7 Reasons Why HUMAN LIFE is So Unpredictable!

7 Reasons Why HUMAN LIFE is So Unpredictable!

Is it really necessary for life is so unpredictable? While we were born as a kid, we don't have any desires, intentions, or anything. We born with an empty mind. But when we start to learn this earth's things through knowledge then it was getting stored as memories in our minds. Through the memories only we are understanding everything and doing everything that we need. 

Just like a single man or single woman's memories, the same is applied to all other human beings in the world. But the situation & way of living is getting changed from person to person. To conclude, everything comes under the memories of the mind storage. 

You can call it knowledge. When we were a kid, we didn't know anything. But after we grew, we are understanding the things as per our known knowledge. So the mind is operating everything depending on the memories. Got this point? Now let's get into the topic of,

Why Life is So Unpredictable

Because when we born here as a kid, the creator other than our parents, I mean the supreme power had sent us here to clear the exam with the question paper. I mean, the question paper is not filled with complete questions till our death on it readily. Each and every moment of life only, the questions will appear to us. So after reading it from time to time, we need to clear it as per our knowledge!

There is no use or interesting factor when the answer paper is leaked to us. Because life will be so boring. At the same time, we will behave so lethargic as the answer paper of life is readily available in hand. So accept when is life is unpredictable.

When common people come to know their future, then the world movements will not happen! Because the complete world movements are based on each and every person's activity only! So it is much needed when life is so unpredictable.

In this case, when you come to know everything about your life by Opening your Third Eye, then, of course, you will know the complete blueprint and each and every pinpoint of your life. Not only your life. As your life is going to connect with many persons in this world from childhood, if you know the future, then you will have the opportunity to know other people's future too.

So you will easily tell about everything to everyone, which will stop this world's happening from a small part! The small part will become the very biggest part as it will expand from person to person.

So it is so safe and a needful thing for your future should be a hidden secret. You have to know each and everything by handling everything by the Support of God and also by your brilliance. We can't win the life with our brilliance alone or God's destiny alone! Both should work together!

Don't think that, even though if you have got the power of knowing the future, you won't reveal it to anyone. Because the human mind's urge will open everything in very tough times. We don't have that much control when things are going out of control.

So automatically our mind will use all the available powers and materials to come out of it. So when we know the future, our complete working style and thinking will go in a different way which is Very dangerous to NATURE. To save the nature too, obey when life is unpredictable.

Moreover, to say deep and clearly, our current life is the gift of our past births. So we born here again after calculated the Good & Bad Karmas of our past activities and thoughts. So that life is very unpredictable.

In this case, for instance, assume that a person murdered you in your previous birth. When you have a memory of it now if you see the same person who murdered you in your past birth, will you leave him/her freely without doing anything? Even if he/she also got his/her next birth, by knowing his/her past birth, will you leave free? Not at all!

Even after came to know the pain, struggles, betrayals, etc, etc, of your past births can you live your life peacefully here? No! The memories of it will kill your entire life slowly.

And also you will plan to take vengeance for sure. Even though if you are not going to take vengeance, the mind memory and overthinking will kill your inner peace

The actual reason for your current birth is, to go higher level positively by realizing your real self. I mean the SELF REALIZATION & THE PURPOSE OF BIRTH. Without finishing it, going again in backward is completely no use and it's idiotic thinking too.

Many people are doing many things like earning money only as life, taking care of family, getting fame related things, spending time mainly for entertainment, eating and sleeping always, etc, etc. 

But many of us forgot the real purpose of our life and birth. So we shouldn't waste our life span and should start to travel to finish this exam very brilliantly by the support of spiritual teachers and enlightened brilliant gurus/guides.

Easily predictable life will be so boring and also very dangerous for your own self too. Because you will stop working as you know the end very well. The negligence will conquer you completely. In this case, you can't head forward more positively in your current life towards knowing the truth. 

So it is much safe and secure when humans don't know their future and work harder and smarter to unfold it only in the needful times when life is unpredictable.

That will give us the results depending on our decision making. Through each and every current activity, we are again making Good & Bad Karmas. So it may continue to next births, or even will end in the current birth too. It's all are depending on how are you going to live with your knowledge by getting the support of supreme power and brilliance.

As you know all of these now, it doesn't mean that no one can see the future. There are more powerful prophets who got this power from the universe itself by did long years of meditation practices and some people got it from their past birth's good karmas as a gift. So through their future knowing power, they can easily tell perfectly about your future as well as your past births too. 

But as they are very enlightened and powerful spiritual masters, they won't reveal it to anyone at any cause as they know the serious aftermaths of it. Frankly speaking about the future will make many issues. As they are highly mature masters they will not say anything that much easier to anyone even after they've seen someone's good or worst future. Because it is always safe when life is so unpredictable.

In some cases, depending on the instruction of God, they will reveal it and make some people travel in safe ways. Positively they've saved many common people's life through this power. But they won't help all as everyone should come through all the struggles of unpredictable life and pass this examination! So always be bold and appreciate when life is so unpredictable!

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