10 Mind Free Tips for GIVING ADVICE to Someone!

10 Mind Free Tips for GIVING ADVICE to Someone!

How to Give Advice?

When the advice turns too much hitting or makes the person to get hurt deeply, then it will be backfired to you. You may lose the friendship or any other relationship with them. So before giving advice to someone, you should note that keeping some boundary lines, respect, smart handling, and also the maturity is most important to make someone better.

We should be so much aware on thinking how to give advice to a friend with relationship problems, financial problems, career related issues, study life related clarity, family issues, relative issues, self-development related things, character-related things, etc, etc.

Because the person who is suffering or going to face something only will need advice from us. Some people will ask us frankly to give advice. Some other persons' ego will not allow them to ask. But to save them from some situation, being an experienced or mature person, we should take care of them by giving the right advice at the right time.

When we fail, they will suffer much mentally and financially too in the future. Giving advice to friends or any people including strangers are appreciable things only. But let them decide to take or avoid it! Further, let's see the positive and careful things to note before giving solicited and unsolicited advice too! The best ways for giving advice exercises are below.

1. Don't Call it Advice!

This is very very important. Everyone nowadays started to hate getting advice even though they will get millions of dollars from that advice later. Because the word of advice itself became so irritated as everyone is giving unsolicited free irritating advice.

So instead of using the word called ADVICE, tell them as SUGGESTION, IDEAS, TIPS, SECRETS, or any other impressive words. This little change will make their mind to focus and make the ears to hear! Got it?

2. Don't compel!

The advice should be freely spoken without hitting so hard. Just tell the options with nice examples. Let them choose the best from it. But don't compel them to go on your desired way! Tell the seriousness by showing other examples that ended up with positive or negative results as per their need! This will make your friend, stranger or anyone think deeply about it!

3. Don't Highlight Yourself Often!

Most of the people, even your friends or family people, never like to hear you as hero/heroine as always they want themselves to glitter like gold first! So avoid highlighting yourself often to them. Even though you achieved something big, say it only once and go to the next thing. Don't stay there.

Mostly don't tell them that, you are saying this by your experience. Take some other iconic or appreciable persons as examples. If possible, use their beloved people's life also as examples. This will give more good results.

4. Speak So Politely!

Example to say, even if you say that "I WILL KILL YOU IDIOT" in a soft-spoken way in lovely face expression and impressive voice modulation, then they don't know that you yelled at them. They will take it easy.

Yes! That way of speaking matters a lot! You need to convey the message that's all. But it shouldn't so hard on advice. Because they will hate it! Don't be rude in giving advice & use your voice gently and politely.

5. Don't Take So Much of Time!

Assume that, you are going to keep a bomb at the railway station. Even after you fixed it, if you still stand there for a long time and seeing the beauty of your talent in the fixed bomb, what will happen?

BOOM.... 💣!!!

Yes, the same will happen when you advise someone for so long! They will get irritated and burst! Be gentle, mature, and also punctual in giving short and best advice!

6. Don't Expect Reply From Them!

This is another important thing in giving advice. Once you give the advice, don't immediately expect their acceptance or any other confirmation. Because no one will change immediately. Even some people accept it, their ego will stop to tell the acceptance.

So all you should expect is their goodness. Not the results of your BRILLIANCY in GIVING ADVICE ok? Let them go and take the time to think much about it. If they are interested, they will come back to you.

7. Wait for the Right Moment!

If the opposite person is your friend, then you can meet them often. In those moments, choose the very right time to give advice. The situation should be free to hear. They should be in a good mood too. At this time you can use the opportunity to give the needful advice.

In some other cases, you may need to give advice to strangers too. They may not stay so long after a short situation. In those cases, even though you didn't get the proper word or moment, you start some words gently which is related to the advice. Set their mood for it. And then advise them. In this way, they will feel that this is not advice but the tips to grow!

8. Take Some Small Notes!

When you are going to advise normal people or brilliant people, you should be always same in explaining things. It is called your style. That means, poor or rich, your way of approach should be the same. The content may get different depends on the understanding level of advice-seekers.

So before going to advice, you should take some small notes, life examples, same incidents, past happenings, inspiring things, etc, etc to make them completely surrendered in mind! When you go like this, even though they neglect it, for now, they will realize your immense advice's value later!

9. Appreciate Them!

How to give advice so gently? Don't always say the negative much in advice. Once you say the negative side, immediately appreciate their talent, approach, and some other positive things about their character, this trick will make the opposite people, to listen more from you.

So while appreciating them by showing their try and character, in between insert some of the needful hitting things too. When their face gets changed, immediately appreciate a little again. Like this, you should advise from here to there. And there to here in mood changing!

10. Don't Be an Eager Person to Give Advice!

Your advice should be like Flight timings. It will come and stand in the airport only for short and needful times. If the passengers miss the right time, then they will miss the flight! Your advice also should be like this!

They should wait for your valuable words! Don't be eager to advise someone always. It will lessen your reputation. People should respect you basically for your character. Then only they will listen to it and it will be so much acceptable to them in mind.

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