10 Smart Ways for How to Love and Control Your Wife

10 Proven Ways for How to Control and Love Your Wife

How to Control Wife?

Before going to the detailed tips on controlling wife as per your desires, you should understand some basic things and mentality about women. So that you can handle them easily. Women always need respect from everywhere. That too when they are married, then they will expect more respect from their husband first. 

No matter if they are worthy to get respect and all. But at least you should learn to act in front of them like giving respect. This nature will make them think in a positive way about you. Further, women are always expecting compliments for their dressing, beauty, gadgets, smile, attitude, character, and activities. If you forget in your busy schedule, then you will fail to get her care.

Another main important thing about women is, they always expect attention! That too they love to get the attention of their husband always. Because they are coming forward to give their entire life to you. So when you are not giving attention to them in your busy schedule or something purposely, then they will start to hate you gradually. 

They will think like, in the start you did all the things which they loved. But later after getting married, you are seeing them as easily available waste material! Yeah, you shouldn't give them that feel. So it is so important that you should purposely create a situation to care for them more and give attention! So how to love your wife according to the bible?

Men should accept that, the reason for the wife to hate us is not only because of their character or nature. It is the main part of husband's hateful activities too! If you don't learn, then you will fail in marriage life!

The needful explanation about, how to get my wife to love me again in life is mentioned here. In this way, you can control your wife very easily in a positive way. But you should make yourself ready for it!  Don't think that you've crossed so long in marriage life and stuck with many problems.

Still, you can do all of these tips gradually to win in marriage life! Yes, it will work even at the age of 80 or 90! So how to love your wife? The effects of controlling wife are given below.

1. Build the Trust!

The main area where your wife will go out of your control is, a wife losing the trust of your character and behavior. You may be an idiot, they won't consider it, but if you have an affair with some other girl, then they will behave so rudely! 

So, build the trust first by telling that you love her more than anyone often! It means you are putting the needful software in their mind without their knowledge! 

Even though you have affair with some other girl, when you keep on telling often that you love your wife more than anyone in this world, her attitude, and telling that you are not liking any other girls or their look, because your wife only coming in memory whenever you see other girls, then she will not think about your illegal affair. 

Actually, you are diverting them to cherish these sweet words. It shouldn't be dramatic! You should speak very lovely to them often in this matter! Or else they will forget, Ok?

2. Respect Her More!

How to control wife after marriage? After marriage life has more problems only. But that doesn't mean that you can't win in that. You should be smart and a little acting person to come over it. Even though if your wife does hateful activities or irritating things, don't scold them or hate much. Because women never like that when the husband started to hate them. 

Your wife knows very well that she did wrong. So instead of yelling at it, maturely move forward on everything! Even after her bad activities, give the same respect as before and don't corner her. This will make her to think about her bad activity and she will gradually recorrect it!

3. Give Her Freedom!

As she is a female, don't treat her like a slave or less than men in some cases. They completely hate it. Give the freedom to her to live as per her needful passion and interest too. Appreciate her talents, obey her opinions, consider her ideas, value her smartness too. 

Don't squeeze her much in homemaking tensions. As you should respect the other women, you should respect your wife too in first! When you give her freedom, then she will give your freedom too! The marriage life is completely based on Give & Take Policy only! So love your wife more deeply to make her love you equally!

4. Make Her to Understand!

If some problem comes, don't keep so much of silent always. Silence will avoid the problem for sure. But the wife will do the same mistake again. So it is so much important to make her clear by telling the reasons and give clarity on the problems. 

I mean you should make her mind free first and then should take time freely to sit and discuss like friends. Not as Husband & Wife ok? Each and every time when the problem comes, discuss it fully instead of being silent to avoid the same problems next time.

Don't pass it without doing anything. Because this unanswered memory of the problems will get stored in mind and it will come often negatively in both of your minds in the future, for sure.

5. Help Her, Serve Her & Support Her!

This is the most needful thing for the happiest family life after marriage. Don't always make your wife work for you. In your free time, you too go forward to help in the kitchen, cleaning home, arranging things, ironing her clothes, taking care of babies, supporting for her studies, career, etc, etc. 

You no need to be completely occupied in helping her. Just in free times do all of these things full of involvement without seeing male dominancy or Ego. Because this kind of small and helpful memories will make great positive changes in her mind. So she will support you more in all things even if you did a big mistake against her in the future!

6. The mentality of Giving In Sex!

Don't always be in the mentality of getting enjoyment from her body! I mean, you should be in the mentality of giving in having sex. Yes, when you are going to enjoy her orgasms, then it will take very few minutes to end, and she will be in sex hungry still! And also she will know very well by sensing that YOU ARE GETTING IT from her always! 

At the same time, when you go to have sex with her in the mentality of giving her needs in the orgasms, then she will surely sense that YOU ARE GIVING IT to her till she also gets satisfied! And she will come to know that, you are giving the time completely to her sexual fulfillment too! 

When you do this kind of sex often, then she itself will come forward to fight against all of your evils! She will be like a powerful shield to you. Why? Because she will know that you are so mature gentleman who cares about his wife and should be taken care of more than anyone in this world! In this way, you can control angry wife too.

7. Appreciate Her Infront of Others!

How a husband should love his wife? Not even for a joke, don't cheaply describe her in any manner. Because the women will hate this completely! Purposely take some good activities and incidents of your wife and speak positively about it in front of your friends, relatives, family people, and other people too whenever you get the opportunity. 

The women love it more when they get an appreciation for their work or nature. Don't give up her for anything or anyone. When you live your life continuously like this, then she will see you as a god and won't leave you forever negatively!

8. Kiss Your Wife Often Without Reasons!

How to love wife? Kissing often means, loving her in the limit of the sky! It won't end. Don't underestimate women. They sense very easily about every activity of men. In this case when you go to her and kiss her often in cheeks, eyes, lips, forehead, or in any other body parts, then she will come to know that, you are loving her unconditionally! 

In this case, she will always wait for your presence to serve you and take care of you! Did you get my point? No matter if she is beautiful or not, if you need a smooth and happiest marriage life then, YOU SHOULD KISS HER DAILY AND OFTEN WITHOUT ANY REASONS! Controlling wife as per your need is completely possible in this way.

9. Tell Her, She is the Best!

Even though she is not capable of something, you should lie! Yes, it should happen for the happiest married life. Compliment her body parts often and also tell her that she is the best in caring, lovemaking, giving sex pleasure, caring family, homemaking, respecting other people, thinking about the husband, etc, etc.

At the start when you lie she may tell that, I am not like that! But you should tell her, only in some cases she is behaving badly. But in important situations, she is behaving nicely. When you start to say her best in all of these things, even though she is not like that on some things or attitude, then for your lovely approach and trust in it will make her change it positively to make it true! So you no need to worry like, "my wife is controlling me".

10. Take Her Out Before She Asks!

Entertainment is the most important need for humans to make their minds refreshed and energized. Once the people got married, the women are spending their time only at home or in the workplace. They are not getting much time for entertainment. But they love to spend the happiest time in the outing with their husband and kids. 

So before she asks, you itself take her to the outing, shopping, movies, long drive, nearby vacation spots, etc, etc. You no need to spend much money on it. Tell her clearly that, you have less money only, but you love to spend time with her outside. So she will understand and support you by not compelling you to spend much! You should speak frankly and clearly. 

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