1 LIFE SAVER: Importance of Love in Heart

Importance of Love

Love is a universal language. Self love is the second category. To run life in a great and wonderful level of the stress-free stage, it is really important to know about the value of love. In this the main thing to note is, humans mainly have 2 things in their minds.

One is called knowledge. Another one is called love. These both are having very different aspects and also have completely different conflicts.

When a person living his life with knowledge mostly, then he will become more brilliant and also so knowledgeable guy. Through his knowledge, he can achieve any needful things here. Because brilliance matters a lot to win the material life.

At the same same, a man who always gives importance to his mind, but not to his heart, then he will feel the emptiness and also the non-fulfillment in his life! Do you know why?

When there is no love, then he will not get any positive things in return! How?

Love is Better Than Money

Assume that, a person is always calculating the money, it's numbers, returns, wealth, and interest for that. When he is so clear about these calculations, then for sure, he will get clear knowledge and clarity on that as he is always living in that mentality.

But when he was dominated with that kind of thought, then do you think will he find love or any soft corner in life? Not at all!

He will not learn the needful things in the realm called LOVE & POSITIVITY.

I didn't say earning money is wrong. But always earning money, it's related mentality, always going through that kind of counting related number things are not appreciated.

Those who dare to follow their hearts, this nature will start to show her secrets!

What does this quote mean?

We should learn to live with nature along with learning how to show love to other people! When we fail, we may earn money and properties, but we can't get peace and love in this world. That is the importance of love.

Yes! We will always get, what we give to these people. When you are living your life with your knowledge always, then you will become an intelligent person. Intelligence is really ruling the world. But the intelligence can't win the hearts.

That is the honest truth.

Don't think that, these people are not worthy to get love and affection, because their character is not good. For those people who think life in this way, I am saying, are you really in the stage of giving first?

Can you show the love always to people even though if someone is worthy to get it?

No! We can't do it. Because our knowledge and mind will think about the opposite person's character, their behavior, past incidents, and all other things in calculation. As a result, your knowledge will give the result like, the person is not worthy to get your love.

Yes it is true!

Because there are no perfect persons in this world. Many people are learning until they die! If they know everything, then they are not called as common human beings. They will become enlightened people! For the enlightened people, you no need to show love and affection and all. Because they know the world well, what is an illusion & they know who is God too.

So they will not expect anything from you! The only people who expect love and affection from us is THE COMMON PEOPLE from COMMON SOCIETY.

You need to give the water to who is in thirsty! Not to the person who doesn't need it!

In this case, the common people only need to change a lot in their life. So love and affection only will change their life in a good way. Even though if they are so bad and worst people, your love has so much power to make them good! Got the importance of love now?

When there is a world filled up with love in roads, shops, homes, offices, vehicles, corners, and everywhere, then the positive energy will change the persons in a very good way! They won't travel wrongly as they are seeing the people with abundance love!

So first self love is important, then we should give love everywhere! Don't confuse it with Lust. Lust is different! But love can be given to everyone without any harm!

Lust is dust! Love is pure!

So don't judge the people by their activities. God is there is to take care of their karmas. So your only main job to this society apart from being selfish is, showing love and behaving so adorable even if the people are not worthy!

By showing your love and mercy always to someone, you are nailing yourself as a so mature and also a unique human being on this earth! Those who are always using their heart to give love, and avoiding their knowledge in judgment, they will be loved by God!

Because LOVE is the material of GOD! It is the password to open the divine! That much importance of love in life a person should learn.

We should admit one thing clearly is,

We can't show the continuous LOVE & AFFECTION even to a small Baby too!

Because, after seeing the knowledgeable activities and the growth of a very small baby, our mind will go the analyzation, and also we will judge the babies too!

As a result, there will be a shortage of SHOWING LOVE to babies. We can't deny it! It is happening around society. The one who can't show the love on babies who don't know anything about the world, how can they show the love to growing people and mature adults? We should learn to give respect to everyone!

The complete life will go in judgment in everything. So kindly avoid judging people all the time.

If you find the importance of love in marriage, then you will completely avoid judgment with your life partner. Because, when you started to show love without getting into judgment, then your whole life will be so happiest! No doubts about that! Your partner too will learn from you! It will turn into living heaven, trust me...

Money and love which is more important in a relationship? Both are main. But love should be in the high ratio to live the life happier even without money!

So won't you need judgment? Of course, you need to judge the people when you are doing business or some other important dealings. You can judge the people at those times. But please don't always use this mentality with everyone! Use it only in needful times!

Using the medicines will cure the disease! But if you use it in the needless times, it will kill you!

So use it only in needful times. Judgment on people also the same!

Because you will spoil your growth towards peace and happiness, at the same time you will hurt other people too knowingly or unknowingly by this nature! Already there are many people who are suffering from health issues, psychological problems, mental pressures, situational problems, personal & official problems, and more!

In this, are you too going to hurt them? Give them please. Don't hurt them! They are in ignorance. They need care! Don't think that you don't know anything about this. Because just give love by using the heart. To give love, you no need to have knowledge, intelligence, or experience! Be like a baby in showing love!

They are in need of caretakers. Not the advising people. You no need to give them money and help. You comfort speaking, appreciation, caretaking words, motivating conversation & more positive things will give them more confidence to reach their life goals and also live a happy life.

Even though if you are not living a happy life, you can give the LOVE to anyone still! That love showing nature will make your life so beautiful and resourceful! Got it?

This world currently not in the need of any more SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE. Actually we are in the need of more MOTIVATING PEOPLE, HEALERS, CARE TAKERS & POSITIVE PEOPLE!

We are in that much importance of love still to save this world! Because you are not in universe. Actually, you are the UNIVERSE! The understanding will come on this clearly when you found your REAL SELF! When you realize the importance of loving yourself, then you won't hate other people forever.

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