5 Calm Remedies for Travel Sickness and Motion Fatigue!

5 Calm Remedies for Tired of Traveling and Fatigue!

Most of the people who travel by car, bike, aircraft, or anything from somewhere to somewhere, getting tired soon. Why are they getting Travel Sickness? Even though they are regular travelers, they are feeling so tired at the end. And they like to take the rest once they reach the destination. Did you ever notice the reason behind it?

Actually, our body is not getting tired! 

We are PROGRAMMING our mind by giving the instruction that, once we travel, we will need rest!

When you have put some code like this in your mind, then definitely you will feel tired, even though you will not feel it. Subconscious Mind is taking the instruction and apply it to you! You may not believe it. Let me give you an example, then you will come to know easily...

Assume that, you are coming from long travel by any transportation method to your home. Now, what do you say? You will say that you are so tired and you need to take rest right? Ok done. Now as per your wish, you eat whatever you need and go to take rest. Assume that, in this situation, your home is getting fired by some fire accident! In this worst case, Will your tiredness make you sleep till the entire house is been burnt? Or will you come out of it very fast without thinking anything?

Of course, you will come out of it very soon, right? Now let me ask you this thing. In your extreme level of tiredness, where did you get the energy to come out of your home? Which pushed you to do that? How did you get instant energy even after hours or days of travel in transportation?

Yes! I can read your mind now! You got the point. The tiredness is not in the body! It is in your mind only! How did you get that energy to come out of your burning home then? 

Simple. Your deeper conscious mind has supernatural powers! When the home started to burn, then your pre-programmed mind wanted to save your life, as you pre-programmed your mind that, LIFE is more important than anything when you are in danger! That pre-programming gave the energy to you & it only took you out of home!

Yes, everything is outcome of the mind! You should pre-program it well as per your need & successful life. Or else, it will work like anything and make you worried and sick even in the needful times. So let's see how to come out of traveling tired while traveling and also overcome travel fatigue very easily by programming your mind a little before you start the journey. So you no need to carry motion sickness medicine always in your hand.

1. Don't Hate Travel! 

I may easily tell you that you shouldn't hate travel. But as you are traveling often, or new, you may get tired or some other physical problems too. The positive thing to know is that, when you enjoy your journey deeply and not afraid about it, then it will not make you any health or mental issues. Because your hatefulness on travel only makes you sick very easily.

Mental stability and confidence are must when you travel. So love your travel wherever you go. You are giving the energy to your sick thought by continuously thinking the same! So don't always think about you will feel sick soon! In this way, you will not feel tired later. Just love the travel mentally!

2. Don't Worry About the Traveling Hours!

This thinking about "How Many Hours Still I Need to Go?" will collapse your mind entirely. When this thought comes, then each and every minute will go like hell to you. So instead of thinking like said above, think that "Each And Every Second is New! And I Won't Get This Same Time Again". So the best motion sickness treatment is changing your mind only first!

In this way, you will start to enjoy every second of travel. Don't afraid about travel distance. Just live in each and every second by seeing outside or even inside of you! I mean to know your inner world of Soul! This will make you calm & composed. Don't always be urgent in everything. All it takes 5 seconds of holding from everything from COMPULSIVENESS TO CONSCIOUSNESS for cure!

3. Don't Worry About Being Silent & Doing Nothing!

Positively you no need to carry travel sickness bands always. Many people why getting irritated, tired about travel is, they can't do any big things in traveling. That's the reason they are getting tired easily and hate the travel. But the truth is be understood is, being in silence will make the way for a better understanding of yourself. You are actually having enough time to recorrect yourself without wasting your time in regular material life! 

Compulsory Being in Silence is, actually the opportunity to make you calm and cool. Use the time and realize yourself or you needful things more by self-questioning. Millions of people are couldn't find the right time to be silent as the material world is pushing them to do something always. This urge, anxiety, compulsion will spoil your mental health gradually. So whenever you get the time to be silent, use it wisely! It's time to know more about you! 

4. Divert the Focus on Your Beloved Things!

You can't divert your focus from the road when you are driving! I meant this for co-travelers. So a driving person, what should we do to avoid travel fatigue? Enjoy the scenery of beautiful god's creation. You may think that you are seeing the same thing again and again while traveling. But that is not the truth. Seeing just like that is for namesake. 

Seeing with consciousness will give you a pleasant feel and also so much clarity about something! The co-travelers can think about your lovely memories, sweet happenings, listening songs, watching beloved genre movies, talking the interesting topics which you like, discussing the valuable, singing songs and desired things with nearby people or over the phone too. Do things depends on the travel tiredness situation. Use your brilliancy instead of worrying about life!

5. Think About Happiest Things That You are Going to Do!

The very best thing which won't make you tired ever is your happiness and passion! Assume that you are an ardent Guitar player, Cricket batsman, or Music composer. As you like your passion and talent much if the audience love to see your talent more, will you get tired of playing again and again? No right? Even though you feel a little tired, by drinking water, or available small bites to eat, then you will come back to the same energy level and do the same thing to your beloved audience.

That is the power of doing your happiest things. The happiest things won't make you tired that much soon. Your interest in it will grab the cosmic energy when you are in happy feel and make you do it for a long time. You may not play in traveling the same as in front of audience. But playing in reality and also assuming the same situation in mind also, both are the same! 

The mind doesn't know what is real and what is not real! Example to say, while sleeping and dreaming, you will trust the seeing visuals are true. Same as you can imagine your beloved situations visually which will make you happier! So you will not feel tired other than fully in bliss feel! This visualization power will also make your visuals to come alive by sending high-level vibrations continuously to the universe by thinking only on it often! I hope you got the root cause of motion sickness remedies now.

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