forgive Your Enemies

Forgiveness may seem to be forgiving someone and set them free. But it is not like that. The actual benefit is coming to you only. When you actually forgive your enemies, your mind, mentality, stress, and all other tensions related things will go away from you.

It is like, you are releasing the hidden knots from your deeper mind which gives you the irritation often. You may have noticed in your past life. Which is speaking so much? Your mouth?

No! It is actually your mind only.

Even without your acceptance or wish, it will speak many things. Sometimes it will make you more stressed and tense. Do you know why? Because the memories and the stored images will come to your mind often. So it will show the happened things or going to happen things with you.

As a result, you will feel irritated because of the disliked things in your memory. The bad thing to understand is, positive and negative things, both will get stored in your mind. You can't avoid it. So, if you want the liberation from your uncontrollable mind's imaginations and irritations, then you should go the stage of FORGIVENESS! 

When you start to forgive your enemies, your mind and heart will be free to proceed further positively. At the same time, when you easily forgive everyone, then you won't have any serious problems in your life! And you will be forgiven by everyone!

If you always feel that, the enemy is there to destroy you, then that thinking itself will collapse your mental stability and inner peace always. So forgiveness is the most beautiful weapon to avoid the problems and life killing things without any harmful things and blood!

You no need to do any prayer for forgiveness. Just forgive. It is enough!

When you have the hold to Forgive someone, but still not forgiving, then is it sensible to Expect the Forgiveness from God for your Sins by asking God Please Forgive Me?

Not at all! You have to behave and live the same as, how you expect others to behave and live with you! Give it, and you will get the same 10 times more! This is how this universe works to get happiness and peace. Forgive and you will be forgiven, this is mentioned about forgiveness in the bible & seeking forgiveness in some other sacred books and verses.

1. The Power of Forgiveness

Your sins will be dissolved gradually. When you are in the realm of forgiving your enemies and all other people easily, then you will automatically get the habit of easing going nature, letting go mentality & loving the people. This is the gift of forgiveness!

This is exactly called the path of Enlightenment. So your wholehearted forgiveness will make the way to the abnormal human being like mature enlightened masters who live their lives so freely with abundance love and the blessings of god!

2. Your Enemies Will Forgive You

When you forgive your enemies easily without considering their mistakes and previously did any big cruel activities, then you will throw out the grudge & hostility from your mind. When it goes out, you will feel light and free. 

Even though you have more power and efficiency to destroy the enemies who made you sick, without doing anything just smiling and walk away from them is called MATURITY, as you know the LIFE will take care of it!

So when your enemies came to know that you are not disturbing them, then they will value it. Though they will irritate you again the same as before, after your patience and calm nature in forgiving, they will go away from your path. It doesn't mean that they are free now. The Karma Balance Sheet will give proper lessons with equal or even more like you faced by them!

3. You Will Become a Mature Person

Forgiveness is the best revenge! Don't underestimate the power of forgiving the enemies and other people. Because this nature won't come that much easier with everyone. Because the judgment of the people, their past activities, their nature, and everything will not make you forgive them. You will become tenser. This is happening with most of the people around the world. 

But at the same time, when you forgive someone easily, then the maturity will start to grow from you. You will start to see things from a very different perspective. When maturity comes, you will speak only in needful places. As much as you keep silent and forgive people, the universe's cosmic power will show you the secrets of complete life! That is also the gift of forgiveness!

4. You Can Feel the Peace

The main reason for your tensions and irritations are your stored memories and continuous running of mind. So when you practice the nature of forgiving the people, then your mind and body will start to work in a completely different way towards a stress-free life. 

As much as you are not taking life so hard and overthinking about it, you will become a more free person in mind. When the mind is free, you will feel the liberation from it. The anxiety & urgency won't be with you anymore! So deal with the enemies so freely. Forgiven much loves much!

5. Problems Are Not a Matter To You Anymore

The one who forgives someone easily, then they will know the aftermaths of it well. For instance, you are forgiving a person who cheated you $1000. When you easily forgive without taking any serious action against him, then you have to balance the amount in your life. 

Like this when a person is forgiving, then they will know the consequences of it well. Like that, when someone goes to the stage of handling the problems more boldly like this, then they will get the courage and support for it from their own willpower and also from society. Depending on your desire, this universe will support you!

6. Outside People Will Wonder About You

Forgive your enemies but never forget their names. Because this will save you from the same mistakes again in your life with the same persons. Yes! Forgiving is the nature of God itself. So when you do it effortlessly, then the outside people will wonder about you. They will be confused about how are you doing it easily. 

Because they know very well that, it can't be done by everyone the same as you. So there are more possibilities for you to get sudden fans & followers for your forgiving nature. You will inspire more people for sure. So always forgive your enemies nothing annoys them so much. If you do not forgive, you won't feel it.

7. The Nature Will Guide You

Yes! Because of your forgiving nature, the EARTH'S NATURE RESERVE will guide you from every way! Because you will not be a common human being anymore. You will come into the circle of divinity. That is the miracle of forgiveness.

When someone doesn't have much tension, irritation, hostility, greed & more negative things, then his body will automatically absorb the energy of positivity. So the nature reserve will guide him in all ways to reach his life goals and his right desires. Do you know why? As you've lost the bloody human's negative things, God/Nature will support you to live this life to win.

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