10 Powerful Importance of EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING

10 Powerful Importance of EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING

Experiential Learning Theory & Meaningful Learning Experiences

There are more types of learning in life. Some people learn through reading. Some other people learn through seeing and analyzing it. Some other people will think on their own. So the learning experience is different from a person to person. We can't underestimate the power of anything. But comparing to other things, EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING has more power than other things. 

Because when a person comes into the situation and place of Experience, then the realization will be so high. It will be called as concrete experience! There is much difference between knowing & realizing... 

When a person KNOWS, then he can win! When a person REALIZES, then he can change the complete society!

Because realization on anything has that much power to transform everything. The reading or seeing something will work in less percentage. But the experiential learning will give great results as the people are getting into reality which is connected with their life. That experience will bring the maximum fruit! So it is always good, learning through experience. The best from experiential learning examples is,

Though you tell 100 times about the rash driving dangers to your friend, only when he get into the accident and wounded severely, then he will not repeat it again!

That is the power of experiential learning and reflection! This kind of learning won't forget till our last breath! Kolb's experiential learning theory also says the same. The list of learning experience won't end even for years of narration! So let's see the benefits of Experiential Learning now.

1. Life Long Memory!

If we get a bad memory about something, then we shouldn't repeat it. If we get a good memory from something, then we should continue to get happiness. So whatever we get from our experience that is very needful to our life. 

So in this case, when you've learned something from your real life experience, then it won't forget forever. So you should make use of if in the needful times. The normal book reading or visual learning is less valuable only when compared with Experiential Learning.

2. Easy Remembering!

Many times we will forget what we ate in the morning before a week. But at the same time, if you have got some unforgettable experience while eating before a week, then you will not forget it that much easier. You will easily remember it for a long time. The deeply touching experience is giving long time memory on it! So if you want to learn something for life long, then create the experience connected to it. 

3. You Can Be an Example! 

Reading something or seeing videos will be the experience of others. You may learn something from it, no doubts. But at the same time when you got your own experience and learned something from it, then you can be a copyright holder of your own experience. Own experience always value more! People will take you as an example! The healthy thing right?

4. Always Gives Top Results!

Comparing to other learning methods, when you are learning something from your own experience, then it will stick with your subconscious mind. The conscious mind will forget everything easily. The subconscious mind has more power. It won't sleep! 

So when you have stored something your subconscious mind, then it will come out as a powerful thing! As an outcome, you will always get top results in your life. Experiential Learning has that much power!

5. Maturity Will Grow Rapidly!

As life is all about experiences, when you get into the experiences often and always open to receive any outcome and cross it easily, you will become a more mature person in life! What is called maturity? Analyzing the reality and handling it without hassles by the brilliance.

Brilliance has many varieties. But the mature brilliance will always set you high! The common people will know the value later, but you will know it in the starting stage itself! Because learning from past experiences are always more valuable and you will get the great learning experience.

6. You Will Earn More Money!

Brilliance is ruling everywhere. Brilliance is getting converted as money. So when you have enough maturity with your experiential learning, then other people will be eager to learn from you. Because the experiential approach has that much power.

Many people afraid to go through the experience. So they won't take a risk in their life. As you've already come through that experience, people will be ready to spend money to learn. So through your brilliance and experiential learning approach, you can earn more money easily.

7. You Will Be Always Unique!

Even though if some other people got different experiences in their experiential learning, still you will be unique from your different experiential learning. So they will be king to their kingdom. And still, you can be a king to your kingdom! 

Don't worry about getting the people for your growth. When there is a magnet, then it will attract the needful materials. Your experiential learning is called your powerful magnet! Cool, it will do its duty for sure! They will also get the best learning experience from you.

8. Clarity Will Be Always High!

When you started to see things with more consciousness by your experiential learning, then the viewing perspective will be completely different from common people! As the experience is giving you a deep and better understanding of everything, you will come to know the nook and corner of everything. In this way, you will get deep clarity on the needful things. So the best center for experiential learning none other than your own life!

9. You Will Always Love to Take Risks!

Every person is getting many experiences in their daily life. But the matter is, they are not conscious about learning something from it. Their Ego will stop their self growth. So when you become a conscious person by seeing the good in bad, and in everything, then your maturity, clarity, confidence level, future analyzing talent will start to grow. In this case, you will take the risks very easily. At the same time, you will do all the precautions to it!

10. You Will Be Always in Ruling Position!

Ruling position means, not in politics. When you do everything with consciousness by learning something from each and every experience in your life, then wherever you are, you will be in the top position of the ruling. If you are in business, you will be in top position. 

If you are working under someone, you will have more authority to rule. Because other people will love to keep you with them always by giving your all needful things. Because through your brilliance they will grow easily! So always learn from your experience with eagerness!

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