7 Best Ways How to FORGET SOMEONE You Love

7 Best Ways to How to FORGET SOMEONE You Love

How to Forget Someone You Love?

To love someone, you no need to be in the relationship, live-in relationship or to marry. Because love is an universal one. It can come on mother, father, teacher, friend, stranger, animals, birds, etc, etc. So when we keep bonding one someone, then due to life's situations, when they go out from our life temporarily or permanently, further it will be really hard to accept and move on.

Because the person who loved someone so much, can't come out from the memories of them. The memories of happy moments, lived places, spoken things, discussed topics, enjoyed things and all other things will disturb the person for sure. As the memories went so deep with a person, it is really hard to come out in the early stage. Many people got broken and taking very wrong decisions too like suicide in their life.

See! Suicide won't give permanent solution in anyone's life. You people are thinking that, by committing suicide, you are going out of all problems from this world. But that is not the truth. There is no permission to take out our life which was given by god. When we do that mistake, then the consequences of it will be so high in the Spirits' Worlds. 

It may be a fantasy thing to hear. But there are more scientific proofs for the astral body travel and their world's existence. So we should live this life more happily and die more peacefully. We only should find a solution & shouldn't be a coward to die in any kind of mental pressure! Got it? 

I can really understand that the pain and the suffering will be really high when someone got abandoned by their beloved one. But it is always easy to come out of it. But to do this, you should come to the stage of realizing the truth of this earth's life and also you should be in the mentality of accepting the truth!

1. Leave the Pain to God!

Taking responsibility is really an appreciable thing. But to come out of mental stress, you should realize another thing too. When you feel that, you are the reason for all happenings then it will eat your head. Understand that, god is making it for the good reason and needful future! 

Good or Bad, nothing is permanent here. So leave your pain and suffering to God. He will take care of it. If you hold the weight, you can't hold it for a long time. When you become mature to leave the pain to the creator of this universe, then you will feel light, peace, and no need to worry about it!

2. Don't Fight With the Past!

No one can change the past dear! If something has to happen, it will happen! No one can stop it! Because it is the life design of this universe. So don't worry so much about anything and your loved one too. 

There is a reason and calculation for everything! You should realize that this life design is so big and also unpredictable. You have to go with the flow. You can't change the past ever! Whenever you try to change, you will only get disappointment because of failure on changing the past. So don't ever do the thing which can't be done forever even after you know the truth ok? 

Thinking about it often and trying to change the past will never happen. If your beloved person has to come again in your life, then they will definitely come. In deep to say, destiny decides everything. We are just a tool. So don't worry much about anything or anyone. Just go on with life's flow.

3. Erase All the Data & Records of Them!

So how to forget someone you love in deeper? If you really want to forget someone, then you should do it. If you keep safe the data and records of your beloved person, then your mind will often say that there is something to take out and see. Seeing again and again even after years will give you the same pain only! 

Because the pain mainly comes from the memories only. Erasing the memories from the mind will take years. But erasing the memories in materialistic things will take very little time only. Don't ever keep it for your memory! Or else your mind won't forget it. 

You will find the new way, only when there is no other go!

So you itself should destroy everything. Then only you itself will suffer to get it again when your mind induces to see the past! Many people are suffering because of the saved data only. Some people are keeping it safely for their safety purposes or future threatening. But when you have decided to come out of everything and the hold is in your hand, then you can destroy these without thinking so much.

4. Involve Yourself In Other Interesting Activities!

How to forget your crush or anyone? To know this, you say me why you loved them? Because you got interesting things from them and spent an interesting time with them. That's why it became unforgettable memories for you. So in this case, if you want to replace those memories, then you should start to do the interesting activities which will make you busier and give impressive output. 

Because when there is no much time, then your mind will not thing useless things or past. At the same time when you've involved in something like Going Regular Gym, Dance Classes, Singing Classes, Acting Courses, Books Reading, Running, Concentrating More on Your Field, Motivating The World in Videos & more of whatever makes you, to equip yourself as an efficient and respective person, you should do it without a gap. 

These continuous efforts will slowly replace the importance of your past loved one memory with your current beautiful life's memories. When you get more interesting things, then the old interesting things will get dissolved. It is the actual fact of this world & you can forget a person, ex, boyfriend, girlfriend or anyone in this way easily.

5. Always There is a Better Option!

There is one comical thing to hear...

The wife & mobile phone both are same! Do you know how? Because if you wait for some more time, you will get better model!

Yes, same like this, in the moment of disappointment and sadness, you will feel so sad and also will think you can't come out of it as you've faced the biggest loss. But there is nothing like that. This world is seeing many losses in daily life. 

Many more big losses than yours! More painful and unexplainable losses than yours. But still, the world is running and nothing got stop! Same like that, yours also will pass away as nothing is permanent here. 

So even if you've lost something or someone in any shape or any high end or best, there is always something better than that to reach you! So all you need to do is, in the mentality of accepting life and adopting the change!

6. Understand You Can't Forget Them Completely!

Can you completely forget bad memories? No! It is the fundamental truth! When you loved someone deeply and lost them, then whatever you do, it will be in any small memory depending on your willpower in mind. You can't erase that memory completely. 

You should understand it. But that doesn't mean that it will kill you. Memories are not killing you, actually you are going behind your memories. That is what kills you. Even the memories are there if you don't consider it, then it will be like a CLOCK without BATTERY! 

The clock will be there, but without the battery, it won't run. Same as that, if you don't consider (Battery) your memories (clock), then it won't run or even give the pain to you. All is in your hands only. When the memory comes, don't go behind. Do some other activities and divert your mind!

7. Realize that You Have a Great Purpose of Life!

Don't waste your time in anything or anywhere. Find the purpose of your life. Everyone has some reason to born here. So you too have something to finish and clear it. Don't get trapped in any kind of illusion in this world. The illusions not always will come in the shape of Money, Fame, or Greed. 

As everything is an illusion in this world, love and affection also called illusion. You can't accept it now. But many enlightened people are saying this! Not only me! So don't be sad or go behind only on loving someone and get regret from it. Love is a very needful thing only. But it should be available to everyone. Love and Lust both are different! I hope you got my point! 

Love can be given to everyone. So understand that you have many more things to do on the path of finding the purpose of life. Don't get stuck in between in the illusions and become a victim of later realization! You have to forget everything and move on! In this beautiful way, you can forget someone who hurt you easily.

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