4 Important Situations to LAUGHING at YOURSELF

4 Important Situations to LAUGHING at YOURSELF

Laughing is The Best Medicine

Smiling & Laughing both are different. Smiling will show the thing. But laughing will crack it deeply and positively! Yes... Laughing is that much best medicine always. But many people are being so reserved on emotions in public and killing their health. Laughing reduces stress and increases your life span without doubts. 

This world of people, nowadays having more stress and it's related health issues. So when a person learns to laugh even in hard and worst situations in his life, then he will find ways to easy solutions. Moreover, the confidence level will get increased. Laughing at yourself has more benefits in human life. The best one from laugh at yourself quotes is,

If you can laugh at yourself, you are going to be FINE. If you allow others to laugh at you, you will be GREAT! -Martin Niemoller

To say about the benefits of laughing, it will take a separate post. So here let me tell you about important situations of where should you laugh at yourself. As the upcoming situations will change your life to any extreme negatively, you should learn to laugh at the following life-changing situations. 

It will be really hard when you try to laugh in the worst situations. But when you learn this by continuous practice, then you will live your life more freely and joyfully. Because laughter is yoga too! The problems and issues will get afraid to threaten you when you do this! So learn to laugh at yourself daily and don't wait for the world laughter day.

1. Laughing at Yourself Needed When You Are Broken!

Life has more twists and turns. It won't give happiness always. So depending on the situation and our search, it will give the pain and suffering more.

It won't end till we find our real self through self-realization. So while living here, when your life gives more pain and problems in personal or official life, don't worry about it. Let it go! 

By understanding nothing is permanent in this life, find a comfortable place, and immediately Laugh at Yourself! More Louder! Till you get Tired! Don't worry about laughing sound! Because Laughter is good for the soul too!

When you do this often in your broken situations, then that laughing will become as medicine to cure your mental illnesses. It will be so crazy. But trust me, it will be the greatest remedy ever! That's why I laugh at myself often.

2. Laughing at Yourself Needed When You Won Something!

It may be your success or the position that you got in winning. Don't take it to your head. You should see your success and winnings always like an easy game. Don't consider it so much and don't get so much attached to it. Because whenever you expect or like something more, then it's disappearance or losing will give so much pain to you! So you should see this life and all of its things like a MOVIE! 

Movie means? All the characters and situations will come and go. Some scenes will make you cry. Some scenes will make you laugh. Some scenes will make you tensed. Some other scenes will make you thrilled. But you know very well that, it just a movie and the characters are not real. 

Even though it is a movie, still you are feeling the scenes by your emotions. Life is also like a movie and you are a character artist. So don't take your winnings or success to your head and don't get pride about it.

Understand the fakeness of life and immediately laugh at yourself in your successful moments too. This will make you a mature person. You may tell me, You can understand this truth of life easily. But why making yourself laugh is a must?

Because when you just understand the truth, it won't get stored in your subconscious mind. But when you understood the truth with your deep emotions with laughing, then it will get stored in your deeper mind, and also you will get remember the life truth of NOTHING & FAKE.

Perhaps if you mingle winning and success with any other deep emotions, then it will be an important happening for you and you will get attached to it more which will give you often pain later! How will you get pained?

Whenever someone won't respect you, whenever you couldn't get the same success again, whenever you lose the reputation for it, whenever you are outdated & more are there negatively! So take everything as a passing cloud without getting attached to it. 

3. Laughing at Yourself Needed When It is Comical!

Don't suppress your emotions of anything. It should flow like a river. Whenever you suppress it, then it will become a blockage in your mind. When the mind has more blocks, then you will feel a high level of pressure, irritation, and more mental disorders

For instance, if the water is getting blocked at someplace, what will happen? The water quality will go worst, mosquitoes will conquer it, worms and more harmful bacterias will come in that water.

Same as that when you have blocks in your mind with suppressed emotions, you will be affected by more health problems for sure. You won't feel it at an early age. But after the 40s, you will feel the problems one by one in your body. So in this, Laughing is the greatest medicine which will break any kind of block in your mind! 

It is like THUNDER which will demolish the unhealthy things in your body! So when you see or hear something comical & joking, by seeing the situation and saving your respect don't control your laughing. Let it come out and Laugh out Loud! 

No one will mistake you or no one will think cheap about you! Because at the end when you suffer from health problems, none of them will come and help you! So enjoy the jokes and comical things with uncontrollable laughter in your life freely and happily! Let it be infectious laughter!

4. Laughing at Yourself Needed When You Got Failure!

Hysterical laughter is much appreciated in this! I've told you already, everything is passing clouds in your life. Nothing will stay with you for a long time. Depending on the situations and emotions everything will pass out. To laugh at yourself is to love yourself only.

Materialistic things and it's related mind emotions will come and disappear! Find out what REMAINS! -Ramana Maharishi

If you really find the deep answer for this, other than existence, nothing will remain here. Thousands of years already this earth had seen many creatures including humans. It saw many kinds of people and many kinds of GREAT EMPERORS too. 

Everyone passed away from this earth. Even their fame passed away. Many successful and giant people's life achievements itself passed away from this earth! In this great truth, is your small or big failure really matters?

It's nothing dear. It will pass out too! Don't take it seriously and Laugh at Yourself even if you got continuous failures. This easy-going mentality in worst situations will make you live the life like a most lovable and unique KING! That's why mature people are saying, being able to laugh at yourself needs more courage!

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