5 FUNERAL HOME LESSONS: Celebration of Life Ideas

5 FUNERAL HOME LESSONS: Celebration of Life Ideas

Celebration of Life

The upcoming ideas in a funeral home will change your entire perspective about human life in a good way! From that moment, you can take a funeral resolution about your life too! We are playing a game of Sureshot failure towards the funeral home! Yes, after we born, it is fixed that, we are going to die one day. So whatever we do, whatever we speak, whatever we think, everything is going to end one day. So this is called clear shot FAILURE GAME. We are not going to win.

The temporary winnings and success in the earth's life are not real. You may feel and take it as grand winning or great achievement. But in this failure game of life, it is just nothing other than dust. So why we born here? Why are we enjoying all of these? What should we do after we born in this life?

Well that are all great questions! We say it, PURPOSE OF LIFE! You only should find the real truth and the purpose of life. Without knowing it, whatever you do in this world, even if you have found the way for aliens to have friendship with humans, it is not going to help in any way. 

Billions of people couldn't find the purpose of life and all. All they want is enjoyment here. They are thinking like, earning money, getting fame, eating tasty things, traveling around the world, having sex, using drugs for pleasure, and doing all other activities are the real things in this world. Whatever we say About Life Illusion, they can't come out of it. For those people, FUNERAL HOME has some important lessons to them.

When they attend a funeral home and watch everything clearly, then they will find actual truths and world of people's behavior within some hours. If they are mature to understand it, within the funeral home function ends, they will come to a great realization of life! So what should we learn and understand from a Funeral home? 

1. The Respect to Dead Body 

What is the use of funeral reception? Assume that, in the funeral home, the dead person is you and you were a Dad of someone. All these days, your kids called you DAD, the wife called you HUSBAND, friends called you FRIEND, affair lover called you LOVE OF LIFE, DARLING, GOD, ACHIEVER & more, teachers called you STUDENT, relatives called you with many RELATION ASPECTS, but when you died, everyone is calling you a DEAD BODY! 

If a cow, goat, hen, or any other creatures die, people will keep it in the fridge, and make a tasty gravy, frying with masala & make it as more tasty dishes to eat. But when a human dies, within some hours, they will take the Dead body to the graveyard or cremation place to bury or fire. Do you know why?

Because the people know very well that, you are not going to useful for them in any manner hereafter. So they know it well and doing your last rituals without wasting time! Any kind of relationship of you won't keep your dead body for years, not even for a week after you die, as you are a waste and rotting flesh! Keeping your body for a long time is a highly sick thing! Though the people will present a great gift from memorial gift ideas, you are not going to use it badly.

2. Reason Behind Crying in Funeral

Do you know why your family people and friends are crying after you die? Because all of these days, you were useful to them in some ways. So after you die, they are thinking that who is going to help them hereafter from your same position! You took all the pain, suffering, and more bad things to make your family live. 

But now you died. So your family people are thinking that one great support of family is lost. So they are in the great confusion and pain about your replacement to take care of them and live here peacefully. As there is no hope, they are crying! It is like a funeral decoration only. How? A DECORATED CRYING!

Suppose if you have more wealth and many properties, even though they will cry for some days or week, immediately they will start to live the actual life by enjoying your assets. So you are like a Funeral flower arrangement only. Blossom one day, and fall down as dust when the time comes.

In another case, when some other people are coming and crying for you at your funeral home, even they truly feel sad about your loss, worrying and remembering about your great respective living, once they buried you after they go home, they have many works to do and live their life in a needful way! So within a couple of days, they will forget you! So that we are saying, no one is true and nothing is permanent in this life! All of your assets will be taken within a blink of eyes! Crying and caring are just illusion dear!

3. Celebration of Life Ideas at Funeral Home

Actually, death is the needful happening, that is definitely to be enjoyed. No doubts about that! So in many cases, your circle of people will plan the celebration things, tasty food items to eat, other event activities in entertainment, dancing, partying, cocktail drinks, and more enjoyable things at your funeral home. Mature people will do this. Condolence gifts won't entertain you anymore, but they will do it for themselves. That is the world.

So you should understand that, there are more people who will maturely cross your death without worrying or getting tensed about it. They will just see it as life's important happening and they will pass your funeral home function just like that effortlessly with more enjoyment. So understand that, you are nothing in this world even if you are an EMPEROR to the GREAT KINGDOM in this WORLD! Bereavement is beloved and it will come anytime, admit it...

4. Forgetting You Completely in Upcoming Life

The best gift for sympathy is forgetting! They will search in Google to get funeral outfit ideas too! This means they like to dress up neatly at your funeral! Not caring about your death! What a pity... Yes, even though your family keeps a photo frame of you in your home, they do the rituals after you died, and yearly once as your memorial, they people have many things to cross in their daily life.

Each person has many responsibilities and things to do in their daily life. So they will consider it more and will struggle a lot to reach their desires. Actually desires also life killing worthless illusion only. But they want to live life just like that without knowing the truth. 

So they will forget your complete life living, your memories with them, and all other things related to you. They may remember you some time with the memories. But it won't stay for long hours. Immediately they will forget and start to travel in their own way. So you will be not a matter to them anymore! You will be forgotten completely in the speedy going life! No doubts about that!

5. Understanding What is Life Then

Life is all about experiences. So learn from graveside service too. After you died, funeral guest book, gold, cash, properties, people, and nothing will come with you other than your Good & Bad Karmas. Nothing will stay with you for a long time in the living time too. If you are so possessive about something or someone, nothing will be with you permanently. Lifeless things will get damaged or lost.

Living humans will change the thoughts often as the mind is not stable. So you can't expect the same things as yesterday. As the earth is moving, life also will move. Many new things will come and go. But nothing stays. You should admit this truth and throw out your ego!

You should learn to live this life in a more adorable way and lovable way. Don't be so rude or so adamant about anything. When you understood the truth of life and human living, then you will not take many things seriously.

Because in the life run, everything was fixed by the supreme power and it is going in its way with destiny. So we are just the toys here. And the supreme power is giving the key to us for living and playing here. In the end everything will get over. 

So don't be a negative person and spoil your entire living. This life is really is to be enjoyed! Not is to be understood! The great realization is, there is nothing to find and nowhere to go! To get happiness, you no need to do bigger things and all. You no need to earn the money and all. Money for the needful things is ok. 

But the Greed of money will kill you early. It won't give permanent bliss. So Find the purpose of life first and find which is controlling you to make the delay in getting the needful happiness! The actual thing I can say you clearly is, THIS LIFE IS REALLY NOT LIKE YOU THINK! It is very easy and damn cool! You only making too complicated about it. 

Think deeply about this! When you found the truth, then you can enjoy the celebration of life in each and every minute! I am damn sure about it! You no need to die for it! You itself can enjoy the celebration without money, fame, properties, wealth, or anything! You are already born with happiness! It is already in you! You are not in need of any external things to enjoy the bliss! Just find it in yourself!

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