Sacred 10 Reasons Why is Daily Prayer Important!

Why is Daily Morning Prayer Important?

Why is prayer important?

No matter where you are. You may be at the home, office, relative's place, forest, mountain, or even in SPACE!  You shouldn't forget to do daily morning prayer before going to work or any other places. The majority of the people in this world know that God is watching us regularly. He is noticing each and every activity. Even though the atheists don't have a belief in God, the almighty is watching them too.

You may be in Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism, Judaism, Non-religious, Chinese traditional religion, Primal-indigenous, Juche, African traditional and Diasporic, Spiritism, Shinto, Jainism, Zoroastrianism, Neo-Paganism, Cao Dai, Tenrikyo, Unitarian-Universalism or whatever. God is the same for all! Even if you like him or not, you are already living in this nature and using it's all resources.

If there is a creation, then there should be a creator! You name it whatever! But the truth is same for all! Commonly call it GOD!

In this case, why is daily morning prayer is so important? Why should we do that? How the prayers are helping us in our daily life? Is this really necessary and valuable to do daily prayers in our life? Let's see the detailed explanation and importance of daily morning or any time prayers below.

If someone gifts us something, then we should at least thank them right? No matter daily we are going to remember them or not for the small gift.

But we should thank them. That is called manners. For the small gift itself, we should show gratitude. But how many times did we say thanks and showing gratitude for our daily living to god?

Do you think our life with the body and other living supportive things in this universe are less valued? Isn't it a great engineering mind and creation by the almighty? So remembering the creator of this nature and all other things daily at least once is so important! Isn't it?

What if we don't do? He won't feel bad, but actually, you seem so rude & odd person even after getting needful life with all other living things here! It is like killing a farmer who cultivated the food for your life!

There is no need for any formula, fixed hand postures, morning devotional prayer or any other fixed mantras to pray the god. It all depends on people's wishes only. Because God won't see all of those things from us.

He always sees the heart and minds of us. Even though we don't have two hands or speaking ability to chant mantras, god won't mistake us. God is always pouring his blessings without partiality to everyone.

Don't think that, then why there are more people are suffering in this world with physical and mental problems. Because it is all are the outcome and results of what you did in your past birth. You will always receive a lot of time from what you gave. It is called a chain reaction and the results of Karmic Structure's calculation.

So when you decide to pray daily, god will notice your responsibility, humbleness, and also consistency in remembering him. See, God is not a celebrity or political leader to expect himself to be remembered by all of the humans on this earth.

But praying god will give you peace and happiness. So he is not expecting you to pray him. Daily prayer will increase your needful confidence and willpower. It is useful for you only! Not to god, understand?

If you need to travel on the right path, then you have to stick with him with good desires. He always supports the people who are all showing gratitude to all. Even if you get a small pencil or pen from someone, you should heartily show gratitude. That will take you to more heights in everything.

It will make you think positively as you are making your mind peace for some time by praying the god. The people who know to meditate, they are observing cosmic energy to win the material life and also spiritual life easily.

Those who don't know to meditate and all, they just believe the god and going in the path of trust and surrendering themselves to the god.

If you do daily prayer or meditation in the morning, noon, evening, or midnight or many times on the same day, the benefit of it called remembering. When you see something, then you should know that it also sees you! This is the base formula of the universe.

As you know God is everywhere and in every material, whenever you see something, it is actually seeing you back. Same like, if you remember the god often, then he will also remember you to support!

Moreover, your prayer shouldn't be like always selfish. God is so powerful and so big. He is the greatest energy. So use his energy to support for other needful people in this world. Your greediness will be the worst poison to you.

Because the positive energies won't like negative thoughts or any negative form of feelings. So when you have negative thoughts, then god will make a delay in fulfilling your desires. So you should pray heartily to other needful people too.

It shouldn't be like, you need your wishes to be fulfilled so that you are praying for others. It should be hearty good seeking for others. This is the most powerful daily effective prayer.

Don't always look for yourself, your growth, your family goodness, and your business. You should practice yourself to think about other poor people, needful people and also the people who are all suffering out there.

So whenever you do prayer for yourself, at least for some seconds pray with the desired mentality to other people. God will like it and fulfill both wishes depends on the situation and your past life karma calculation.

Sacred prayer doesn't stand for the sacred place or sacred words. It completely comes under the heart. So that the enlightened people always say that, God will see your heart only. He won't see any other things to support you as you have a good heart in everyday prayer.

When your intention and thoughts are so positive and so appreciable towards others then the god will come forward to support you immediately. He will clear your hurdles to help others. He itself will come down to travel with you. So no evils can touch or destroy you!

Daily prayer will make you think on the right path as you are being noticed by god. Whenever you just think about him, immediately he will see you and give his energy to you. To enjoy his complete energy level you should be in a positive state of mind to receive it. Because the negative mind will have a conflict with god's positive energy. So you should make yourself ready to get it. Be capable of it.

You no need to go to church, our daily bread prayer, pope francis daily prayer place, daily catholic prayers, sacred space daily prayer, hindu temples, church of england daily prayer, mosque prayers, guardian angel prayer catholic, corporate prayer, or any other sacred places to do prayer. Wherever you are, just stand and close your eyes. By focusing only on your beloved god, do the prayer.

At the same time know the importance of silence in prayer. Prayer doesn't mean always for asking wishes to be fulfilled.

Love your god, speak with him, ask his position, have a conversation like friends. Ask about his well being, his duty, and all other things like a fellow friend!

This can be short daily prayer or big too. This is maybe crazy to hear. But this mentality will make the strong bridge to you and the almighty for strong communication. So don't be selfish! Start to travel in this world for helping others too. In this way, you will get the supreme power's fulfilled blessings for sure! His energy shield will save you from everything! I hope you got the needful importance of prayer now.

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