15 Signs in How to UNDERSTAND GIRLS for DATING

How to Understand Girls?

Understanding a woman is a little tough thing only. Because women are the most twisty and enigmatic lives in the world. But they are creating this world. Their part is really big to create this world and its related things. Without the female creature, there is no chance for the reproduction of lives.

All over the world, women are the most beautiful and needful lives to take out our stress, giving our needful pleasures, caring for the society, caring for the family, taking things in the right way & making the impossible things happen. Like this, the list will get continued to more.

Like women, men also have some unique things with them by their birth itself. But, we can't win women and their sacrifices in life. Because, the pain and the power of them are, really higher than men. That's why worshiping them is must in human life.

There are more irritating & cheap valued women too. I am not talking about them. I am commonly telling about women society with a positive and lovely nature.

In this case, every man loves to have a relationship with a girl. It may be a live-in relationship culture, friends with benefits, commitment to marriage, one night stand, fixed days mutual agreement in sharing pleasure & more.

Due to the culture, easy-going mentality and intelligence of people grows around the world, the people are naming many things for needful pleasure in dating and the sex need. They may be in any zodiac signs like Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces. The needful romantic signs are the same in this world to make it happen.

As women are really hard to understand, the dating gurus or playboys will easily find the women's mentality to know their intention for dating even if the girls are strangers to them. In some cases, within minutes, the mature intelligent boys will find out the intention and acceptance of the girls to dating.

But many men, confusing to know about the women mentality. So they don't know how to approach the girls for dating. Even some positive signals are coming from them, they don't know about it and they don't know how to take it further. Very honest to say, the majority of the girls won't say yes directly to dating or sex.

They will react and show the signs only. Boys only need to understand them. If you miss, you will miss her. So let me tell you now the top and romantic signs of the girls, which will indirectly tell you that she is ready to date with you! If you see the following things with her, then you can easily ask her for dating. This will be a good guide to understanding women.

1. Romantic Speaking!

How to understand a girl behaviour in conversation? She may be a stranger to you online. Or she may be a friend to you for a recent or long time. When you speak with her on phone or in person, when you are intended to date with her, then you should speak her little romantically by showing the examples of romantic movies, scenes, etc. If she also openly speaking about it without hesitation, then understand that she is interested to go with you romantically

2. Double Meaning Hot Talks!

We can't speak so hot with all girls. Some girls will like it. Some girls will hate it. When she hates, it doesn't mean that she is not interested in talking. It means, she is not interested to talk double meaning with you. She might like someone.

So when you are speaking to her for a little longer and gave her comfortability, then you can throw her some of the double meaning jokes, double meaning common talks. If she is laughing, enjoying, and not strictly saying you to avoid those, then understand that she is interested in you!

Many girls will say don't speak like these. But immediately don't stop. Because of character respect, she may tell like that. But you should sense her that if she is really enjoying it or not... It's your responsibility to take it to the next stage after understanding a woman.

3. Touching Her!

How to understand a girl mind in touching her? Girls know your intention very well in speaking and also in touching her. Don't underestimate girls. They are very well clear in sensing the boys. So if she is a friend, when you are casually touching a girl's common body parts like fingers, hands, cheeks & head she won't take it personally.

But if you like her and touching her same common body parts with romantic intention, she will definitely know it well. So if she still accepting it with a cute smile, you can understand that she is also interested in you! You can approach her to date without hesitation.

4. Immediate Replies!

When you are texting with her on the phone, if you are seeing her replies are so fast and the texts are so clear without any negligence, then understand that she is respecting you and she is waiting for your presence always.

So you should entertain her first. When she always loves to reply to you instantly, even at nights then admit that she likes you so much and you can ask her to date! This is the best way in, how to understand girl loves you!

5. Emojis Usage! 😍❤️️💋👩‍🦳️🦸‍♀️️🦸‍♂️️💞😊😘🤗

Another main thing to notice in understanding a woman is EMOJIS. Psychologically, often use of lovely and adorable emojis says that she likes you so much. Because texting without emojis doesn't express the feeling of the opposite person as it is.

