12 Health and Wealth BENEFITS OF SMILING!

20 Health and Wealth BENEFITS OF SMILING!

Don't underestimate the power of smiling! I didn't mean a sarcastic smile. A calm smile with acceptance in the face will cure many life issues instantly. There are many examples of this. But the smile won't come very easily from all persons because of their past lifestyle, attitude, and nature. We can take one from the familiar Quotes,

Smile is the greatest weapon of god to make our problems into opportunities!

Really? How? Let me explain in detail. You should know when to smile and when not to smile. For instance, you can't smile at the funeral as everyone was deeply saddened. Instead of smiling, you can positively speak there.

But you can keep a cheeky smile when you got hurt personally! Even after getting hurt and still emit the smiling in the face, it will make the opposite person, to think more positively about you. So keep your smile always.

Don't think that, when you smile always, society will think mad and make use of you negatively. You no need to worry about it. Because I am not saying you to smile and leave everything freely when someone cunningly plans to destroy you.

In this case, you should smile at them, at the same time, you should comfortably plan to come out of any life-related issues on another side. Smiling will avoid 80% of life problems when compared to the common people. But smiling won't avoid complete problems in life. Positively, smiling will get you more good people, and even your enemies will turn as your good friends in some situations.

Comparing to other common people, when you have a habit of smiling mostly as your nature, then you will live this life with more opportunities, happiness, wealth, and health for sure! So just keep smiling! The beaming smile! Further, let's see the main Benefits of Smiling one by one below.

1. Increased Life Span - Smiling nature will relax your stress and inside body pressure. When you smile often, then your anxiety, stress, overthinking, tension, urge and every health killing problem will go away from you gradually! As a result, you will live a long life span. So whatever makes you feel bad leave it & keep smiling forever!

2. You Will Get More Opportunities - Opportunities are given by other humans only. Not by animals or other creatures. So the formula is, you should impress the opposite people to get the opportunities. Cheesy smile has the power to make any person, to smile back mentally, or make them feel positive about you. So it will make them think about you and help you! So keep smile everyday!

3. It Says You Are Broad Minded - Smiling people are mostly called as broad-minded people. Smiling nature will make you smile even in hard times. So the opposite people will feel more positively about you. When they think that you are broad-minded, then they will come forward to have friendship with you! That means you are earning people!

4. You Will Find Easy Solutions - Yes, compared to common people, the smiling persons will find the solutions easily. Because the smile won't come in your face when you are so confused. Smiling will make you relaxed and stress-free and as a result, the cool mind will tell you the solutions easily! So keep smiling because life is a beautiful thing!

5. You Will Be a Special Person - Everyone wants to be special and to be treated uniquely everywhere. But their conflict character won't let it happen. The smiling people will win the hearts of all people easily. So everyone wants to treat the smiling person, especially in their style. So wherever you go, you will get noticed uniquely and will be treated specially! So keep smiling and carry on!

6. You Will Love Yourself More - Most of the people say that they love themselves more. But their inside mind knows that they are not like that and they are saying just in words. But when you smile always, you will love it actually. You will feel blessed and living in the shield of positivity. So you will love yourself more than anyone! So keep smiling and be happy! Even the mischievous smile also much appreciated!

7. You Will Care Yourself More - When you started to love yourself more, then you will completely take care of your body and mind. You will not do anything that will damage your health. As a result, you will completely take care of your well being. So you will literally see the comforts and happiness of long living on this earth! I mean, you will know the ART OF LIVING!

8. People Won't Consider Your Mistakes - Everyone is doing mistakes in our life. You too will do sometimes. The common people will blame other people's mistakes very harshly and easily. But they will not do the same with you! As they like you, you will be an exemption to them! Even though you did a big mistake, they will give you a chance to re-correct it.

9. You Will Get Into Bliss Often - Everyone needs happiness in life. But they don't know how to get it. But as you got a smiling face, good friend circle, nice people, stress-free life, broad-minded nature, without any reason, your body will enter into the Mental state of BLISS! Without reasons, you will feel the happiness throughout your body often! So keep smiling as you always do!

10. You Can Win in Spirituality - The reason why most people are suffering to win in spirituality and get enlightened is, their hidden knots of mental issues, wrong beliefs & their attitude. When you start to smile often, then unknowingly most of your negative blocks will get cleared and you will be clean. So spiritual enlightenment is very easy for you when compared to common life suffering people.

11. Your Knowledge Will Grow - As you are smiling often when you don't have much of negativity in your mind, then you will be like an empty pot. You will have the ability to receive much. In this way, you know what is negativity and what is positivity. So you will easily learn many things and get a broad knowledge of everything. Your smile is the base for this!

12. You Will Be an Example - People will love to follow you when you have disarming smile! Other People will get inspired by your nature. So they will try to copy your good things even without your knowledge. You no need to be proud of it as the Ego will come. Instead, you can feel positive that you are living in a proper way! Many people, still don't know they are living in the right way or not! So keep calm and smile!

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