10 Truths to Realize for LETTING GO of the PAST

10 Truths to Realize for LETTING GO of the PAST

The Art of Letting Go

In some cases, having memories will give people good experiences. In some other cases, when the people remember their past, even though if it is happy moments, the continuity on it will become as worst memories too. Because, the happy memories and worst memories, both will not stay for a long time.

And moreover, both feelings won't stay in a single place of mind. Because human minds will think about many things from the starting point itself. For instance, if you are remembering your lovely day of a first kiss or lovemaking, you will definitely enjoy it for some moment by remembering all those happenings. But the actual truth is, it will not stop there itself. Your mind will start to travel more than marriage to many places which will make you suffer for sure. 

So all other memories of those may irritate you or make you worry. So we should understand one thing basically is, the mind won't stop running until we die. Because our desires and memories are running as thoughts. As we can't stop it, it is so important in human life that, everyone should practice themselves to be in the stage of LETTING GO on everything! 

This habit and nature will make us live freely without any holding or stress in life. At the same time, when we are so much connected to something or anything, I mean on any memories, humans, creatures, or any other material things, then when you have a situation to lose it, then the pain will be unbearable! So knowing the language of letting go is much important to humans.

1. Nothing is Permanent in Life!

Let them go! Because You, Me, all other people, even the whole world ruled & ruling top people are not going to live for a long time. Everything will pass away & Everyone will die one day for sure. When we born on this earth, at that same time our death day was fixed.

In this fixed truth, why are you so worried about something or someone? As nothing is permanent, letting go of the past will make you calm and cool dear!

2. Nothing Is Yours!

Letting people go is a bold attitude! In this world, nothing was created by you! It applies to everyone! Even though if you have invented something big or grand, you've just developed it by getting the resources of this earth, which are all the creation of supreme power.

Your knowledge for creating it too came from the power of your soul. The soul also not your own material! In this truth, there is nothing called yours! As nothing is yours, letting go of the past will make you stress-free! So be easy & understand that sometimes you have to let go dear!

3. There Is No "YOU"!

Letting go is the pathway of surrender! Your soul is the supreme power's gift. Your body is the gift of your parents. Knowledge or Wisdom you are getting it by reading from others, seeing from others, and understanding from this universe already available things.

As you are getting everything from this universe and living by the support of this ultimate creation called supreme power, there is nothing called "YOU" too! There is only one truth. That is the EXISTENCE! As there is no "YOU" in fact, letting go of the past will make you Non-Egoistic dear! Let go let god do his duty!

4. Possessiveness is Madness!

This comes under gifts of imperfection. From living creatures to all materialistic things, everything has its own desires and freedom to live. Everyone born in this world to live freely, enjoy happiness, and feel the freedom.

In this case, getting possessiveness on something or someone will make them jailed with you in mind. You are killing your own freedom & someone's too! As there is unexplainable freedom is to be enjoyed completely, letting go of the past & letting go of love and fear too will make you, to feel the liberation dear!

5. Past Can't Be Changed!

Realizing this alone and remembering it daily is called letting go meditation. Each time when you try to change the past, you will get only the pain and regret. Because no one can change the past in this world! The past is the past!

So there is no use of thinking about it or worrying too. Whenever you are trying to change your past, then it means that you are trying to give life to a dead person! As it won't work out, letting go of the past will make you an energetic person dear!

6. Long Way to Go!

If you always worry about the past or future, you can't do the present things in a more efficient successful way! It means you are killing your own life and opportunities. So it is a much-needed thing for yourself to be traveled with having high consciousness on the present.

I mean, in each and every moment! Your life span is still there & long way to go! So letting go of the past will save your energy and make you mature dear! This applies for, letting go of a toxic relationship too!

7. Worrying is Curse!

It is called letting go of resentment. When all the times you are worried about something, then it will absorb all of your energy, and also it will stop you to think in a brilliant way to find the solutions. So it is always important for a person to be in a positive mentality and finding the good in all bads.

So stop worrying, or else it will eat your mental peace, which is not useful too! As worrying is a curse, letting go of the past and guilt shortly will give you solutions to anything from your mind itself! In this case, letting go of someone also by realizing these truths is really mature dear!

8. Waste of Time!

Time is the most precious thing in this world! Even though if you spend Billions of dollars, you can't buy the last (lost) second! That is the immense truth of time! So even if you have lost something in your past, there are more minutes, days, months, and years ahead!

So stop worrying about the past and stop wasting time. Knowing the value of the time & letting go of the past will give you more time to achieve dear! It is called Letting Go and Moving on Attitude!

9. Health Killer!

Overthinking about good or bad both will give you stress. Because the bad memories will give you pain. The good memories will give you happiness at the start, but later it will give you stress to get it again and holding it for a long time which is actually not possible.

Both are big struggles only. So when the mind is collapsed with tension and anxiety-related problems, then you will get all other health issues one by one. So letting go of the past will save you from many illnesses dear! More clearly, letting go of anger and all other negative habits are much appreciated in healthy living!

10. Future is More Valued than Past!

Don't stay only in the past, even if you have achieved something big in this world! Even though if you have done something to win the NOBEL PRIZE, it is just a happening and you have to move on to next after the celebration. I mean letting go of control without worrying.

Overthinking about anything will make you sick and Egoistic person. So it is always recommended to proceed further towards the future by getting fulfillment in life's each and every moment. So letting go of the past will make you an enlightened human being too dear! Finally to say, let it hurt let it bleed let it heal and let it go in everything!

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