8 Heart Melting Reasons to RESPECT WOMEN!

8 Heart Melting Reasons to RESPECT WOMEN!

Respect a Woman Because...

Without women, the writer of this blog called ME, the reader of this blog called YOU and all other people in this world called HUMANS are not possible to born here. Each and every creature has its respective female gender. I can hear your mind voice that, without men, the women can't make babies. 

Yes, I appreciate it. That is true too. But making babies alone won't get respect for any gender. To respect the girls and women, there are more adorable & worshiping reasons behind it. I am just saying the actual things for your remembrance. I am not saying anything new. Let's recall it one by one as it is below. The best quote from "how to treat your girlfriend quotes" is below!

If a man wants an angel in his life, first he should create HEAVEN for her! Because angels don't live in HELL!

1. Pregnancy Time Pain!

Don't underestimate the pain of pregnancy time faced by women. The scientific researches say that it will be the same like 10 elephants trample together on the stomach of the pregnant women for hours! Men are not going to face this same pain anywhere till they die. So please respect your wife and other women too!

When a man is in the labor room of a hospital while the baby born, after seeing every happening there, then he will worship her as God and won't treat her bad anytime in his life! 

Apart from pregnancy pain, when a woman gives the life to the baby, then her expanded and tore vaginal area will give more pain, whenever she goes to urinate! It is like a hell of living to ladies at every moment! Respect women!

2. Monthly Menstrual Period!

Men don't have this problem. But every woman facing this menstrual periods problem monthly for 3-4 days. Some women will go for 5-6 days too. Whenever they come in this period's time, then they will feel mood swings abnormally like a mad person. 

They will face Anger, Mental Irritation, Collapsing, Tiredness, Vomit, Unbearable Stomach Pain, Itching in Vaginal area, etc, etc continuously. 

They can't get any medicine to cure it as it is their health recycling that should happen regularly. Even though they do family planning, they will get menstrual periods to some age! Isn't it so cruel, painful, and self-killing happening

In this case, will you hurt them more and isolate them in these periods time by seeing the bad blood comes out? No dear. It is not the way! All they need is caring & lovable support at this time. So respect girls & think much about it...

3. Home Making is Hell!

Men can go out anywhere and earn the needful money for daily living as the world is so big. In this case, men are seeing different people, different opportunities, different experiences & different sceneries! Did you get my word clearly? Yes, it is clearly DIFFERENT in everything!

But the majority of the women who live in this world are taking care of the home by getting income from men. Which means, cooking, cleaning, ironing, washing the clothes, taking care of babies, taking care of husband, again the same thing again and again for 24/7 and 365 days in a year! Won't they get irritated by doing the same thing again and again? 

Being men we can get different in everything which will make us entertained and make our mind fulfilled. But being ladies they will feel the home as hell! So the homemaker job is tougher and harder than earning millions outside

Even though they go to parties or for some other hobbies outside for entertainment, that is for very little time only. If that is also not there, then they go so MAD!

4. Society's Bad Impression!

Men can sleep with many girls for sex. No one will consider it. Same like men, women also have the same feelings. In fact more feelings than men! So please obey the girls self respect!

They are also humans, right? When they go out to sleep with many men for their sexual pleasure, then this society will call them B**ch, Sl*t, Prostitute & more! Isn't it injustice? I am not saying that women should do all of these in sex with many boys.

But the society's fixed standard itself visible like completely injustice to women. Sex is just a part. Women can control sex feelings. So respect women and their feelings too by fulfilling their needful desires in other things. Kindly treat your girlfriend like a princess!

5. Body Shape Changes!

After the women got married, due to the Harmon changes in the body as having sex often, their body shape will get changed badly. For some other women, the body structure will get changed after they gave life to the baby. They will not look good thereafter. Actually, the women's most needful desire is, to be impressive in look to the husband & society too. 

Because beautiful means, that word exactly stands for women only! But they are compromising their desire for the compulsion life of marriage. Even if they like to come to the past look, it is really hard and they will need much time in fitness workouts. The lower-middle-class and upper-middle-class ladies, can't concentrate on it as they have to spend most of the time in homemaking!

6. Taking Care of Babies is Really an Irritation!

Women may not tell this frankly as they gave birth to babies. And they have to care for them too. But the women will suffer much while taking care of their babies until some age. 

The babies will cry often for no reason even in the midnight, will push the home things somewhere, swallow something without the mother's knowledge, pull and push any material always, etc, etc.

All of these things will give more stress and continuous works to mothers. But the father will be free at work in the office or do the business outside. So being a mother, the women should have eagle eyes and restless concentration to watch the kids always even without proper sleep or taking rest! 

They can't eat their beloved dishes, can't go to beloved places, or do their passion or hobbies while taking care of babies. Even though if they don't say that, isn't it head eating irritation honestly?

7. Women Harassment!

Did you ever hear often in news or media that, the men got harassed? No right? Because it is completely happening only to women around the world! Women abuses, rapes & women harassments are happening around the world every minute to women. 

As they are so sensitive and easily can be captured by the physical strength of men, women are getting these problems daily in their life. The pain, damage in the physical body, the very bad memories of it, will collapse the entire living of women very easily. So I can say very frankly that, we don't know how to treat a girl yet!

Even though all the women are not treated in these ways, do you know what is the most common problem is been faced by sensitive women? It is BAD EYES SEEING! Yes. Some of the women are purposely dressing up hot and sexy. But there are more women who need freedom from erotic bad looking on private parts & bad approaching of men. They are facing it daily wherever they go. So please be a man respect woman!

8. Male Domination Everywhere!

Do we really know how to treat a girl? Even though we speak that, there is more space for women and their equal rights, and even we create strong laws to it, actually we are not following it as the male dominancy is in the mind level from the birth itself. The men always like women to serve. They love the women should take care of men. In this mentality, male society dominates women's society very easily. 

We are not giving the power or good position in our family or offices that much easier. If the women are so gentle & honest, then they should struggle more and work so hard to get higher positions in this society. You know, the girls want attention, women want respect! I meant the difference between common attention-seeking girls and respect seeking women!

Badly to see, women have to accept the male's private pleasures for good positions! In this way, the women are being treated so cheaply and so much pressure under male domination! At least after knowing all of these and going more deep thinking on your own, respect female society.

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