Girls know it well. So they will like to show her emotions to you often by sending appropriate emojis to you depending on the situation and conversation. So when your girl is texting with the above-mentioned emojis often, then understand that she likes to spend more time with you!

6. Speaking a Long Time in Phone!

Many girls and boys are being friends for a long time. Friendship of girls and boys won't stay there itself. At least once, a girl's mind or boy's mind definitely had thought about love, dating, sex, kiss, or any other private thoughts in between with them.

Because the mind won't leave it without thinking about it. It is the actual nature of the mind. It will think everything in 360 Degree. They may not frankly say it. But at least once in their life, they will think about it. In many cases, more times.

So even if you are a friend to her, if she likes to talk with you for hours in the phone whenever you talk, with smiling, without avoiding, hearty intention, comfortable mentality & speaking everything without hiding, then you can gently ask her for dating!

7. First Text & First In-Person Greeting!

There is always some ego with everyone. There is much in relationships. So when she most of the time open to text you as a FIRST PERSON without seeing any ego then it means that she likes you very much. Apart from texting, even if you didn't notice & meet her in office, college, school, or anywhere, if she comes forward to speak with you, then understand that she likes you very much.

8. Sharing All Personal Details!

Many girls won't share their personal details with you completely. In that case, by your lovely nature and attitude, if you have gained her trust, then when you ask her personal details to know her more deeply, then without hesitation she will tell everything about her.

In some cases, the girl itself will come forward to tell every personal detail with you even without asking. When it happens, know that she feels you, a special guy!

9. Social Media Platforms Connections!

When you are in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Wechat, Zalo, Telegram, Messenger or anything, whenever you put some status, photos, quotes, videos or anything in any social media platforms, when she is in your friend list or she is a follower, if she comments it, like it, share it or speaking about it with you for most of the posts, then understand that she likes you to be with you and watch your more live activities!

10. Telling Good About You With Everyone!

When a girl tells good things about you with your friends, her friends, family people, or anyone, then it means that she is thinking about you often. It means that she likes you so much. So when you come to know about it, you can boldly ask her to date and spend time with her! This will be the black woman's guide to understanding the blackman too. I mean it works with everyone!

11. When She Sees You Often!

Assume that you are a stranger to her. And you are sitting somewhere. When you come to know that, some girl is seeing you without changing her look, or often seeing you from another site, then it means that she wants to speak with you or she was attracted by you. It may be because of your physical attractiveness, approaching nature, speaking talent, or anything. When you notice it, then you can go and ask her for dating.

12. After You See Her!

When you see some girl strangely somewhere, she might not notice you. If you like her and see her often from another place, once she noticed that you are seeing her, then most of the girls won't respond back.

They will avoid your attention. But when that girl seeing you back with a smile or noticing you and your activities without showing herself much, then you can happily go and sit with her to speak to take it further.

13. Understanding a Broken Woman!

It is all about an abandoned woman! Apart from unmarried girls, there are more nice, good, and beautiful women who got abandoned by her husband, boyfriend, and family. They are expecting more love, care, and affection to be carried by a valued man.

They may not like to marry. But just for their relaxation and body benefits. So when you found them clearly, you should gain their trust first by making decent friendship.  Further, everything will happen with dating automatically.

14. Lonely Girls at Somewhere!

Assume that you are going on a vacation to someplace or another country. Many girls may visit the same place alone without their partner. They may be reserved type too. Or they may be a nature lover to go solo travel often. But they also like to have adventurous strange company.

But they won't come forward to approach you. So when you find a lonely girl in vacation places, you go and speak with her like a mature person. Once you made her comfortable then you can easily ask her for dating and travel with you!

15. Direct Approach In Dating Platforms!

There are more dating apps and websites to get a dating partner for your lovely time. So when you registered with some app, then when you are sending a message to some girls in that app, when you get a reply from some girl, then without any hesitation, after you people introduced each other gently, you can ask her for dating!

In some cases, the girls themselves will send your request in dating apps. You can use it too more easily to date. And these are all the best and accepted signs of women for how to understand girls in dating things.

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