4 Blessed Things Need For Wedding - POWERFUL LIST

4 Blessed Things Need For Wedding - POWERFUL LIST

Things Need for Wedding

Everything you need to know to plan a wedding! When we are ready to get married, then we are focusing on many things need to be done before marriage and also after marriage. Because we are so clear about making a wedding as a grand celebration. From starting the music, playing the games in marriage, wedding event arrangements, first night decoration, going for honeymoon, and still, the list is going more.

I may have missed many things here. But the wedding people and their family will keep an eagle eye to finish everything as soon as possible. Because after building our own house, the wedding is another most important function in each and every people's family. 

When a wedding is going to happen, then the wedding families of Groom and Bride both will concentrate on many things to buy from the list for the wedding. 

This is commonly happening around the world. Many people are focusing only on the luxuries, beauty, colorful things to be glitter at the wedding. But apart from common things, there are some important powerful blessing things needed for the wedding to live for long years with happiness. 

95% of people don't follow it. Apart from buying new things for the wedding, we should focus on this to make the marriage as a grand blessing happening. When you make the following things to happen, then you, your family, a married couple, their future babies & everyone will get the blessings of the divine without doubts. Shall we go to see the main things need for wedding?

1. Inviting The Real Care Takers!

These things surely needed for a wedding reception without negotiation! When you have a wedding in your family, you may invite all of your friends, family relatives, colleagues, etc. You will go in person to invite them. Once you invited, some people will come, some people may not come. 

Do you know why are we inviting them to our family marriage? Because we are showing them that, a person in your family is getting married. 

At the same time, at the wedding, by spending money as much as you can, you are showing your financial level & ability. But that is not the main reason for the invite. Actually, we will need the POWERFUL BLESSINGS FROM MASS CROWD, which will convert as positive energy to the marrying couple to cross the Biggest OCEAN called MARRIAGE LIFE!  

Their resonated same wavelength positive energy will help us to win the after marriage life! Don't think that, winning marriage life is a small thing! It's really an enigmatic and most twist and turns trip! Without the blessings of God, we can't win by easily passing the problems. 

Blessings of god won't happen directly perhaps if you don't have good deposited karmas in your previous birth. If you don't have it, then you need to do good things for people. After their happiness and hearty blessings, the god will nod his head too for your growth. So it is compulsory to get grand blessings from your invited people.

But do you think, the people who are coming to your marriage will bless you with a whole heart? Not at all! Many people will speak bad about you, your family, your financial level, and all. Some people will be greed about your spendings. 

Some people, by birth itself, having so much negativity. Some people won't consider other people's goodness and always remain selfish. Some other people just come to enjoy the marriage trip. Some other people just come, eat, and go. 

Very few people only will come in the intention of blessing you! So inviting all other people will not help you in any way! It will be no use in the needs for wedding preparation too!

So apart from inviting the above-mentioned list of people, you should invite the people who will really care for you! Some of them may be strangers, some of them may be spiritually connected positive people. You don't know them personally.

But if you go and invite them by saying the needful intention of their blessings, they won't neglect to come. Moreover, there are more old age home grandfathers and grandmothers, more orphan kids & abandoned students in some other places.

If you invite them to your marriage, give the food, provide them needful things like costumes, any gifts, or something in your wedding place itself without seeing Ego or seeing your grand level, then you will get the tremendous blessings from them without doubts! See, the

GOD is not in luxuries! He is in the smile and fulfillment of the needful poor people only! If you consider it, he will consider you!

Keep it in mind. This is one from the best things need for wedding!

2. Hurtless & Painless Getting!

You may be a groom or bride. If you want to get any material things like car, bike, cash, gold, diamond, costly honeymoon trip or anything, you should see the giving person's ability, their position, and situation before getting it. 

When the giving family people are not in the position to give your needful things, then you should avoid it. You shouldn't compel them to give it. Because their struggling try, borrowing pain, settling the loan back time, and all other painful and hurting things will not make you, to live the happiest life. So if they can't afford, don't see a bridal list of things to buy or groom's needs too!

Even though if they are giving you without saying no, they will struggle much to repay it to where they got from. So if you are greed about those things, you may have the cash and other things. But the sins will follow you for life long! So concentrate on the lively things need for wedding. 

3. Wholehearted Acceptance of Groom & Bride!

Many couples are getting married due to the compulsion of parents, money, fame, and unavoidable situations without knowing the real things need for wedding. There are uncountable marriages are happening like this. But 95% of marriages are getting failed. See! Marriage is not a small thing. 

It is a life long commitment. Even though if we are getting married to our beloved person, many problems will come after marriage.

To face it, there should be maturity and understanding about human life. In this case, if you are getting married to an UNWILLING partner to yourself or to themselves, then it will kill your entire life by thinking only about it badly. 

So try to convince your parents & all other positioned people, for you to get marry a beloved same wavelength person and then plan a wedding. Because when the thoughts are the same, then the understanding will come easily. If you both are on different sides, it will become life long conflicts! For instance,

You will say turn LEFT! Your life partner will say turn RIGHT! But your kid will hit the straigh wall in Confusion!

Like this, you will kill your kid's inner peace, family's happiness, and the people who are in your surroundings too! So if you didn't get the right partner in your same taste and thoughts, don't get married! It's serious! 

Don't marry only for sex! There are more painful things if you do this mistake just for bedtime pleasure or other things! Or else you will feel the entire life as living hell because of daily and often problems. You can ask the pain and problems of married life with previously married couples. So the things a bride needs to wear on her wedding day is SMILE & HAPPINESS about their life partner only! Not ornaments! For the groom also it is the same!

4. Little Maturity About Common Life!

Before seeing the wedding list of things to buy, as I already said, marriage life is the very biggest and twist and turns life, if you don't have needful maturity, situations handling talent, exact clarity about life and wife, then you will definitely suffer a lot. To understand this, you no need to do daily meditation and all. 

If you do meditation, that is really appreciable. But if you can't do, at least you should know & learn the ART OF GIVING! When you come to this circle, then 80% of marriage problems will go out.

There are many things to learn in life. To become an enlightened person, there are some things to be followed continuously by losing the world material things. But to win the marriage life, you no need to lose anything. 

All you need to lose is only your Ego! No one can leave the Ego completely. Because it is a life long process. But to win your life partner's heart, all you need to do is GIVING IN EVERYTHING!

I mean, not only in buying the things in shopping or gifts.

You can give your care, unconditional love, often asking their comfortableness in everything, asking about your mistakes to correct, even in sex you should always in the mentality of giving her needful pleasure, asking about her hungry, helping in homemaking in your free time, always concerning about her, taking care of kids in your free time, etc, etc. 

The main mistake we are doing after marriage is, we are feeling our life partner easily available material. And we are thinking, they can be used & accessed anytime easily. When respect misses, then everything will miss. So it is your responsibility to give their freedom and comfort always!

By doing these when you captured their heart, then they will come forward to give all of your needs even without asking. Even if they are so rude and worst, your consistent, caretaking mature handling in marriage life will convert them as a good person. 

They will realize their mistakes gradually. But to make this happen, you will need more patience and love. If you don't have these, then you definitely can't run your marriage life smoothly. Like everyone else, you will also surely suffer! But if you practice patience and gratitude, you will win the marriage life and world life too! I hope you got the main 4 things needed for a wedding ceremony!

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